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Kardas was a dragon Rahi which battled the Toa Inika in the Chamber of Life. Under the terms of the Ignika's curse upon Vezon and Fenrakk, any defeat would result in Fenrakk mutating into a fiercer shape. Fenrakk turned into Kardas after the Toa Inika defeated Vezon and Fenrakk. Kardas was a massive winged beast capable of discharging blasts of raw energy from its mouth.[1]


When Vezon and Fenrakk were defeated, they rose again as Vezon and the Kardas dragon. The Kardas dragon was a towering beast who breathed explosive energies.[2]

When Vezon and Fenrakk were defeated by the Toa Inika and fell into a lava river, both emerged unharmed, but Fenrakk had been mutated into the monstrous Kardas dragon. Huge and winged, Kardas constantly generated energy and could release it through blasts from its mouth. As of the end of story year 2008, it had been captured and placed in the Archives.[3]

Kardas was male.[4]