Advanced Search

by Planetperson
Screenshot of advanced search.

The people have asked, and I have listened.


Advanced search options are HERE!

In this major update, I have added the following features to the search page on the Official Greg Discussion Archive:

  • The search box now supports special syntax for exact matches and excluding keywords. Use “double quotes” to search for exact words or phrases, and use -minus -signs in front of words or phrases to exclude them.
  • You can now filter results by topic or source (BZPower topics, LEGO Message Boards, or Farshtey Feed).
  • You can also filter and sort results by date.
  • You can filter results by user name or choose to show only posts by Greg Farshtey.
  • The ranking of search results has been improved so that exact phrase matches have higher precedence.
  • The upper limit on search results, which used to be 10 pages, has been increased.
  • There is now an option to turn off keyword highlighting.

Give it a try here, and let us know what you think on Twitter and Discord!