Rounding Up Various Greg Quotes

by Planetperson
Screenshot of links to additional Greg interviews.

Hey folks, I’ve got a new update to the Official Greg Discussion Archive today! On the Sources page, I’ve gone ahead and added a bunch of links to additional interviews and Q&As with Greg Farshtey that have not been included on the site up to now. This includes Greg’s BZPower blog, various BZPower news stories and topics, podcast interviews, and a bunch more stuff you might never have even heard of! Although this content isn’t yet hosted on the OGD Archive site and isn’t integrated into its search system, I felt it still made sense to have links to all of this material under one roof for the time being. Hopefully, more and more of these sources will be included in the OGD Archive and made searchable soon.

Of course, if you know of any more BIONICLE-related interviews with Greg Farshtey that aren’t included in the list, please let me know on Twitter or Discord. I’m particularly interested in hunting down a copy of the old 2004 Ask Greg interview from Do you have an old screenshot or Word document lying around? Did you write it down on a napkin? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to give you credit on the site.

Speaking of which, I’ve added a new Acknowledgments section on the About page to give credit to people who have helped out here and there. Check out the list and see if you’re famous!

I’ve also taken care of some housekeeping in this update:

  • I improved the behavior of line selection so you can select additional lines with Shift + click right after clicking on a line in search results. I found it annoying that I would click on a line in search results, and a new page would load, but Shift + click wouldn’t properly extend the selection without deselecting and re-selecting the line. So I fixed it!
  • I added a helpful note in the Official Greg Dialogue at the point where data was lost in March 2009, pointing to the posts in the Farshtey Feed that cover the lost time period. Can you find it?
  • I fixed some outdated links across the site.

That’s all for now. As always, let me know your thoughts on Twitter and Discord. I think there are some exciting things coming down the pike.