Comments to GregF's Blog Added

by Planetperson
A screenshot of comments to GregF's Blog on the OGD Archive.

Back again! Last time, I announced that all of the main blog posts from GregF’s Blog had been added to the Official Greg Discussion Archive. This time, I’m pleased to announce that all of the comments have been added as well!

Although the majority of the interesting information in GregF’s Blog is in the main blog posts, Greg frequently responded to fans in the comments sections, making them yet another valuable source of dialogue with the BIONICLE author. Did you know that the only official source (as far as I can tell) for the pronuncation of Avsa is this obscure comment in GregF’s Blog?

Of course, all of these comments are now integrated into the site’s search engine and will start showing up in search results. In order to eliminate a large number of irrelevant comments, I have only included comments up to the last comment by Greg in each comments section. All comments afterward are omitted, since they don’t count as dialogue with Greg and basically don’t contain any useful information in terms of BIONICLE lore. Unlike BZPower’s Official Greg Discussion topics and the LEGO Message Boards, GregF’s Blog still exists on the original website, so each comment conveniently includes a link to the original still hosted on BZPower.