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assembler's village

Assembler's villages were small settlements scattered throughout Po-Metru1, home to the crafters who assembled Matoran goods. Parts were shipped to these villages via chute, boat, airship, and Ussal cart, and these were then painstakingly assembled by skilled Po-Matoran. Due to the relative isolation of these villages, they were extremely vulnerable to Rahi attack. In the past, assemblers' villages had been menaced by stone rats, Kinloka, rock raptors, and scores of other beasts.2


An assembler's village was located in the north of Po-Metru, between the Fields of Construction and the Canyon of Unending Whispers.3

An assembler's village was located in central portion of Po-Metru, east of the Sculpture Fields.4

Assemblers' villages could be found all over Po-Metru. Here Matoran lived in small shacks and worked at outdoor stations, putting pieces together and doing intricate carving. Because these villages were scattered among the mountains and canyons, they could be very dangerous places to live. There were far too many of them for the Vahki to guard effectively, so Rahi could strike and escape long before help could arrive. Po-Matoran spent a great deal of time practicing their Kanoka disk launching so they could better defend themselves.5

Visitors could take a tour which involved shipments of parts from Ta-Metru and a visit to an assemblers' village to see them turned into a piece of furniture or other useful item.6

Assemblers' villages consisted of Matoran carvers working in huts.7

The village consisted of a broad avenue and a series of buildings. It was typical for there to be half-finished machines, furniture, and statues scattered about.7

Called an "assemblers' village" at BIONICLE Adventures #4: Legends of Metru Nui, p. 58. and p. 79.

The Toa Metru fought Nidhiki and Krekka in an assemblers' village which was later destroyed by a Kikanalo stampede.2