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Matoran Universe

"Takua held on as the Toa climbed steadily upward, one sword's length at a time, trying to calm the wild, terrified beating of his heart." [1]

Onua and Whenua once shared a meal from their packs.[2]

"Now he floundered, hand to his throat as the liquid protodermis filled his mouth and lungs."[3]

When the Toa Metru encountered Morbuzakh seeds, they seemed to be already familiar with the concept of plants using seeds to reproduce.[4]

Nuju once intentionally took a deep breath to expand his chest to allow himself to escape vines from Morbuzakh seeds when he let the breath out.[4]

When Turaga Lhikan died, his eyes went dark, and his heartlight ceased to flash.[5]

Virtually everything in the BIONICLE universe – Piraka, Toa, Matoran, Rahi beasts – was biomechanical. This meant that it was a combination of muscles, organs, and mechanical parts. Most BIONICLE characters were not robots, but living, thinking beings who just happened to have machine parts and armor. For example, Piraka could plan and scheme and feel emotions like anger and happiness. They needed to breathe, sleep, and consume nutrition to keep energized. They had muscles that helped them run, jump, and fight, lungs that took in air, eyes that saw, and wicked smiles. They were neither completely organic nor completely robotic, but a combination of living being and machine. The benefits of this included the fact that their machine parts and armor made them much less vulnerable to injury. If they were injured, they could repair themselves much easier than a human being. BIONICLE beings consisted of mechanical parts connected by muscle, so if the needed to rebuild themselves, they could simply attach another part to their bodies. The muscle grew to connect it, and then it was ready to use. The result of this was powerful beings who were very hard to hurt, had extremely long lifespans, and who could even upgrade themselves as long as they had the technology to help them do it. Matoran, for example, were known to live for thousands of years and completely rebuilt themselves at least once in the BIONICLE story.[6]

Nektann once spat on the ground.[7]

Vezon once claimed he liked collecting seashells and leaves.[8]

Toa, Matoran, and originally the Makuta were bio-mechanical, a combination of organic tissue and mechanical parts.[9]

There was no way to force a spirit out of a body or to force antidermis out of undamaged armor.[10]

If a spirit left a body and the body went uninhabited for a certain amount of time, the body died.[11]

Biomechanical beings did not have blood, more likely some kind of lubricating fluid. They had some organic organs (it was never specified which ones).[12] Matoran did not have blood as such; what they had was more of a lubrication system.[13]

Romantic love did not exist among the biomechanical beings in the Matoran universe. It did however exist on Bara Magna.[14]

Mind control powers would work on other inhabitants of the Matoran universe, but not on natives of Spherus Magna.[15]

Matoran were capable of drawing energy from fish and other foods through touch. Rahi were likewise able to draw energy from other Rahi.[16] When Skakdi ate through their mouths, anything they consumed would be destroyed by the energies inside them, so there was no waste product. They did not need a digestive system to absorb energy because they did that as soon as they made physical contact, as Matoran could.[17]

Matoran did not have teeth, as they did not need to chew anything.[18]

Matoran did sleep, although they did not sleep as much as an Agori would. If a Matoran was exhausted or tired, he could restore energy through a recharge, but sleep was better and more efficient.[19]

There was no biological reproduction in the Matoran universe; it was all done by machine. This technology could evolve over time, as what works in theory often does not work in practice and needs to be improved upon.[20]

The Makuta were able to create plant species that could reproduce using seeds. Although they also could have created Rahi capable of reproduction, they never did so.[21]

Fully robotic creatures such as Bohrok, Vahki, and Maxilos were fully mechanical and did not have organic protodermis parts.[22]

There was no romantic love in the Matoran universe. Because its society had no need for mating, reproduction, or marriage in order to function, there was no reason for it to ever develop.[23]

Biologically, the class of animal that Matoran were most similar to was mammals.[24]

A Matoran who was starving probably would have had difficulty managing basic processes, the same way a machine would run down without power.[25]

The presence of teeth on species like Botar's species and Vortixx did not necessarily mean that they used them for eating – teeth could also be used for offense and defense, not just eating.[26]

Plants were made from organic protodermis.[27]

Matoran did not reproduce biologically.[28]

Matoran on Mata Nui ate fish, among other things, since they were partly organic and needed sustenance.[29, 30]

Matoran could get hurt, sick, or injured, since they were partly organic.[31]

No new Matoran, Rahi, etc. came into being during their time living on the island of Mata Nui.[32]

Spherus Magna

Inhabitants were not made of protodermis.[33]

Unlike the Matoran universe, the concept of romance existed on Spherus Magna.[34]

The inhabitants of Spherus Magna were native to the planet.[35] They were not artificial.[36, 37]

The inhabitants of Spherus Magna actually ingested food.[38]

Agori and Glatorian had the same life spans as Matoran and Toa. Not all inhabitants of Bara Magna had this same life span.[39]

Inhabitants of Spherus Magna could not tap into inner light or shadow.[40]

The helmets the Glatorian, Vorox, and others on Bara Magna wore dated back thousands and thousands of years.[41]

Inhabitants of Spherus Magna were not born with their mechanical implants, and they could live just as well without them.[42]

Agori had children and were made up of cells like normal living animals. They were born fully organic and chose later in life to have mechanical parts implanted which could outperform the organic.[43]

Agori and Glatorian did not require their mechanical implants to live. It is unknown what their natural lifespan without mechanical implants was.[44]

Agori and Glatorian were most likely genetically related.[45]

Agori and Glatorian cannot interbreed.[46]

Movie vs. Set Style

Although Greg understood the need for changing the design of the characters for the movies, he was not particularly invested in the "look" either way and had no opinion about it.[47]