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Bordakh made up the order enforcement squad of Ga-Metru. They were among the most cunning of all Vahki. They worked in small, highly mobile squads, and it was said that they loved the chase more than anything. Their Staffs of Loyalty made a Matoran so enthusiastic about the ideas of order and security that she would actively look for troublemakers to turn in to the Vahki.1


One touch of a Bordakh staff could cause a Matoran to become so dedicated to order that he would turn in his best friend to preserve it. This resulted in Ga-Matoran spies for the Bordakh lurking around Ga-Metru.2

Bordakh's zone of control was Ga-Metru. They were equipped with Kanoka disks and the Staff of Loyalty, which made a target willing to identify any lawbreakers she might observe and summon Vahki for their apprehension. They were cunning, highly skilled in pursuit, and preferred small, mobile groups. Their preferred tactic was to allow a chase to go on as long as possible before making capture.3

Bordakh staffs of loyalty made whomever they hit willing to turn on anyone, even friends, in the interests of preserving perfect order. A big shock of some kind, such as falling from a great height, could break the Bordakh's hold on the target and return him or her to normal.4

Bordakh were the only Vahki designed to withstand time underwater, although even they avoided it.5

Visitors to the Great Temple needed to be cleared by the Vahki Bordakh to enter.6

Bordakh proved to be the most effective at breaking up Matoran smuggling rings in Metru Nui, by using their staffs to convert low-level members over to their way of thinking. A Bordakh-stunned Matoran would lead the Vahki right to his partners and any loot they had stashed.6

Bordakh were cunning and enjoyed the chase for its own sake. They carried staffs of loyalty which made those they affected so enthused about maintaining order that they would turn their friends over to the Vahki if necessary.7

Bordakh used their staffs to make Matoran loyal, and loyal Matoran went back to work because it was their duty.8