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Canyon of Unending Whispers

The Canyon of Unending Whispers was a geographic feature in Po-Metru, so named because of the abundance of echoes in this particular canyon. It was located near the Prison of the Dark Hunters.1


The Canyon of Unending Whispers was located in the far north of Po-Metru, to the north of the Fields of Construction.2

The Canyon of Unending Whispers was located in Po-Metru on the north-western part of the border between Po-Metru and Onu-Metru.3

The Canyon of Unending Whispers was a spot on the border of Po-Metru and Onu-Metru. Although once a lonely spot, it became the scene of a great deal of activity in recent times as of story year 2004. Large numbers of Vahki Zadakh were seen moving in and out of the canyon. Some Matoran had also mentioned seeing a strange four-legged creature and a massive brute slipping down trails that lead to the caverns. The reasons for all this sudden activity in such a desolate region remained a mystery.4

For Toa used to the crowds and tall buildings of their metru, this place was unsettling. Barren, largely uninhabited, its most striking feature was the way echoes emanated from the canyon. It made it seem as if a thousand voices were speaking at once, in tones too low to hear. There was an entrance to Onu-Metru located here.5