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Copper Mask of Victory

Copper Masks of Victory were ceremonial masks awarded to winners of Matoran competitions. They were originally forged on Metru Nui and worn by the champions of Akilini tournaments. On Mata Nui they were awarded to the winners of village games.1


The Copper Mask of Victory was a ceremonial mask awarded to the champion in village games. As such, it was highly prized by all the islanders of Mata Nui. In an effort to crush the morale of those who resisted his power, Makuta ordered his Rahi to gather the copper masks and conceal them. No one was quite sure where they could be found.2

Copper Masks of Victory did not have powers.3 Winners of copper masks did not replace their masks with them, but rather kept them as trophies.4

Copper Masks were purely symbolic, so they were not more powerful than other masks.5

Copper masks were displayed.6

Copper masks could be worn, but were not.7

Voya Nui did not have Copper Masks of Victory.8

Metru Nui had Copper Masks of Victory.9