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elemental power

Elemental powers were special powers based on control of an element.


For Nokama, using her elemental power for the first time was the hardest thing she had ever attempted. At one point, she was sure she would black out. In the end, she managed to summon two narrow streams of water that shot out from her twin tools.1

The first time Vakama used his elemental power of fire, he concentrated harder than he ever had in his life and willed a narrow jet of flame from his hand.1

It was possible for protodermis-based biomechanical beings with elemental powers, such as Toa, to control normal matter (real water, rock, etc.) as well as their protodermis equivalents. Conversely, with training, it was possible for the Glatorian with elemental powers to control their protodermis equivalents.2

Skakdi used elemental energy to fuel their powers like Toa did, and they could run out of this energy. Elemental energy could not be replenished by absorbing the element.3

The extent of the Piraka's elemental powers were probably less than those of a Toa.4

The extent of the Toa Hordika's elemental rhotuka were the same as their normal Toa elemental powers.5