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energized protodermis

Energized protodermis was the rarest form of protodermis, capable of inducing permanent mutations or causing instant destruction. It was silver in color and appeared to be charged with an unknown form of energy. The origin of the substance was unknown to the Matoran. On Metru Nui, Onu-Matoran miners would occasionally stumble across small samples of it beneath the city, and Ga-Matoran scholars would attempt to analyze it, to no avail. Strangely, energized protodermis seemed to be linked to the destinies of those who were exposed to it: one would either be transformed by the substance if one was so destined; otherwise, one would be dissolved by the liquid. It apparently worked on non-living objects as well, having been seen to transform Kanohi masks and give a semblance of life to solid stone.1


The energized protodermis which transformed the Toa [Mata] was gel-like, halfway between liquid and solid. It cushioned them, seeping into every joint, making them feel warm and cold by turns.2

Energized protodermis was the rarest form of protodermis. Its origins were a mystery. Onu-Metru miners stumbled upon small amounts of this substance. It seemed to have the ability to cause radical changes in life-forms immersed in it. Although samples of it were provided to Ga-Metru schools for study, no one ever succeeded in discovering its properties or duplicating it. Like raw liquid protodermis, energized protodermis was silver in color.3

Protodermis labs were science facilities in Ga-Metru schools devoted to finding more efficient ways to use and purify liquid protodermis, as well as to the continuing effort to synthesize energized protodermis.4

Mazeka had always thought that energized protodermis was something created by the Great Beings, but when he visited the Melding alternate universe, it seemed that it originated from the core of Spherus Magna instead. In that universe, some villagers discovered the silvery liquid leaking out of a fissure. When they touched it, they were instantly destroyed. Later, when someone else tried to scoop it up, their tool turned into a trident. It was possible to collect energized protodermis in special containers.5

It was possible to destroy energized protodermis.6

Someone immersed in protodermis would only transform into a more powerful form if he was destined to do so.7

Energized protodermis could destroy or transform inorganic material as well as organic material.8

Energized protodermis could counteract the effects of an antidermis infection.9

Energized protodermis destroyed antidermis without harming the infected being because the virus overlaying the Matoran was not destined to transform.10

Antidermis overlaid an infected Matoran, so the first thing energized protodermis delivered via Zamor sphere would come into contact with would be the virus.11

Not all Toa would become Toa Nuva if exposed to energized protodermis.12

Certain substances, such as a vial used by the Toa Metru and Zamor spheres used by the Toa Inika, were unaffected by energized protodermis.13

There was no way to tell if something was destined to be changed by energized protodermis.14

Contact with energized protodermis resulted in way more deaths than transformations.15