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Fenrakk spawn

Fenrakk spawn were a species of spider Rahi native to Voya Nui. They possessed great strength and acidic saliva.[1]


Jaller was relying on spider-like Rahi called "Fenrakk Spawn" to help the Toa Inika smash the Piraka outposts, but Nuparu was not sure how far they could trust these creatures.[2]

Hewkii rode a chariot drawn by a Fenrakk spawn spider into battle against the Piraka stronghold. This chariot was a rare example of the usage of wheels in the Bionicle universe.[3]

Smaller versions of the Fenrakk spider were seen on Voya Nui, making it likely that that particular specimen was mutated by the Mask of Life.[4]

Fenrakk were not native to Voya Nui.[5]

Fenrakk were native to Voya Nui.[6]

Fenrakk weren't common on Voya Nui.[7]

There were a fair number of Fenrakk on Voya Nui.[8]

Fenrakk spawn were not as strong as the enlarged Fenrakk.[9]

Fenrakk Spawn Spiders were smaller versions of the Fenrakk ridden by Vezon. They were tamed and used as mounts by the Toa Inika.[10]