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Great Tournament

Once a year, Glatorian from all over gathered in the Arena Magna in Atero for a tournament to determine the overall champion.1 This was known as the Great Tournament.23


Once a year, Glatorian from all over Bara Magna gathered for the right to be called champion. They came to Arena Magna in the city of Atero to compete, to talk, to share news and new battle tactics.4

When the Glatorian system came into being, it was decided to use Arena Magna as the site for an annual tournament. Atero was busiest just before the annual Glatorian tournament, when Agori from various villages arrived to prepare Arena Magna for use. It was important work, but not always terribly exciting. Most Agori would do their duty, knowing the reward was front-row seats for all the matches. Emotions ran high at the tournament, with each village wanting its Glatorian to win, and fights between Agori had been known to break out in the stands. The images and names of Glatorian tournament winners were carved in the famous Wall of Champions. Among the many names included here were Certavus (the very first tournament champion), Ackar, Tarix, and Vastus. Every Glatorian wished to see his or her name inscribed on this wall, and some, like Strakk, were willing to do just about anything to win, as a tournament winner could ask for better rewards from his village, or from another village if his current one did not want to pay. Since it was considered a great honor to have a champion working in one's village, Agori would generally find some way to keep a tournament winner happy.5

The Arena Magna tournament in Atero had a vehicle division with its own champion.6