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Hand of Artakha

The Hand of Artakha was an organization of heroes dedicated to the will of Mata Nui and the pursuit of justice which predated the formation of organized Toa teams.1, 2 Axonn, Hydraxon, and Shadow Stealer were members of the Hand.1 When their time passed, they were replaced by the Toa.2


Artakha was neither the founder nor a member of the Hand of Artakha.3

The Hand of Artakha was smaller than the Order of Mata Nui.4

Unlike the Toa, members of the Hand of Artakha were more diversified in appearance, like the Order of Mata Nui and the Dark Hunters.5

The majority of members in the Order of Mata Nui were once in the Hand of Artakha.6

There was a time when the Hand of Artakha and Toa were active simultaneously.7 The Hand of Artakha was in service throughout the Matoran universe.8 The Hand of Artakha did not operate as publicly as the Toa.9

Despite the name, there was no real reason for the Hand of Artakha to be active in Artakha.10

The leader of the Hand of Artakha was someone not seen in the story (it was not Helryx or Artakha).11

Hand of Artakha members were more diverse in appearance than Toa were.12

Most Hand of Artakha members went on to become Order of Mata Nui members. Shadow Stealer's bitterness was the exception rather than the rule.13

The Hand of Artakha wasn't as public as the Toa were.14

The Hand of Artakha were order enforcers, not couriers.15

The Hand of Artakha was scattered pretty far and wide, so Axonn and Brutaka might not have met each other.16

The Hand of Artakha was a group that predated the Order of Mata Nui, and eventually disbanded with most of its members becoming Order members.17

Hand of Artakha members probably never went to the island of Artakha.18