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Iconox was the western-most village in Bara Magna and was home to the ice tribe. Its location in the White Quartz Mountain range meant that the climate was colder there than in any other Agori village. Iconox was the first of the new villages founded on Bara Magna during the Core War, as the ice Agori moved south to find refuge from the conflict and ended up stranded there after the Shattering. As with other villages, Iconox consisted of a single large structure which served as an overall shelter, an assortment of smaller, cruder shelters, and a Glatorian arena. Here, the Agori shelters were made from slabs crystal cut from the surrounding mountains. These were then supported with pillars of crystal and the roof and walls fitted together so they did not collapse on their occupants. The key to Iconox's ability to thrive as a village was its supply of exsidian. This gave Iconox a valuable item for trade and to stake on Glatorian matches. By necessity, the Agori of the ice tribe were skilled miners, as well as traders and merchants. They had also made a name for themselves as Glatorian trainers and match promoters, with Metus being the most successful of these. A popular joke was that an ice Agori would trade his best friend, make a quick deal to get him back, plate him in exsidian, then swap him again for 100 gallons of Tajun water. The Prime Glatorian of Iconox at its founding was Certavus. Certavus perished of natural causes some years before story year 2009, leaving Strakk as the new Prime Glatorian and Gelu as Second Glatorian. Gelu's recent retirement from the arena left Iconox short-handed, and Metus was actively trying to recruit a new Second Glatorian.1


The village of Iconox was located in the White Quartz Mountains.2, 3, 4 It was the home of the ice tribe.4