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The Kanohi Kualsi was the Mask of Quick Travel.1, 2 It allowed its wearer to travel by teleportation, provided the destination was within one's line of sight.2


Kualsi were created from Kanoka disks with the teleport power.3

Kualsi were not made in Metru Nui.4

A Kualsi user could use their mask to travel through a hole that would normally be too small for them to travel through, such as a keyhole, if they could see through it to the other side.5

A Kualsi user could likely teleport inside a Hau user's shield, as arguably they wouldn't be occupying the same physical space as the shield while teleporting. If the Kualsi user wasn't in the same physical space, there would be nothing for the shield to repel.6

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey would have preferred the Kualsi's powers to the Olmak's, citing the dangerous nature of the latter.7