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Nightmare Chamber

The Nightmare Chamber, also known as the Nightmare Zone1 or Zone of Nightmares2, was a section of the 777-step staircase that led to the Chamber of Life.3 In it, the greatest fears of those passing through could come to life.3


The Zone of Nightmares was a cavern found along the staircase leading to the Chamber of Life. Anyone entering it would see their worst fear brought to life.2

Had two groups with different fears, such as the Piraka and the Toa Inika, entered the Nightmare Chamber at the same time, each group would face a different opponent.4

Nightmares created in the chamber could not escape the chamber.5

Creatures created in the Nightmare Zone stayed alive only as long as the beings who feared them were present.6

The illusions in the Zone of Nightmares had whatever abilities the beings in the zone believed they would have.7