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Nuurakh were the Vahki model assigned to Ta-Metru on Metru Nui. Nuurakh were extremely swift and enormously patient, preferring to lurk in ambush than initiate direct confrontation. Their staffs of command allowed them to fill a Matoran's mind with a single overriding directive.1


Nuurakh's zone of control was Ta-Metru. They were equipped with Kanoka disks and the Staff of Command, which caused the target to obey a single command for the duration of effect. Their attributes were speed, skill at ambush, and resistance to extremes of heat. Their preferred tactic was to surprise, surround, and capture.2

Nuurakh were swift and fearless. They protected Ta-Metru from wild Rahi and other threats. Some said they even behaved like Rahi; they preferred to hunt from ambush, surrounding their target before it could react. If they were unable to find whom they were searching for, they were known to turn on each other. Other Vahki had even been called in to break up their fights. Nuurakh Staffs of Command filled a Matoran's mind with one overriding directive, which the affected Matoran would obey until the stun wore off hours later.3