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Protodermis Reclamation Furnace

The Protodermis Reclamation Furnace was an enclosure in Ta-Metru1 containing an extremely hot flame which was used to melt down flawed creations. Items stored in the Protodermis Reclamation Yard were sent here to be reduced to liquid protodermis.2


The rear exit of the protodermis reclamation furnace let out near the fire pits. It was located toward the center of the city.3

The protodermis reclamation furnace was relatively small as Ta-Metru furnaces went, but its fires were just as hot and had plenty to burn. Damaged masks, tools, and other items were sent here from the reclamation yard to be melted down. The resulting liquid protodermis was then fed through special channels back to the forges, where it could be used again. What went into the furnace was little more than garbage, but what came out might become something wonderful in the hands of a skilled crafter.3

The place ran itself; few, if any, Matoran actually worked there, so the building was empty. The Nuurakh did not bother patrolling the area, since no one would steal trash. The only light inside came from the fire in the furnace. The building consisted of a wide catwalk that ran along all four sides and looked down upon a long chute. The chute ran through the center of the building, carrying items directly from the yards to the flames. The air inside was heavy with smoke and the smell of melting protodermis. The walls of the chute were energized.3