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Schools could be found in great numbers in Ga-Metru, which was the educational center of Metru Nui. Among the subjects taught here were protodermis purification, translation, and Matoran history. Ga-Metru employed Matoran from other Metru to do menial tasks so that Ga-Matoran could focus on their studies.1


Ga-Matoran schools graduated dozens of students every year with degrees in history, language, science, and more. The schools rarely enrolled Matoran from other metru, with the exception of the occasional Ko-Matoran through an exchange program. Visitors from elsewhere were permitted to tour the universities, see the science students at work, and even sit in on lectures. This was an especially popular activity among Ko-Matoran and Onu-Matoran. Class sizes and schedules varied, so those who were planning to listen to a lecture were advised to be aware they might not get their first choice.2

The schools also contained protodermis labs.2