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Sector Three

Sector Three was a remote1 area of Le-Metru just across the protodermis canals from Ta-Metru. For a long time it was the site of numerous chute breakdowns, which were caused by the Morbuzakh. Le-Matoran repair squads who traveled there vanished, never to return, even when protected by Vahki.2


Moto-hub sector 3 was in the northeast part of Le-Metru and was just across from one of the major protodermis canals from Ta-Metru. It had long been known for the sheer number of chute malfunctions that took place there. These were blamed on everything from poor construction to just bad luck, until repair crews sent to the area started disappearing. That was when rumors began to spread that the Morbuzakh was behind all the troubles. Since then, all repair crews traveled with Vahki escorts. Even with that, the Vahki usually returned alone. Since they were incapable of speech, they could not explain what had happened. The outskirts of the sector were not abandoned; there were still plenty of riders and other Matoran to be seen, hard at work. However, everyone seemed to move about nervously, fearing the next incident.3

The deeper one traveled into this portion of Le-Metru, the more the buildings, chutes, and cables seemed to crowd in. The residents were fighting a losing battle against the Morbuzakh here. It was obvious that not even the Vahki were venturing this far, because nests of Nui-Rama could be found on the rooftops.3