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Toa team


Normally, each member of a Toa team shares a destiny rather than each member having an individual destiny.1

If a Toa team had a destiny that required all of its members to complete but one of their members dies before their destiny is completed, the rest of the team cannot complete their destiny and can therefore never become Turaga.2

In general, every Toa team had a name.3

There were multiple ways for Toa teams to get their names. In some cases, it was related to the place they protected, such as the Toa Metru. In other cases, it was related to their powers or how they got them, such as the Toa Inika. In others, it was related to their specific status or job, such as the Toa Hagah. Sometimes they named their own team, like the Inika and Nuva, and sometimes they were named by others, such as the Hagah.4

It's reasonable to assume Lhikan's team was referred to as the Toa Metru because they were protecting Metru Nui.5

List of Minor Toa Teams

Jovan's Toa team

Toa team led by Toa Jovan.

Jovan's Toa team used a disabled method of transport. This method was not Toa canisters.6

A member of Jovan's Toa team wore an Olmak, which allowed them to escape Karda Nui ahead of the storm.7

The member of Jovan's team who carried the Ignika was destined to use it and therefore suffered no adverse effects from carrying it.8

Savage's Toa team

Original Toa team of the Dark Hunter Savage.

Spinner's Toa team

Original Toa team of the Dark Hunter Spinner.

Orde's Toa team

Toa team to which Orde once belonged. Orde's team rescued Orde after he was captured and interrogated by a band of Dark Hunters for days.9

Zaria's Toa team

Toa team to which Zaria once belonged. It did not consist entirely of Toa of Iron.10

Norik and Varian's Toa team

A result of Norik's and Varian's original Toa teams teaming up, led by a Toa of Gravity.