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The Kanohi Tryna was the Kanohi Mask of Reanimation. It allowed its user to fill the shells of deceased beings with artificial life energy. These subjects would remain reanimated for only as long as the mask user focused on them. It was possible to vivify more than one subject at a time. The effects of the mask were nullified if the mask was removed from the wearer or if the wearer lost concentration or consciousness.[1]


The Kanohi Tryna was the Mask of Reanimation.[2]

The Kanohi Tryna was the Mask of Reanimation. Matoro could use it to return artificial life to dead sea beasts and challenge the armies of the Barraki.[3]

The Kanohi Tryna was the Mask of Reanimation, which could bring back the dead to a semblance of life.[4]

Unlike the Kanohi Tryna, which brought a being back right away with all the damage, the red star took a good deal longer but repaired the damage.[5]