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Turaga Dume's box

Turaga Dume's box was a special section in the Coliseum reserved for the Turaga and commanded a view of the entire arena. From here, Dume could control the massive telescreens mounted all over the city as well as in the Coliseum. The box was equipped with levitation and increase weight Kanoka disks that allowed it to be raised and lowered at the Turaga's will.1


Turaga Dume's throne room was a chamber connected to Dume's box in the arena. Before story year 2004, it had been used for private meetings with the Turaga on issues of importance to the city. In recent months, Dume was far too busy for such appointments, and no one was allowed to visit his private chamber other than Vahki guards.1

One side of the Coliseum's arena was dominated by a massive statue of Toa Lhikan, the other by Dume's box.2

Turaga Dume could broadcast his face and voice on the huge screen in the Coliseum, which looked down on the Matoran audience. The Coliseum had energy pylons. The Matoran spheres were put in a storage hold far beneath the Coliseum. Using controls, one could cause Dume's box to ascend.2