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Ussal cart

Ussal carts and Vahki transports were the two major types of land vehicle in Metru Nui. Ussal carts were wagons pulled by tame Ussal crabs. Although they sometimes carried passengers, they were normally used to transport cargo. They were much smaller than Vahki transports.1


Ussal pens could be found all over Le-Metru. The carts they pulled transported goods too large or fragile for the chutes or carried Matoran who preferred to travel a little more slowly. The large crabs were specially trained to obey the commands of their riders, although they were known to get temperamental at times. Each rider kept a log-book of his travels during the day.2

Travelers could take chutes or Ussal carts to get around Metru Nui. Chutes were recommended, as they were faster and more accessible. Ussal carts could carry passengers, but they were primarily used for cargo, and drivers were not always willing to stop for travelers.3