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Vahki transport

A Vahki transport was a vehicle propelled by mechanical insectoid legs and used to transport Vahki squads, Kraahu, and Kranua to trouble spots.1


The two major types of land vehicle in Metru Nui were Vahki transports and Ussal carts. Vahki transports were much larger than Ussal carts. They were used to ferry large numbers of Vahki from place to place. Kanoka disks of speed were built into the structure so that the transport could move swiftly. Motive power was provided by insectoid-like legs on both sides of the vehicle. As of story year 2004, Le-Matoran had been experimenting with the notion of replacing disk power with energy given off by living creatures, but they had not succeeded in making this work.2

Vahki transports were driven by Vahki and moved by crawling on insectoid legs. The long vehicle was propelled by a series of insectlike legs. It could be driven by a single Vahki. The transport had a section in the back for storing cargo.3

Although based on the same design as the Vahki transport that Vakama, etc. hitched a ride on, the Lhikan was even larger. It had insectoid legs. Like the Vahki they carried, Vahki transports never wore out.3