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The Kanohi Volitak was the Kanohi Mask of Stealth. It had the combined effect of camouflaging the user and deadening sound around him so that he could not be heard.1


The Mask of Stealth allowed Toa Nidhiki to fade into the shadows. It allowed him to travel in a ghost-like form, barely visible and completely silent.2

The Kanohi Volitak was the Mask of Stealth.3

The Kanohi Volitak was the Mask of Stealth. It made Nuparu almost impossible to see or hear, allowing him to sneak up on his foes and strike from the shadows.4

Volitak were not made in Metru Nui.5

Other Information

In 2005, the Volitak was Greg Farshtey's favorite mask power because he based it on the abilities of his World of Warcraft character.6