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Vorzakh were the Vahki model assigned to Le-Metru on Metru Nui. They were known for being destructive, preferring to smash through an obstacle rather than going around or over it. Their staffs of erasing allowed them to eliminate temporarily higher mental functions in their targets.1


Vorzakh's zone of control was Le-Metru. They were equipped with Kanoka disks and the Staff of Erasing, which temporarily inhibited higher mental functions, leaving motor skills only intact. They were direct, impatient, and efficient. Their preferred tactic was to smash anything standing between it and the capture of the target.2

Unlike most Vahki, the Vorzakh did not really seem to enjoy chasing lawbreakers. If they needed to find someone, they simple leveled everything in their path until they located him. Vorzakh Staffs of Erasing were incredibly powerful, able to temporarily eliminate higher mental functions in Matoran, leaving only motor functions intact. Le-Matoran grew used to seeing these unfortunates, called "shamblers," wandering through Le-Metru.3

When a Vorzakh used its staff on a Matoran, the Matoran returned to work, albeit slowly.4