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Wall of History

The Wall of History was a large stone structure in Ta-Koro upon which Takua the Chronicler recorded the history of Mata Nui. The Wall was destroyed along with the rest of Ta-Koro during the Rahkshi attack. Hahli, Takua's successor as Chronicler, began a new Wall of History in Ga-Koro.1


The Wall of History was a stone carving that decorated one side of the village of Ta-Koro. The wall was covered with the brave deeds of the great hero Toa Tahu. A door was carved into the wall that led to a set of steps leading down. At the bottom of the steps was a lava runoff tunnel, which led to the thousand-foot Lava Falls.2

It was planned for Hahli to record stories on a new Wall of History to be built on Metru Nui.3