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Zadakh were the Vahki model assigned to Po-Metru on Metru Nui. Zadakh were huge, strong, fast, and fearless, usually quick to plunge into a fight. Their staffs of suggestion left a target susceptible to influence for the duration of the effect.1


Zadakh's zone of control was Po-Metru. They were equipped with Kanoka disks and the Staff of Suggestion, which caused a target to be extremely susceptible to suggestion for the duration of effect. They had an unstoppable charge, were quick to fight, and had great strength. Their preferred tactic was to pacify with excessive force.2

Vahki Zadakh were huge, strong, very fast, and fearless – some would even say reckless. They were always the first ones into a fight and the last ones left standing. Zadakh Staffs of Suggestion left a Matoran susceptible to influence for the duration of the charge, usually several hours.3

Rotating squads of Zadakh and Rorzakh provided security for the Coliseum storage room.4

Powerful and aggressive, Zadakh would no shrink from a fight with a thousand Toa. One bolt from their tools and a victim became so suggestible that he or she would accept orders from anyone. Anyone who got stunned by a Zadakh could be made to turn on friends in an instant.5