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BIONICLE #10: Powerless!

BIONICLE #10: Powerless! is the tenth issue of the BIONICLE comic series.


The printed version of this issue uses a smaller page size than normal.

Gali, Pohatu, and Onua go looking for the Bahrag in between issues 10 and 11.1

Extra Content

The inside front cover provides brief backstory. The centerfold explains the origin of the Bohrok-Kal. Back pages explain the Nuva symbols. They also promote upcoming content on bionicle.com, including Mata Nui Online Game 2 coming in May. They also advertise signing up for free LEGO Club membership. The back cover promotes new BIONICLE products: BIONICLE pens, the BIONICLE: Quest for Makuta board game, upcoming books from Scholastic, and the BIONICLE: Mask of Light board game.