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BIONICLE #14: At Last -- Takanuva!

BIONICLE #14: At Last -- Takanuva! is the fourteenth issue of the BIONICLE comic series.

Extra Content

The inside front cover provides brief backstory. The centerfold features the four large sets of summer 2003, with a mention of the Search for the 7th Toa Sweepstakes.

A back page advertises the BIONICLE video game. Another back page features a "manga inspired" Rahkshi combiner model that was shown in the Japanese LEGO Club Magazine. Another back page advertises a Guurahk-themed Nike show coming in November 2003. The back cover advertises the movie BIONICLE: Mask of Light, coming to DVD and video on September 16.


There are some minor contradictions with the movie because the comic needed to include all characters while also not giving away movie plot.1