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BIONICLE #26: Hanging by a Thread

BIONICLE #26: Hanging by a Thread is the twenty-sixth issue of the BIONICLE comic series.


Standard issues feature cover artwork by Randy Elliot and colorist Pete Pantazis. Issues received via the BrickMaster subscription feature a variant cover with artwork and colors by Toby Dutkiewicz.

Extra Content

The inside front cover provides brief backstory. The centerfold contains information about the three "titans": Keetongu, Sidorak, and Roodaka. A back page advertises BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows coming to DVD October 11. Another back page advertises the BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows game for GameBoy Advance, available now. Another back page teases 2006 content on bionicle.com, included a new BIONICLE online game coming this fall. It also advertises BIONICLE-branded backpacks and shoes, with more information available at GoQubic.com. The back cover advertises the Toa Hagah Iruini set.

In the print BrickMaster version, the inside back cover and back cover appear to be misprinted, as they repeat the first two pages of the comic. This error is not present in the digital, standard version that was available on bionicle.com.