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BIONICLE #27: Fractures

BIONICLE #27: Fractures is the twenty-seventh and final issue of the original BIONICLE comic series, which subsequently continued with the BIONICLE Ignition series.


Standard issues feature cover artwork by Randy Elliot and colorist Pete Pantazis. Issues received via the BrickMaster subscription feature a variant cover with artwork and colors by Toby Dutkiewicz.

Extra Content

The inside front cover provides brief backstory. The centerfold includes a live photography/composite image of the BIONICLE 2005 sets locked in combat. It also advertises the 2005 BIONICLE sets. A back page promotes new content coming to bionicle.com in 2006, including a new online BIONICLE adventure game, in-depth profiles of the new heroes and villains, details on Voya Nui, the "island of doom," the legends of Mount Valmai, first looks at new animations, and much more. Another back page advertises BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows, now on DVD. It also advertises BIONICLE gear (mask-shaped backpacks and shoes with mountable masks) by GoQubic.com. The inside back cover advertises the Special Edition Guardian Toa Co-pack (Toa Norik and Toa Iruini) available only at Wal-Mart, along with the full assortment of BIONICLE sets. The back cover teases the Piraka, "the new face of fear," coming in 2006. "Piraka" is spelled out in hexagonal Matoran letters.