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BIONICLE #8: The End of the Toa?

BIONICLE #8: The End of the Toa? is the eighth issue of the BIONICLE comic series.

Extra Content

The inside front cover provides brief backstory. The centerfold describes the Toa Nuva. A back page advertises the Toa Nuva Reconstruct card game. Another back page promotes content on bionicle.com, including details about the Power Lies Beneath tour and the Battle for Mata Nui game. The same page also promotes the Toa Nuva Trivia Game at Toys R Us, Oct 19, 1-3pm. A back page describes the Kanohi Nuva, encouraging the reader to collect all 36. The back cover advertises the Bionicle Nike shoes coming in November 2002.

Special Edition

A promotional edition of this comic given out in a store promotion had a foil cover and included two extra pages of story, which can be viewed here.