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BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa

BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa is the first novel in the BIONICLE Chronicles series, and the BIONICLE series overall, published by Scholastic. The book provides an account of the Toa's adventures during story year 2001: the coming of the Toa to Mata Nui, the quest for the masks, and their battle against the Manas and the Shadow Toa in Makuta's lair.


In the time before time, a great being watched over the ancient land of Mata Nui, protecting it from harm. But now a powerful evil has arisen, casting a dark shadow over the land. Just when all seems lost, six heroes emerge from the darkness.

These mighty warriors are the Toa, and they have a single destiny: Destroy the evil force and restore peace to the land.

Will the Toa triumph, or will the island of Mata Nui lie in darkness forever?

Hungarian Version

The Hungarian translation of this book appears to be based on an earlier English draft and contains additional content that is missing from the English version, by a difference of about 50 pages. See this forum post.