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BIONICLE Glatorian #4: Before the Storm

BIONICLE Glatorian #4: Before the Storm is the fourth issue of the BIONICLE Glatorian comic book series.


This issue promotes itself as a "Special Movie Edition" comic. The front cover has a foil/glossy finish.

Extra Content

The centerfold promotes Glatorian Arena 2, the new free game available from bionicle.com. It provides the cheat codes "CIU8M4G" and "M4XFUN" (apparently leet-code for "club mag" and "max fun"). The back cover advertises BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, the new movie coming to DVD on September 15.

Special Edition

When The Legend Reborn was released on DVD, certain theater chains showed the movie on the big screen and gave out special editions of this comic to attendees. This version of the comic has several pages of original artwork which do not appear in the standard version distributed with the LEGO Magazine. These pages depict the scenes in the movie when Mata Nui meets Click, fights off a Vorox, and meets Metus. See here for more information.