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BIONICLE Glatorian #7: Rebirth

BIONICLE Glatorian #7: Rebirth is the seventh and final issue of the BIONICLE Glatorian comic book series, and the final BIONICLE comic ever to be distributed with the LEGO Magazine.

Extra Content

The centerfold promotes new content coming to www.bionicle.com and bioniclestory.com. It mentions the illustrations of the final battle, narrated by Michael Dorn and with artwork by Brian Ellis. It also mentions the final BIONICLE novel, Journey's End, by Greg Farshtey with new chapters released on bionicle.com every Wednesday through April 28, 2010. It also mentions the new Agori outpost game.

The final page includes a final note of thanks and acknowledgments from writer Greg Farshtey. He gives special thanks to Carlos D'Anda, Randy Elliot, Stuart Sayger, Pop Mhan, Kris Longo, Marty Pasko, Colin Gillespie, Eric Wolfe, Lincoln Armstrong, Nick Hort, Brian Bowler, Joanna Gale, Jennie Green, Kelly McKiernan, Bob Thompson, Heidi Bailey, and Leah Weston Kaae.

The back cover announces the LEGO BIONICLE "Who Am I?" Contest. The page shows a combiner model built from the six BIONICLE Stars sets and invites readers to write an essay inventing a role in the story for this character. The story submitted by one Grand Prize winner will appear in a future BIONICLE serial on BIONICLEstory.com. The Grand Prize winner and four First Prize winners will receive a LEGO Gift Card worth $100. Instructions for the combiner model can be found online with the code "BIONICLEBUILD". Contestants are required to submit an essay of no more than 500 words describing their character, their powers, etc. Submissions must be received by May 1st, 2010 at midnight EST.