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BIONICLE Ignition #1: If a Universe Ends...

BIONICLE Ignition #1: If a Universe Ends... is the first issue of the BIONICLE Ignition comic book series.


This issue promotes itself as a "super sized 1st issue," and the comic is longer than standard issues of the BIONICLE comic.

Extra Content

The inside front cover contains backstory. The centerfold advertises the Piraka. One of the back pages promotes new content coming to www.bionicle.com, including the Voya Nui Online Game, the Piraka animations, and the "Piraka Attack" and "Matoran Escape" games. Another page contains information on two combiner models built using parts from the 2006 Matoran sets: the lava hawk and the dagger spider. Another page announces the BIONICLE Piraka Trivia Contest. The page presents five BIONICLE trivia questions (all of which can be answered by reading the issue) and invites readers to submit their answers. Five first prize winners will receive copies of issues 1-3 of the BIONICLE comic signed by Greg Farshtey and Stuart Sayger, as well as an exclusive BIONICLE T-shirt like those worn by the BIONICLE team at Comic-Con International 2006. Submissions must be received by June 30th, 2006 at midnight EST. Winners will be announced in the September issue of the BIONICLE comic. The back cover teases the fight between Axonn and Brutaka in summer 2006.