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BIONICLE Ignition #2: Vengeance of Axonn

BIONICLE Ignition #2: Vengeance of Axonn is the second issue of the BIONICLE Ignition comic book series.

Extra Content

The inside front cover contains backstory. The centerfold contains information about the Piraka. One back page promotes new content on bionicle.com, including the interactive Piraka animations, the Matoran Escape game, and the Toa Inika Online Game coming this summer. Another back page advertises the board game BIONICLE: The Quest Game. It also advertises the BIONICLE Legends books from Scholastic. The inside back cover advertises the exclusive Irnakk set available only at WalMart. The back cover advertises the Brutaka and Axonn sets coming late summer, which can be combined to build Botar.