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BIONICLE Ignition #3: Showdown

BIONICLE Ignition #3: Showdown is the third issue of the BIONICLE Ignition comic book series.

Extra Content

The inside cover includes backstory and lists Wonka as a proud sponsor of the LEGO Club. The centerfold promotes the Free the Band promotion (www.freetheband.com) coming on 8/17/09. One back page contains information on Brutaka and Axonn. Two back pages contain information on the six Toa Inika. The back cover teases Axonn, Brutaka, and the coming of Botar, featuring the phrase "Who will survive the coming of Botar?"

Special Edition

A special edition of this comic with alternate cover artwork was released at San Diego Comic-Con.

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey initially stated the title of this comic was "Lightning Strike".[1, 2]