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BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts is a guidebook from Scholastic's BIONICLE series which consists of short descriptions of various Rahi in the BIONICLE world, describing existing creatures while introducing several new ones into the story. The book showcases specially picked entries from the official Rahi building contest run by LEGO Magazine in 2004, featuring original models submitted by fans and backstory written by the book's authors. In-universe, the book is framed as a guidebook being written on tablets by the Rahaga during the events of story year 2005. Chronologically, it occurs after BIONICLE Adventures #8: Challenge of the Hordika and before Web of Shadows.


Greg Farshtey picked the winners of the Rahi building contest on his own.1

Greg Farshtey omitted the stone rat. The Maha was excluded because the name could not be used. The Mukau was excluded because story team lead Bob Thompson hated the name. Nameless Rahi were excluded.2

The Tahtorak got a name despite being a fan-submitted Rahi because Greg Farshtey had to refer to it in the comics and therefore needed a name.3

Not all contest winners were selected to be in this book. Only Rahi that appeared in the book were official.4

Greg Farshtey dedicated this book to Freddie, Sweetums, Mr. Kitty, and Gem. These were all cats he had at the time of writing or in the past.5

LEGO never received the rock lion model for photography, so it was placed in the appendix rather than getting a page to itself.6

The Rahi Nui didn't get an image for space reasons.7


  • Author's Note
  • Introduction
  • Archives Moles
  • Artakha Bull
  • Blade Burrower
  • Cable Crawler
  • Catapult Scorpion
  • Chute Lurker
  • Colony Drone
  • Crystal Climber
  • Dermis Turtle
  • Doom Viper
  • Fader Bull
  • Frost Beetle
  • Furnace Salamander
  • Gate Guardian
  • Gukko
  • Ice Vermin
  • Kahgarak
  • Kane-Ra Bull
  • Kanohi Dragon
  • Kavinika
  • Keetongu
  • Kikanalo
  • Kinloka
  • Kraawa
  • Krahka
  • Lohrak
  • Manas
  • Metru Mantis
  • Muaka
  • Nivawk
  • Nui-Jaga
  • Nui-Rama
  • Phase Dragon
  • Proto Drake
  • Razor Whale
  • Rock Raptor
  • Sea Spider
  • Silver Chute Spider
  • Spiny Stone Ape
  • Tahtorak
  • Tarakava
  • Ussal Crab
  • Vahki Hunter
  • Visorak
    • Roporak
    • Boggarak
    • Oohnorak
    • Keelerak
    • Suukorak
    • Vohtarak
  • Zivon
  • Appendix
    • Archives Beast
    • Ash Bear
    • Bog Snake
    • Brakas
    • Cave Fish
    • Dikapi
    • Fikou
    • Fireflyer
    • Fusa
    • Ghekula
    • Hapaka
    • Hikaki
    • Hoto
    • Husi
    • Ice Bat
    • Infernavika
    • Keras
    • Kirikori Nui
    • Kofo-Jaga
    • Kuma-Nui
    • Lava Eel
    • Lightfish
    • Mahika [sic]
    • Makuta Fish
    • Mata Nui Fishing Bird
    • Night Creeper
    • Nui-Kopen
    • Pokawi
    • Protodites
    • Rahi Nui
    • Ranama
    • Razorfish
    • Rock Lion
    • Ruki
    • Sand Tarakava
    • Takea Shark
    • Taku
    • Tarakava Nui
    • Tunneler
    • Vatuka
    • Waikiru