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Gali Nuva Blog

Gali Nuva Blog is a story that was serialized on bioniclestory.com in the later part of 2007. Told from the perspective of Gali Nuva, it follows the activities of the Toa Nuva throughout the Matoran universe during the Toa Mahri's mission in the Pit.

Other Information

  • By December 2006, Greg Farshtey stated the Inika's Matoran masks would be retrieved in 2007,1 but was unsure of when or how he would tell that story.2
  • Greg Farshtey stated in December 2006 that his plan was to have a Toa Nuva adventure on the web in 2007, but not on BIONICLE.com or any fansite. He stated it was going to be the kind of things fans would have to hunt for.3
  • As of January 2007, Greg Farshtey's last information was that the adventures of the Toa Nuva would consist of a blog somewhere, but he didn't know where.4
  • In late March 2007, Greg Farshtey said the Toa Nuva would be returning to Artakha, but not Mata Nui.5