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Official BIONICLE Website (2002)

The Official BIONICLE Website in 2002 featured character descriptions, animations, and an in-story news section which described new plot developments, in addition to hosting much of the content from the previous year. The site was updated numerous times with the addition of news articles authored by "Takua" (the protagonist from the previous year's Mata Nui Online Game). These were often accompanied by animations in the style of the Mata Nui Online Game.

Text Content

In the first half of the year, the only new sections added were Bios for the Bohrok and Bohrok Va, a Krana section under Collectibles, and a Lexicon. The original structure was as follows:

  • Bios
    • Toa
    • Turaga
    • Matoran
    • Makuta
    • Rahi
    • Bohrok
    • Bohrok Va
  • Chronicle
    • Updates
    • Games
    • Episodes
    • Comics
    • Mata Nui
    • Lexicon
  • Collectibles
    • Krana
    • Kanohi

More sections were added as more sets were released, with pages added for the Creatures from the Master Builder Set, Nuparu, the Boxor, and the Exo-Toa. Later, pages for the Bahrag and Kanohi Nuva appeared, and a Toa Nuva section replaced and linked to the old Toa section. The final structure was:

  • Bios
    • Toa Nuva
    • Turaga
    • Matoran
    • Makuta
    • Rahi
    • Creatures
    • Bohrok
    • Bohrok Va
    • Bahrag
  • Chronicle
    • Updates
    • Games
    • Episodes
    • Comics
    • Mata Nui
    • Lexicon
  • Accessories
    • Kanohi Nuva
    • Krana
    • Kanohi
    • Boxor
    • Exo-Toa

Links to "The Buzz" and "Support" were located at the top right of the page. "The Buzz" was a section containing real-world news about Bionicle products and promotions. "Support" contained information and troubleshooting notes for certain Bionicle software.

The site also had a section for the McDonald's Mighty Kids Meal promotion.

Below is an outline of the text content, including character bios, found on the site, mostly recovered from web.archive.org.

Site Description

LEGO TECHNIC presents Bionicle, a new line of products with an epic story that will unfold on Bionicle.com. Once a paradise, Mata Nui has become a place of darkness and fear, ruled by the deadly Makuta. Now six mighty warriors, the Toa, have come to gather Masks of Power and challenge Makuta. Explore the island... learn the legends... and begin to solve the mystery of Bionicle.

Scrolling Text

News Bulletin: Turaga Onewa swears to protect his besieged village from the Bohrok invasion... Ta-Koro advance guard reports: still no word from Le-Koro... Swarm advance halted outside Po-Koro: hero stone-carver feared lost... Onu-Koro engineers hard at work to repel Bohrok menace...



Later replaced with the Toa Nuva section, whose pages linked back to the original Toa pages.

This text is taken from a version from early 2003 and might not match the original text exactly.

The Toa are six mighty heroes who defend Mata Nui and its inhabitants from danger. They will have to use all their wisdom, power and experience to defeat the Bohrok swarms.

Scrollover texts:

  • Lewa, Toa of Air. He rules the skies, the clouds and the wind.
  • Tahu, Toa of Fire. He is the guardian and master of heat and lava.
  • Gali, Toa of Water. Tidal waves and rainstorms are her domain.
  • Pohatu, Toa of Stone. His skill with stones and boulders is unmatched.
  • Onua, Toa of Earth. He governs the land and earthquakes.
  • Kopaka Nuva, Toa of Ice. He controls ice-flows and avalanches.

Toa of Air

Lewa is supremely competent with aerial activities. He glides through the air with ease while jumping from tree to tree. His axe effortlessly slices through trees and vines as he climbs through his jungle around Kauae Bay. Lewa prefers to inhabit the treetops because he is somewhat clumsy on land and flat surfaces.

Lewa is quick to jump to conclusions--and he's the first to get into trouble. But his instincts are often true, and his hunches frequently turn out to be correct. If there's a fight, he's always the first to jump in, protecting others before himself.

Location: Le-Koro

Kanohi: Miru, Kakama, Hau, Pakari, Akaku, Kaukau (green color)


Toa of Fire

Tahu is the fiercest of the six Toa, and the most feared--you don't want to get into a fight with Tahu if you can help it.

He is most at home in the hot molten world of the Mangai Volcano where he surfs on lava flows, using his sword of flames to cut through rocks and keep the lava moving towards the ocean.

His flaming temper can make him hotheaded and irrational sometimes. He has the least patience of the Toa and often jumps into a situation without thinking, which can get him, and the other Toa, into trouble!

Location: Ta-Koro

Kanohi: Miru, Kakama, Hau, Pakari, Akaku, Kaukau (red color)


Toa of Water

Gali is the only female Toa and incredibly wise-perhaps wiser than all the other five Toa put together. The villagers of Ga-Koro are incredibly loyal to Gali and believe she is the sustainer of life. But if she gets angry, look out -- tidal waves and rainstorms flood the island! Gali is the most agile and gymnastic of the six Toa. She has incredible jumping abilities and her own brand of acrobatic self-defense. The only things that can slow her down are excessive heat and drought.

Gali is at home both in and near the waters of Lake Naho. She swims quickly through the waterfalls that plunge down into the icy water, using her two hooked arms to grab onto rocks and cliffs. She works in harmony with the waters, which help to protect her in times of danger.

Location: Ga-Koro

Kanohi: Miru, Kakama, Hau, Pakari, Akaku, Kaukau (light blue color)


This text is taken from a version from 2003 and might not match the original text exactly.

Toa of Stone

Pohatu is so immensely strong that he can literally move mountains. He can make massive rocks explode like bombs or roll with great precision towards an attacker. His huge feet contain great power, smashing even the most unyielding stones with a single kick!

All the Toa like Pohatu for his kind nature and for his rock-solid dependability. He's slow, but friendly and reliable. He's not good at snap decisions, but when he makes a decision to do something, he stands firm until the end--so DON'T get in his way! Whenever there is trouble, Pohatu will always be there behind you, an immovable force that few enemies can dislodge. His only fear is water: he cannot swim, and he sinks...like a stone.

Pohatu inhabits the foothills of Mount Ihu, moving slowly but sure-footedly among the rocks and boulders at the base of the great mountain.

Location: Po-Koro

Kanohi: Miru, Kakama, Hau, Pakari, Akaku, Kaukau (brown color)


Onua is at home below ground. With his huge hands he scrapes out tunnels in the rocky cliffs over Papu Niho Reef. His low, squat body and head allow him to move quickly in tunnels and his infrared eyes give him amazing night vision.

In daylight his eyesight is poor, although he compensates with amazingly powerful hearing. He is slower on open land than underground, but has incredible strength and surprising dexterity.

Onua is at one with the land. He can hear trouble coming from miles away, and on occasion can even persuade the landscape to do his bidding-which is very useful when under attack.

Location: Onu-Koro

Kanohi: Miru, Kakama, Hau, Pakari, Akaku, Kaukau (black color)


Toa of Ice

Kopaka is cool, calculating and methodical in his actions. His long ice blade cuts and melts ice; one skillful swipe can cause avalanches or instantly freeze anything it touches. It is believed that Kopaka brings the winters, and the long cold nights...and it is known that his power strikes a balance against the fiery presence of Tahu.

Kopaka prefers to work alone. He is the least communicative of the Toa, and will only join forces with the others if it's absolutely necessary for his own survival.

Kopaka is most at home skiing up and down the slopes of Mount Ihu with blazing speed and unmatched skill.

Location: Ko-Koro

Kanohi: Miru, Kakama, Hau, Pakari, Akaku, Kaukau (white color)

Toa Nuva

When the Toa are exposed to the strange energies of protodermis, they are transformed into the mighty Toa Nuva! With new powers, new armor, and new tools, the Toa Nuva believe they are ready for any threat to their island home.

Scrollover texts:

  • Lewa Nuva, Toa of Air. He rules the skies, the clouds and the wind.
  • Tahu Nuva, Toa of Fire. He is the guardian and master of heat and lava.
  • Gali Nuva, Toa of Water. Tidal waves and rainstorms are her domain.
  • Pohatu Nuva, Toa of Stone. His skill with stones and boulders is unmatched.
  • Onua Nuva, Toa of Earth. He governs the land and earthquakes.
  • Kopaka Nuva, Toa of Ice. He controls ice-flows and avalanches.
Lewa Nuva

Toa Nuva of Air

The Toa Nuva of Air has grown stronger as a result of his struggles against the Bohrok. His new air katana can be attached to his body to allow him to glide on wind currents. Combined with the power of Miru Nuva, he can now fly high over the island, keeping an eye out for potential threats to the peace of Mata Nui.

Location: Le-Koro

Kanohi: Miru Nuva, Kakama Nuva, Hau Nuva, Pakari Nuva, Akaku Nuva, Kaukau Nuva (green color)

Tahu Nuva

Toa Nuva of Fire

Of all the Toa Nuva, Tahu Nuva most welcomes his new power. Now he feels even more confident that he can protect Ta-koro from any danger! When trouble threatens, his magma swords can be joined together to form a lava board that carries him swiftly over the magma flows. He wears the Hau Nuva, which he uses to protect his people against any harm.

Location: Ta-Koro

Kanohi: Miru Nuva, Kakama Nuva, Hau Nuva, Pakari Nuva, Akaku Nuva, Kaukau Nuva (red color)

Gali Nuva

Toa Nuva of Water

Gali Nuva's aqua axes can be attached to her feet to serve as scuba fins. Now there is truly nothing faster or more powerful than her under the water! And she will need that power to save Ga-koro from the darkness that is on its way. Protector of the oceans and waterways of the island, her Kaukau Nuva allows her to plunge to the very bottom of the sea and survive.

Location: Ga-Koro

Kanohi: Miru Nuva, Kakama Nuva, Hau Nuva, Pakari Nuva, Akaku Nuva, Kaukau Nuva (blue color)

Pohatu Nuva

Toa Nuva of Stone

Pohatu Nuva's climbing claws make it easier than ever for him to scale the rocky peaks near his village. When joined together, his claws form the legendary Kodan ball. Using the Great Mask of Speed, Kakama Nuva, he has devoted himself to repairing the damage done to Po-wahi by the rampaging Bohrok.

Location: Po-Koro

Kanohi: Miru Nuva, Kakama Nuva, Hau Nuva, Pakari Nuva, Akaku Nuva, Kaukau Nuva (brown color)

Onua Nuva

Toa Nuva of Earth

Mata Nui will need the wisdom and strength of Onua Nuva more than ever in the months to come. Now no place on the island is too far or too dangerous for him to reach, for his quake breakers can be used as high-speed, all-terrain tracks. They can also be used to carve new passages in the earth. Onua Nuva wears the Pakari Nuva, which increases his raw strength to amazing levels.

Location: Onu-Koro

Kanohi: Miru Nuva, Kakama Nuva, Hau Nuva, Pakari Nuva, Akaku Nuva, Kaukau Nuva (black color)

Kopaka Nuva

Toa Nuva of Ice

His new power has, if anything, make Kopaka Nuva even colder and more remote than the mountain upon which he lives. His ice blade can be split in two to form power ice skates that let him rip through the ice and snow. He wears Akaku Nuva, using its power to keep watch on all of Ko-wahi from the top of Mount Ihu.

Location: Ko-Koro

Kanohi: Miru Nuva, Kakama Nuva, Hau Nuva, Pakari Nuva, Akaku Nuva, Kaukau Nuva (white color)


The village elders of Mata Nui. The Turaga know the legends of Mata Nui, and their knowledge might be the most powerful tool against the Bohrok swarms.

Scrollover texts:

  • Onewa, Turaga of Po-Koro, will use mind control when the Po-Koronan are threatened.
  • Whenua, Turaga of Onu-Koro, has perfect vision even in the darkest of tunnels.
  • Nokama, Turaga of Ga-Koro, can understand and translate ancient languages.
  • Matau, Turaga of Le-Koro, creates illusions to confuse enemies of his village.
  • Vakama, Turaga of Ta-Koro, has the ability to turn invisible to conceal himself.
  • Nuju, the Turaga of Ko-Koro, moves things with only his mind.

Turaga from Po-Koro

Turaga Onewa is the protector of Pohatu's legend. Like all of his tribe he is sure-footed and swift over loose ground. Onewa is known among his tribe as "The Referee", as his decisions are never argued - even though he is sometimes slow to come to one!

Onewa's mask is the Kanohi Komau and his tool is a mighty stone hammer.

Location: Po-Koro

Kanohi: Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, Rau (light sand color)


Turaga from Onu-Koro

Turaga Whenua is the protector of Onua's legend. He oversees the work in the rock quarry and the vast, complex tunnels, always foreseeing problems before they occur. Everyone on Mata Nui knows Whenua for his fairness, good judgment, wisdom and honesty. He should always be listened to with care and respect.

Whenua's mask is the Kanohi Ruru and his tool is the Drill of Onua.

Location: Onu-Koro

Kanohi: Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, Rau (dark gray color)


Turaga from Ga-Koro

Turaga Nokama is the protector of Gali's legend. She knows the most about the oceans and rivers--except for Gali herself. Nokama has a reputation for resolving disagreements and bringing the Turaga together with her practical logic. Every Turaga respects the way she listens to all sides of a discussion.

Nokama's mask is the Kanohi Rau and her tool is an enormous fork-shaped staff.

Location: Ga-Koro

Kanohi: Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, Rau (light blue color)


Turaga from Le-Koro

Turaga Matau is the protector of Lewa's legend. When he is among his people, Matau is like the silence in the eye of the tornado: calm, stable and paternal. But you'd better watch him carefully or you'll be the victim of one of his jokes! He is also a brave warrior and a leader who receives the utmost loyalty. The tribe repays him with great courage.

Matau's mask is the Kanohi Mahiki and his tool is the Kau Kau staff.

Location: Le-Koro

Kanohi: Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, Rau (light green color)


Turaga from Ta-Koro

Turaga Vakama is the holder of the Great Firestaff and protector of Tahu's legend. He is famous for his quick temper and immense courage. Vakama doesn't mess around: he has no time for nonsense and practical jokes, but his boldness could get him into trouble.

Vakama's mask is the Kanohi Huna and his tool is the ancient fire staff.

Location: Ta-Koro

Kanohi: Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, Rau (orange color)


Turaga from Ko-Koro

Turaga Nuju is the protector of Kopaka's legend. Nuju has great vision and seems to have more time to react to situations than anybody else. His Kanohi Matatu (mask of telepathy) amplifies these gifts, allowing him to move objects with his mind. It is said that he can tell stories that last for days, using gestures and whistles that only Matoro can interpret. Some find Nuju aloof and uncaring, but he shows his feelings in different ways--like through his generous deeds.

Nuju's tool is the Ice Pick.

Location: Ko-Koro

Kanohi: Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Matatu, Rau (light gray color)


This text is taken from a version from early 2003 and might not match the original text exactly.

The villagers of Mata Nui have realized that they are, in fact, all one people - and so have taken the new name "Matoran." They are ready to stand together and defend their island from the Bohrok Swarm.

Scrollover texts:

  • Huki patrols the foothills of Mount Ihu.
  • Jala is captain of the Ta-Koro guard.
  • Kongu is the captain of the Le-Koro Kahu-force.
  • Maku patrols Lake Naho in her canoe.
  • Matoro interprets the wisdom of the Turaga Nuju.
  • Onepu is the captain of the Onu-Koro Ussal cavalry.
  • Nuparu is the inventor of the powerful Matoran Boxor.

Matoran from Po-Koro

Huki, who stands on Onewa's right side, lives in the desert village of Po-Koro. He is the greatest goal scorer of all time at Koli and one of the few Po-Koronan able to crush boulders with both his feet and his head. It is said that he learned this skill after Maku soaked his mask during a practical joke. (Maku must have known that the Po-Koronan cannot swim and hate water.)

Location: Po-Koro


Matoran from Ta-Koro

Jala's athletic ability and no-nonsense manner make him the obvious choice to stand on Vakama's right side. He longs to explore all of Mata Nui, but he understands that his fellow Ta-Koronan do not like to travel. The leader of Jala's clan, Lhii, is the greatest surfer Mata Nui has known since Tahu. Jala has a lot to live up to, but he is dedicated, studies well, and works hard to protect his village.

Location: Ta-Koro


Matoran from Le-Koro

Kongu is one of the most talented residents of his treetop village of Le-Koro. Kongu loves birds and naturally handles them with such ease that he has become one of Le-Koro's great bird wranglers. This makes him an exceptionally good pilot, navigator and mapmaker. It's no wonder Matau has made him captain of the Le-Koro Kahu-force!

Location: Le-Koro


Matoran from Ga-Koro

Maku lives in the village of Ga-Koro. Her skill at Canoe racing is legendary and her sense of direction is flawless--she can navigate through the waters surrounding Mata Nui even in the worst conditions. Her skills in swimming and disk throwing are remarkable, making her a favorite in local competitions. Before the Bohrok Swarms, Maku often got in trouble for sneaking away from the village in her canoe to spy on Huki, the Koli champion. Now she patrols Lake Naho from Ta-Wahi to Po-Wahi.

Location: Ga-Koro


Matoran from Ko-Koro

Matoro is the sole interpreter of Nuju's mystical stories, following the meaning of the storyteller's movements and tones. He always stands motionless on Nuju's right during storytelling. He strikes a narrator's pose with his legs apart, head back and he uses his deep and booming voice to relay Nuju's wisdom. Matoro stays close to Nuju since the Bohrok have awoken, so he's close at hand whenever the Turaga hold their councils.

Location: Ko-Koro


Matoran from Onu-Koro

Onepu stands to the right of Turaga Whenua. He has been entrusted with grave responsibility as Captain of the Onu-Koronan Ussalry because his skill with battle crabs is legendary. He is an agile rider and a master of speed, balance and strategy. He has been crowned champion of the Great Ussal Race for the past 5 seasons in a row!

Location: Onu-Koro


Matoran from Onu-Koro

Nuparu is unique among the Matoran of Onu-koro. While others toiled away, digging through stone and earth and mining protodermis, Nuparu observed and devised new and more efficient ways for the Matoran to work. Desperate to find new ways to protect his village and the inhabitants of Mata Nui, Nuparu applied his talents to converting the Bohrok parts into a defense vehicle that could be used by his fellow Matoran. The result was the Boxor, a fast, powerful machine which has proven highly effective against Bohrok Va. In large enough numbers, Boxor vehicles can even stall a Bohrok swarm for a short time!

Location: Onu-Koro


This text is taken from a version from early 2003 and might not match the original text exactly.

No creatures, save the Toa, have ever seen the Makuta and returned. His lair was deep in the earth, guarded by the fearsome Manas. The Turaga's legend said that the Makuta was a whirling, kicking, screaming, clawing beast. That he--or IT--could be many things at once - cobra, tiger, hawk. But when he faced the Toa, he chose a very different form....

The Toa won a great victory in their confrontation with Makuta. At last, they believed Mata Nui and its people to be safe - but they were wrong. They discovered that they now must face a dangerous new foe: the Bohrok Swarm.


The Rahi are powerful beasts who have been made to serve Makuta by infected masks. The Toa have captured many Rahi and tamed them, so they now serve the Matoran villagers.

Scrollover texts:

  • [Manas] The dreaded Manas are the guardians of deepest darkest places.
  • [Nui-Rama] These large flying insects can be found in the jungles of Le-Koro.
  • [Nui-Jaga] These scorpion-like creatures are usually found in Po-Koro.
  • [Tarakava] The lizard-like creature that hides in the waters of Lake Naho.
  • [Muaka & Kane-Ra] These are two of the most powerful Rahi on Mata Nui.

The Manas were the powerful guardians of Makuta. They resemble huge crabs and their sheer power and vicious tempers are legendary. Only the Toa Kaita have ever faced the Manas, and it took all their strength to defeat them.

Like all Rahi, Manas can be defeated by knocking off their infected masks. No one knows if a maskless Manas can be tamed.

Location: Kini-Nui


The Nui-Rama resemble large, flying insects. They can be found throughout Mata Nui, though it is believed they make their nests in Lewa's jungles. Nui-Rama spend most of their time in the air, spying on the Toa for Makuta or stalking their prey.

Like all Rahi, the Nui-Rama are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed. Because they have the ability to fly at great speeds, the Le-Koronan sometimes ride them in addition to the Kahu.

Location: Le-Wahi


This text is taken from a version from early 2003 and might not match the original text exactly.

The Nui-Jaga are huge, scorpion-like creatures. They can be found primarily in the deserts of Po-Wahi, though they have been spotted in the jungles and along the coast as well. Nui-Jaga normally hunt in pairs.

Like all Rahi, the Nui-Jaga are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, the Nui-Jaga will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed, but their claws and powerful stingers make the Turaga reluctant to have the Nui-Jaga in their villages.

Location: Po-Wahi


Tarakava live in the oceans and rivers of Mata Nui, preferring the shallows close to the shoreline. They are huge, lizard-like creatures that almost always hunt in pairs. Those Matoran villagers who sail the waters of Mata Nui have learned to fear the Tarakava more than any other Rahi.

Like all Rahi, the infected masks they wear control Tarakava. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed. The Matoran villagers of Ga-Koro often take pity on stunned Tarakava and bring them into their village to care for them.

Location: Ga-Wahi

Muaka and Kane-Ra

Although they are very different creatures, Muaka and Kane-Ra work together because Makuta wishes them to do so. Muaka is a large tiger-like creature and Kane-Ra resembles a great bull. They are two of the most powerful Rahi.

Like all Rahi, Muaka and Kane-Ra are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, the two will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed.

Location: Ko-Wahi


In addition to the Rahi, many less fierce or even harmless animals live on the island. These creatures live in relative harmony with the Matoran.

Scrollover texts:

  • The Fusa, Makika, Husi and Vako live in the desert of Po-Wahi.
  • The firey Hikaki and Hoto live in Ta-Wahi.
  • The Takea and the Ruki can be found in the waters of Ga-Wahi.
  • The creatures native to Le-Wahi are the Fikou, Kuna, Goko-Kahu, Hoi, and Taku.
  • The Kofo Jaga and the Ussal are two creatures found in Onu-Wahi.

Location: Po-Wahi


The Fusa resemble kangaroos, and are known for their powerful hind legs. Fusa are most often found near Po-Koro and along the eastern coast of Mata Nui, and are relatively harmless unless provoked. Their natural enemies include the Muaka and the Takea.


The Husi is a large bird resembling an ostrich. Though it can be dangerous (it has a habit of pecking), the Husi is more often tamed and traded at bazaars in return for goods and services. Husi spend their time among the rocky crags of Po-Koro.


The Makika are large, highly dangerous toad-like creatures who dwell in the caves near Po-Koro. Makika rarely venture out of their caves, but will defend their territory against any intruders. They are prized by Matoran for their acidic venom, which is of great use when mining or tunneling through stone.


This great horned beast roams the plains of Mata Nui in herds. Even the Rahi steer clear of the Vako, who are capable of charging at great speeds. The Po-Koro Matoran have attempted to tame the Vako a few times, but without success.


Location: Ta-Wahi


The Hikaki is a small creature resembling a dragon, and is a native of the region surrounding the Mangai Volcano. They seem to thrive amidst the molten lava, and there is an old Matoran legend that the Hikaki actually feed off the fire. As with many other creatures of Mata Nui, the Hikaki is dangerous mainly when its nest is disturbed.


The Hoto are firebugs who reside in the Ta-Koro region. Though quite small, their habit of tunneling using the sheer, searing heat given off by their bodies has resulted in rockslides and collapses of some Matoran structures. They are regarded as a pest.


Location: Ga-Wahi


The Ruki is a fish that can be found all along the coast of Mata Nui. It is known for its powerful, snapping jaws and habit of chewing through Matoran fishing nets. Although much smaller, the Ruki are a natural enemy of the Tarakava, and schools of them have been known to drive the Rahi off.


Before Makuta infected the powerful Tarakava and sent them against the Matoran, the Takea were considered to be the most dangerous creatures in the sea. Dubbed the "king of sharks," just the rumor of a Takea in the water is enough to send the Matoran of Ga-Koro scrambling to shore.


Location: Le-Wahi


These bog snakes are found most often in the vicinity of Le-Koro. They are natural enemies to the Ghekula and other small reptiles and amphibians that live in the swamps.


The Hoi are flying swamp turtles that dwell in the vicinity of Le-Koro. They are slow and relatively harmless. The arrival of the Lehvak forced many of the Hoi to move into coastal waters, where they have had a harder time surviving. Gali and the Ga-Koro Matoran have made an extra effort to aid and protect the Hoi.


Also called the Kewa, the Goko-Kahu are vultures who are much prized by the Le-Koro Matoran. The Matoran have managed to tame many of these birds and train them to come in response to the playing of a flute.


The Taku is a close relative of the Goko-Kahu, though a much smaller bird. Unlike its scavenging cousin, the Taku is aquatic, capable of diving to great depths to catch fish.


The Fikou is a dangerous tree spider found in the jungles of Mata Nui. It is most often seen in the vicinity of Le-Koro, and the Le-Koro Matoran must always be on guard when swinging through the trees.


Location: Onu-Wahi


The Kofo-Jaga are small in size, but great in the potential danger they pose to the unwary. Kofo Jaga are found most often in the vicinity of Onu-Koro, but it is believed they may have migrated there from the Ta-Koro area at some time in the distant past.


The Ussal are crabs known for their ability to tunnel. The Matoran of Onu-Koro use them for transport and for sport - Ussal crab racing is one of the best-loved competitions in the village. The Ussalry is a mounted defense force for Onu-Koro, featuring Matoran riding on Ussal crabs.


Mysterious, insect-like creatures with elemental powers, the Bohrok move in swarms over Mata Nui. Mountains crumble and forests topple as they change the face of the island.

Scrollover texts:

  • Stone Bohrok; the Pahrak have the ability to cause rock to crumble.
  • Air Bohrok; the Lehvak secrete a powerful acid that can eat through whatever lies in their path.
  • Earth Bohrok; the Nuhvok can tunnel through any surface.
  • Fire Bohrok; the Tahnok can melt any thing on Mata Nui.
  • Water Bohrok; the Gahlok are able to draw water from a source and redirect it at their target.
  • Ice Bohrok; the Kohrak will freeze whatever they touch.

Stone Bohrok

The Pahrak very rarely get angry, but if they do, you'd better look out! Once they decide to tackle a problem, they won't quit until it is solved.

They do not mind ignoring outsiders until it becomes clear that they must defend themselves. When they do, they advance slowly but surely towards the nuisance -- nothing will deter them.However, after an attack they will usually return to their mission quickly. To stop a marching swarm you have to chip away at the column, little by little.

Krana: Pahrak Bo, Pahrak Su, Pahrak Ja, Pahrak Yo, Pahrak Ca, Pahrak Vu, Pahrak Za, Pahrak Xa (green color)


Swamp Bohrok

Although the Lehvak work in swarms, they tend to operate best in smaller groups, hitting and running, and thus they are probably the most individually motivated of all the Bohrok, and more than capable of thinking and operating alone.

The Lehvak are clever tacticians. They never strike in one place for long and it is hard to predict where they will turn up next.

The only real way to stop them is to corner a group and surprise each one individually.

Krana: Lehvak Bo, Lehvak Su, Lehvak Ja, Lehvak Yo, Lehvak Ca, Lehvak Vu, Lehvak Za, Lehvak Xa (red color)


Earth Bohrok

The Nuhvok are the most solitary of the swarms. They do not immediately defend themselves, but when they determine what is happening, they will strike out with their formidable hammer shields. If backed into a corner, they will strike out tenaciously until help arrives.

They are at their most vulnerable in open spaces. Therefore, the best strategy for catching a Nuhvok is to lure it above ground away from its swarm.

Krana: Nuhvok Bo, Nuhvok Su, Nuhvok Ja, Nuhvok Yo, Nuhvok Ca, Nuhvok Vu, Nuhvok Za, Nuhvok Xa (light green color)


Fire Bohrok

The Tahnok are quick workers. But despite their speediness, they are still very methodical and they know the value of teamwork. If one of their team is hurt, or in trouble, they will make sure he is safe before they continue their mission.

While Bohrok are not naturally aggressive, the Tahnok are the least passive of the swarms. They anger easily and if threatened, they will strike first and ask questions later. When they strike, they do it as a team, making them all the more dangerous. However, they tend to act impulsively and are not as calculating as some of the other swarms.

Krana: Tahnok Bo, Tahnok Su, Tahnok Ja, Tahnok Yo, Tahnok Ca, Tahnok Vu, Tahnok Za, Tahnok Xa (blue color)


Water Bohrok

The Gahlok are slippery customers -- you never really know where you stand with them. Just when you think you've got their methods figured out, they change them.

Nokama famously remarked that "Catching a Gahlok is like trying to hold onto an eel with one wet hand. So think carefully before you interrupt their work." They will never react the same way twice and they will never strike the same place twice.

Krana: Gahlok Bo, Gahlok Su, Gahlok Ja, Gahlok Yo, Gahlok Ca, Gahlok Vu, Gahlok Za, Gahlok Xa (orange color)


Ice Bohrok

The Kohrak consider themselves invincible, and are dismissive of danger. They will carry on working until they have no choice but to react. This makes it easier for the Toa and their villagers to capture individual Kohrak, but when they do respond, the entire group responds. They have no regard for their own safety. They are great tacticians and undercover workers. However, they have one weakness: they always confront one on one, rather than as a unified force, forcing them to rely on their formidable individual skills.

Krana: Kohrak Bo, Kohrak Su, Kohrak Ja, Kohrak Yo, Kohrak Ca, Kohrak Vu, Kohrak Za, Kohrak Xa (light blue color)

Bohrok Va

These small creatures act as scouts and couriers for the Bohrok, often carrying new krana to Bohrok who have lost theirs. The source of these krana remains a mystery.

Scrollover texts:

  • The Pahrak Va scout the desert of Po-Wahi.
  • The Lehvak Va scout the jungles of Kauae Bay.
  • The Nuhvok Va scout in the underground city of Onu-Koro.
  • The Tahnok Va scout the areas around the Mangai Volcano.
  • The Gahlok Va scout the area around Lake Naho.
  • The Kohrak Va scout the icy Mount Ihu.
Pahrak Va

This text is taken from a version from early 2003 but probably matches the original text exactly.

Original title text unknown.

Pahrak Va are the great motivators of their swarm, but they are also the easiest of the Bohrok Va to capture, as they move more slowly than the rest. However, they also run scouting missions and keep communications in order over vast areas, which keeps the Pahrak Swarm together. Islanders sometimes joke that they are "goatdogs."

Krana: Pahrak Va Bo, Pahrak Va Su, Pahrak Va Ja, Pahrak Va Yo, Pahrak Va Ca, Pahrak Va Vu, Pahrak Va Za, Pahrak Va Xa (light sand color)

Lehvak Va

This text is taken from a version from early 2003 but probably matches the original text exactly.

Original title text unknown.

Lehvak Va, are loud and aggressive beyond their modest stature. They move with ease from mud to water and up into the trees, wailing and whooping clearly above all other sounds. Their confidence is not false, for they are never far from their swarm - and few things are more fearsome than a squad of Lehvak.

Krana: Lehvak Va Bo, Lehvak Va Su, Lehvak Va Ja, Lehvak Va Yo, Lehvak Va Ca, Lehvak Va Vu, Lehvak Va Za, Lehvak Va Xa (dark gray color)

Nuhvok Va

Original title text unknown.

Nuhvok Va, sometimes nicknamed "tunnel foxes" by the islanders. They are not naturals at heavy digging, but can burrow out of most situations. Normally they are spotted in distant shadows, moving with a quick scamper then a pause to listen. They can see in the dark and squeeze through gaps you would not think possible.

Krana: Nuhvok Va Bo, Nuhvok Va Su, Nuhvok Va Ja, Nuhvok Va Yo, Nuhvok Va Ca, Nuhvok Va Vu, Nuhvok Va Za, Nuhvok Va Xa (black color)

Tahnok Va

This text is taken from a version from early 2003 but probably matches the original text exactly.

Original title text unknown.

Fast and reckless, Tahnok Va can be seen scurrying at great speed along dangerous ledges with their glowing staff of flames to guide them through the darkest of forest paths and the vast network of Mangai caves and tunnels.

Krana: Tahnok Va Bo, Tahnok Va Su, Tahnok Va Ja, Tahnok Va Yo, Tahnok Va Ca, Tahnok Va Vu, Tahnok Va Za, Tahnok Va Xa (yellow color)

Gahlok Va

Original title text unknown.

Gahlok Va never seem to be moving fast, but they never stop, so their journey times are faster than you would think. Their slinking movements are ideally suited to cutting through water, but they are also accomplished climbers.

Krana: Gahlok Va Bo, Gahlok Va Su, Gahlok Va Ja, Gahlok Va Yo, Gahlok Va Ca, Gahlok Va Vu, Gahlok Va Za, Gahlok Va Xa (purple color)

Kohrak Va

This text is taken from a version from mid-2003 but probably matches the original text exactly.

Original title text unknown.

Kohrak Va walk tall and slide down glaciers with relaxed skill. They are also masters of camouflage with excellent hearing. At the slightest sign of attack they bury themselves in ice with only their heads showing until the swarm arrives to protect them.

Krana: Kohrak Va Bo, Kohrak Va Su, Kohrak Va Ja, Kohrak Va Yo, Kohrak Va Ca, Kohrak Va Vu, Kohrak Va Za, Kohrak Va Xa (white color)


Original title text unknown.

Cahdok and Gahdok, the Bahrag twins, dwell far below the surface of Mata Nui. They are the queens of the Bohrok swarms, each one possessing the powers of all the Bohrok plus amazing telepathic abilities. The Bahrag control the krana, which in turn control the Bohrok. They are intent on their mysterious mission to return Mata Nui to the way it was in the "before time." Another strange power of Cahdok and Gahdok is that the closer they are to each other, the stronger they become - almost as if they draw energy from each other! When the two are side by side, even the might of the Exo-Toa armor is not enough to defeat them.

Location: Kini-Nui



Victory Party Cancelled!

New foe surfaces in Ta-Koro
By Takua Celebrations were cut short today when swarms of unknown creatures appeared in Ta-Koro, with the apparent purpose of leveling the village. "They came out of nowhere", said Turaga Vakama, still visibly shaken from the encounter, "Luckily, we reached the Toa in time!"

During the attack, Turaga Vakama had the presence of mind to send for the Toa, who were still recovering from their remarkable victory over Makuta. Tahu, Kopaka, Lewa, Onua, Gali and Pohatu rushed to the aid of Ta-Koro just in time to avert certain disaster. The Toa managed to use their now legendary elemental powers to disable the swarm of creatures known as "Bohrok".

"Before the Toa arrived to defeat Makuta," explained Turaga Vakama. "we [the Turaga] couldn't believe there could be anything worse than the Rahi. Today we were proven wrong."

"Apparently, the Turaga have always known the legend of the Bohrok," explained Lewa grimly. "Now we get to find out the reality of the swarms."

Location: Ta-Koro

Tahnok Surround Po-Koro, Matoran lost in fray

Hafu hailed as hero
By Takua Hafu, the famed carver from Po-Koro, was trapped outside the village today in a desperate attempt to protect his home and fellow Matoran from a rapidly approaching Tahnok swarm.

"The last I saw, the Fire Bohrok were closing in on him," explained Huki, "but the smoke and the ash were so thick that no one was able to see what happened."

Scouts from Po-Koro had spotted the Bohrok earlier, but the swarm was moving so quickly that Turaga Onewa had no time to evacuate his village. The only alternative was to block the entrance to Po-Koro by using the stone carvings on the Path of Prophesy. Hafu, the carver who created the Path, volunteered to topple the giant stones in order to save the village. Turaga Onewa was gathering Matoran to protect Hafu when he heard the commotion.

"The Tahnok reached us much faster than we anticipated," said the Turaga. "Fortunately, Hafu kept his head and acted quickly. His bravery may have saved the village."

When asked if he thought that Hafu would be found, Turaga Onewa reassured the villagers. "Pohatu, along with Gali and Kopaka, have been defending Po-Wahi against a particularly fierce group of Tahnok - which is why we had a much smaller swarm to face today. I'm confident that once Pohatu returns, he will find Hafu and bring him back to us safely."

Location: Po-Koro

Turaga shares knowledge of Bohrok

Vakama Explains Mysterious Powers of Krana
By Takua In recent months, Mata Nui has fallen prey to swarms of strange creatures called Bohrok. These Bohrok are said to be driven by the krana they carry inside them - but little is known about these krana. What do they do? Where did they come from? Can even the Toa overcome them? Turaga Vakama shared his vast knowledge of Mata Nui truth and legend in the hope of answering these vital questions...

T: Vakama, Turaga of Ta-koro, what is a krana?

V: The krana are the true power behind the Bohrok swarms. They provide the direction and inspiration to each Bohrok. There are eight varieties, each having different powers. When placed inside a Bohrok, a krana drives the Bohrok to perform tasks. Krana can even be said to be the "brains" of the Bohrok.

T: Can the krana function independently of the Bohrok, or do they act more like the Kanohi Masks of Power?

V: We have seen a number of instances where krana have attached themselves to their foes and taken control of their bodies. Perhaps the most tragic example of this was in Le-koro, not so long ago... It seems that when a Bohrok senses danger, it sets its krana free, and the krana attempts to add its foe to the swarm. Whether there is any way to resist the power of the krana, I do not yet know.

T: These krana are truly a terrible menace to all who dwell on Mata Nui.

V: Yes, they are cunning and powerful. We can only hope that the Toa, in their wisdom, can find a way to end this threat to our land.

Vakama had more to share, but that will be revealed at a later time. For now, see to the defenses of your villages - there is no way to know where or when the Bohrok will next appear.

Location: Ta-Koro

Hafu Saved in Daring Rescue

Pohatu Returns Hero To Safety
By Takua Pohatu returned to his village just in time to save the Matoran, Hafu, from certain doom at the hands of a swarm of Tahnok. The fire Bohrok had surrounded the helpless Matoran just outside of Po-Koro, but using the powers of his Kanohi, Pohatu snatched Hafu out of danger and returned him to the village unharmed.

Hafu was in a precarious situation after attempting to block the Tahnok from entering Po-Koro using his very own Path of Prophesies carvings. Sacrificing not only his art, but potentially his life, Hafu ventured from the safety of the village to dismantle the famed statues. The statues blocked the entrance from the Bohrok, protecting many Matorans from a potential disaster. The villagers of Po-Koro watched in horror from the gates as Hafu disappeared from sight.

"I knew the Toa were close by, and chances were good that Pohatu would be returning soon," explained Turaga Onewa, "and like a Toa, he was here to help us in our darkest hour!"

The grateful Po-Koro Matoran were overjoyed to have Hafu back in the village.

"The Tahnok are still out there," says Huki, "but we're just glad to have Hafu back safe and sound with us!"

Location: Po-Koro

New Invention Saves Onu-Koro

"Boxor" Drives Gahlok Swarm from City
By Takua After a vicious squad of Water Bohrok flooded Onu-Koro recently, a Matoran named Nuparu made an important discovery that may turn the tide against the Bohrok menace.

Nuparu, a tunnel engineer from Onu-Koro, constructed a vehicle called the Boxor that uses a swift punching motion to knock a Bohrok's Krana loose. The Onu- Matoran made the discovery when he came across a krana-less Gahlok while trapped with Onepu and Taipu in an evacuated part of Onu-Koro. Once Nuparu realized that the Bohrok were simply transports for the krana, he used his knowledge to give the Matoran an advantage. After constructing the Boxor, he beat back the aggressive Gahlok swarm, driving them out of the underground city and stopping the flood.

Onu-Matorans were delighted to return to their homes safely. "Finally we have a defense against these monsters," Onepu said. "Maybe now we can rid Mata Nui of the Bohrok and go back to more peaceful times."

Location: Onu-Koro

Island Wildlife on the Move

Local Naturalists Concerned
By Takua The arrival of the Bohrok swarms has taken a serious toll on island creatures. Gahlok activity off the coast has driven a number of Takea closer to the shore, where they menace diving Taku and disrupt the migration of the Ruki schools.

One Ga-Koro fisherman responded, "In addition to threatening our homes, the Bohrok are also threatening our livelihood!"

The deforestation of the Le-Wahi jungle has sent herds of Vako and Fusa wandering deep into the desert to compete for food with the native Husi flocks. The Hoi and Kuna have lost the shelter of the trees, making them easy prey for Rahi. Destruction of Fikou webs has caused the tree spiders to flee to the high jungle canopy, territory of the swift-flying Goko-Kahu.

The Ussal-riding defense force of Onu-Koro has had its hands full with a surge in Kofo-Jaga, chased from their hidden lairs, while scouts warn that the mountain-shaking of the Nuhvok and Pahrak has brought a few dangerous Makika toads out of their caves. In fiery Ta-Wahi, besieged by the frozen Kohrak, the tunnels of displaced Hoto firebugs have been creating sinkholes and causing hut collapses. Even the fierce Hikaki have been forced to abandon their ancient nesting grounds.

The Bohrok swarms are a threat to every creature of Mata Nui, from Matoran to Rahi. Hopefully, the swarms will be contained soon before irreparable damage is done to the island.

Location: Le-Koro

Le-Koro Liberated!

Boxors instrumental in Nuhvok defeat
By Takua The Bohrok invasion of the Le-Wahi jungle and Le-Koro resulted in the loss of many hightree villagers. Even Toa Lewa was overcome by the evil krana! But thanks to the courage of Onua, Toa of Earth, Lewa has been freed, and now the mighty Toa search together beneath the surface of the island for the Bohrok nest.

Not forgetting the lost Matoran of Le-Koro, the Toa sent Nuparu, the Onu-Koro engineer, to meet under the cover of darkness with the last free villagers of Le-Koro. Together with the high-flying Kongu and Tamaru the bird-tamer, Le-Koro’s liberation was planned and a cunning trap prepared for the Bohrok.

The brave Kongu and Tamaru led a force of Nuhvok and krana-controlled villagers to the forest edge. Believing them trapped, the Bohrok prepared to capture the last of Le-Koro – only to face a force of Boxors as they rose from hiding! Thanks to Nuparu’s Boxor squad and the element of surprise, the krana that controlled the Bohrok and Matoran were successfully removed.

The Turaga have called for a great feast and festival to celebrate this day’s victory. A shaken but grateful Matau said, “At long last, the darkdream is over. Sunbright Le-Koro and her people are free! As we rebuild, our thoughts must turn to the Toa and the great challenge that they face beneath Mata Nui. May they succeed in their quest!”

Location: Le-Koro

Last-Moment Save!

Ga-Koro Matoran rescued by Koli champion
By Takua With a swarm of Pahrak battering at the gates, the Matoran of Ga-Koro today attempted to dismantle the floating path that connects their village to the shore of Lake Naho. But before they could finish, the gate was shattered by the might of the Bohrok, sending stone fragments everywhere. One nearly struck Maku, but was deflected just in time by the last Matoran one would expect to see in watery Ga-Koro: Huki, Koli champion of the village of Stone.

“Maku is a good friend,” said Huki after the exciting rescue, “and I…enjoy her company greatly. When I saw that boulder come flying at her, I didn’t have time to think. I just swung!”

And a lucky swing it was, too, for the stone not only missed Maku but also destroyed the path, preventing the Pahrak from reaching the village. But why were the Matoran of Po-Wahi there?

“Our village was badly damaged in the Bohrok’s last assault,” explained Turaga Onewa sadly. “We came to Ga-Koro in search of sanctuary until the threat of the swarms is past – but we did not expect to arrive in the middle of a Pahrak siege!”

With the Bohrok in retreat, the Matoran of Ga-Koro have begun to relax. But how long will this safety last? Jala, Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, urges caution. “The Pahrak are stubborn,” he warned. “They do not give up easily. I fear that the danger is still very much present.”

Location: Ga-Koro

Disaster in Ga-Koro!

Bohrok raid floating village
By Takua Disaster struck late last night as a force of Pahrak destroyed Ga-Wahi’s great monument to the Toa Gali, smashing the famous cliffside Kanohi to create a bridge of rubble from the beach to the floating village of Ga-Koro.

“It was terrible,” Turaga Nokama said. “Our most skilled artisans labored to create that carving, and it was gone in an instant. All of that beauty and craftsmanship was just another obstacle for the Bohrok to destroy.”

But Ga-Koro’s troubles were about to become much worse. As dawn broke, the Pahrak swept across the bridge, shattering everything in their path. Nuparu’s Boxors rose to challenge them, but found themselves plunged into the waters of Lake Naho.

“My poor Boxors are designed for land, not lily pads,” mourned Nuparu. “They did their best, but they just don’t float. We’re lucky that Maku and Kotu were there to pull us out in time.” The engineer paused for a moment. “You know, perhaps if we were to attach hollow shell-seeds to the sides, and maybe add a gear-driven propeller system…”

With the Pahrak stranded on another pad, the villagers of Ga-Koro thought that they were safe…until a Pahrak Va suddenly appeared on the scene.

Turaga Onewa explains: “Those Pahrak Va – goatdogs, we call them in Po-Wahi – they carry extra krana for the swarm. This one replaced the Bohrok’s krana with krana vu, letting them take to the air.”

As the Pahrak hurtled toward the huddled villagers and refugees of Ga-Koro, one question was on every Matoran’s mind.

Who could possibly stand up to the Bohrok?

Location: Ga-Koro

After the Storm

Peace returns to Mata Nui
By Takua As the defenders of Ga-Koro faced the Pahrak swarm, it seemed that all would be lost. The village’s great monument lay smashed, its buildings torn and tattered, and the Boxors sent to protect it had sunk to the bottom of Lake Naho.

But suddenly something amazing happened. A blinding light burst from the shrine of the Toa Gali, shining upwards like the very beacon that first summoned the Toa to the shores of Mata Nui. Five others rose to join it, and as they lit up the morning sky, the Pahrak…stopped.

All across the island, the destructive rampage of the Bohrok came to a halt. Far below, the Toa had triumphed over the Bahrag, twin rulers of the Bohrok nest, and had been transformed by the mysterious power of protodermis.

“With their link to the Bahrag gone,” Turaga Vakama explained, “the krana that the Bohrok carry no longer control them. On their own, the creatures are harmless.”

Turaga Whenua agreed. “Without the will of the queens, the Bohrok are like machines, lacking direction of their own. Set them to a task, though, and they will eagerly carry it out.”

So now the swarm aids in repairing the very damage that it caused! As the Matoran mend their villages and homes with the help of these unlikely new allies, volunteers are collecting the remaining krana, hiding them away where they can do no more harm. The Toa have returned as the Toa Nuva, their powers greater than ever before. It seems that the threat of Makuta and the Bohrok swarms is finally at an end. Peace has come at last to the island of Mata Nui.

Or so we hope…

Location: Ga-Koro


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Final speech from Vakama
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Online issues of the BIONICLE comic appeared here.

Mata Nui

Legend of the Bohrok

It is said the Bohrok sleep an eternal sleep, waiting to hatch. Once awakened, the swarms are unstoppable. They are a force so powerful, they can reduce mountains to rubble and turn life-giving rivers dry as the desert sands. The Bohrok swarm won't stop - not until all that is known of Mata Nui is gone.

Their strength goes beyond their powerful exterior; it is hard to see and well protected. It is the Krana, the creature within. But Krana are also their greatest weakness for even the mightiest Bohrok can be humbled, if parted from their Krana.

Legend of Mata Nui

At the dawn of time the great spirit Mata Nui was sent down from paradise to care for all living things. He brought joy and light to the islanders now known as the Matoran. The Matoran thanked him by naming their island in his honor. The world was a joyful place, until Makuta, Mata Nui's spirit brother, secretly followed him from paradise. Makuta envied how the Matoran worshipped his brother's goodness, so after a mighty struggle he cast a spell, which made Mata Nui sink into an endless sleep. But still the Matoran would not worship Makuta. So Makuta brought dark places to the land where the Matoran dare not go for all the wicked beasts, which Makuta did truly rule.

While Mata Nui slept, the Matoran's powers and skills were weakened by Makuta's dark powers. But the Matoran kept faith in Mata Nui, and the Legends of The Bionicle, which told them six mighty heroes called Toa would liberate them from Makuta and his beasts.


The island of Mata Nui is divided into six regions, each representing an elemental force - stone, fire, earth, water, ice, and air. Here, the Toa will be tested to prove they are truly masters of the elements... and the warriors destined to defeat Makuta. Each region is home to a Matoran village.


Turaga Onewa's village of Po-Koro is located in the desert of the far north. Strange cliff formations dominate the land. The village consists of organic-looking shelters built from rock and sand. They blend in with the desert and work as a perfect protection against dangers and sandstorms.


Onu-Koro is home to Turaga Whenua. This village consists of huge caves are dug deep underground, safely hidden from the surface. Like its Toa, Onua, the people of Onu-Koru have night vision, but are sensitive to daylight. Some say that Onu-Koro is as dark as the Makuta would wish it, and care should be taken when entering this labyrinth of tunnels and caves.


Turaga Nokama lives in the floating village of Ga-Koro. It's built out of strong, elastic seaweed, drifting in the water below the impressive white cliffs. Located in Gali's bay in the northeast region of the island, Ga-Koro is surrounded by swirling whirlpools and strong currents, which pull the unwary to the bottom of the ocean. The village floats above an underwater world of which little is known.


Turaga Nuju's village is called Ko-Koro. It's tucked away under a huge, solid ice block dividing two glaciers, safe from dangerous avalanches and icy storms. In the snow-covered mountains surrounding the village, deadly glacier crevasse can swallow the unwary. It's a cold, dangerous region. Kopaka makes his home in the area surrounding the village.


The Kini Nui is a massive temple on the island of Mata Nui. The Toa came here after they gathered all of the Great Masks of Power, and it is here they received the golden Kanohi they still wear today. The Kini Nui opened before them and they descended deep below the surface of the island to confront the Manas and Makuta.


Turaga Vakama lives in Ta-Koro. Located in the shadow of the Mangai volcano, the village looks like a collection of miniature volcanoes. It even has a small lava stream for heating.

In the area around the village, burning lava streams flow like rivers down the mountain. Sometimes the main volcano bursts open and rains pure fire.


Turaga Matau's village, Le-Koro, lies hidden in Lewa's jungle region on the west of Mata Nui. The village is disguised to look like hanging jungle weeds to protect it from the evil beasts of Makuta.

The tall trees of Le-Koro are jumping with life. Birds, insects and Matoran buzz about the treetops, chattering and shrieking. But Le-Koro's villagers live in fear of the dark swamp that lies beneath their treetops.

Size System

The height of a Toa is approximately 1.6 Bio
1000 Bio = 1 Kio
1000 Kio = 1 Mio

Mata Nui

Length = 357 Kio
Width = 178 Kio


Air Katana
Lewa Nuva's tools, which allow him to soar on air currents. (added late 2002)
The Great Mask of X-Ray Vision.
Akaku Nuva
The more powerful Great Mask of X-Ray Vision worn by the Toa Nuva. (added late 2002)
One of the two Toa Kaita, a more powerful Toa created by the joining of Tahu, Pohatu and Onua. Akamai wears the Kanohi Aki, the Mask of Valor.
Akamai Nuva
The mighty Toa Kaita Nuva formed from the joining of Tahu Nuva, Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva. (added late 2002)
The Mask of Valor, worn by the Toa Kaita Akamai.
Amaja Circle
A pit of sand where legends are told with sacred stones.
Amana Volo Sphere
A powerful globe of energy that can restore health and boost strength.
Aqua Axes
Gali Nuva's tools, which double as fins for greater underwater speed. (added late 2002)
The twin Bohrok queens, Cahdok and Gahdok, each possessing all the powers of the Bohrok. (added late 2002)
The legend of Mata Nui and the quest of the Toa.
A mischievous monkey-like creature.
An insect-like swarm that seeks to devastate Mata Nui. (added mid-2002)
Bohrok Kaita
Two immense and powerful Bohrok, each created from three members of the swarm. (added mid-2002)
Bohrok Va
Scouts and couriers that transport new krana to the Bohrok. (added mid-2002)
Bohrok Va Kaita
A pair of messengers for the Bohrok swarm, each created from three Bohrok Va. (added mid-2002)
A defense vehicle created by the Matoran to protect their villages from the Bohrok swarms. (added late 2002)
A berry known for its restorative properties.
One of the Bahrag, twin queens of the Bohrok swarms. (added late 2002)
Climbing Claws
Pohatu Nuva's tools, which combine to form the mighty Kodan ball. (added late 2002)
Charred Jungle
A forest of burned trees near Ta-Koro.
A popular ball used in the sport of Koli.
Copper Mask of Victory
A ceremonial mask awarded to the champion in village games.
A carnivorous plant.
A defensive tool used by Matoran to repel dangerous Rahi.
Dragon Lizard
Another name for the Hikaki.
The icy snowfields of Mount Ihu.
A badge bearing the volcanic emblem of the Ta-Koro Guard.
Six ancient and powerful suits of armor that lie hidden deep beneath the surface of Mata Nui. (added late 2002)
Fau Swamp
The murky swamp that lies beneath the trees of Le-Wahi.
A tree spider of the Le-Wahi jungle.
Vakama's ancient staff and badge of office.
Fork-Shaped Staff
Nokama's badge of office, fashioned from the bones of a Makuta-fish.
A kangaroo-like creature.

The only available archived version of this section comes from October 2002, so indicators of when certain terms appeared are missing. It is, however, the complete, final list.

One of the Bahrag, twin queens of the Bohrok swarms.
The Bohrok swarm of Water.
Gahlok Va
The Bohrok scouts of Water.
The Toa of Water.
Gali Nuva
The Toa Nuva of Water, who carries a pair of aqua axes.
The temple of Gali.
Gali's village, floating on the surface of Naho Bay.
An inhabitant of Ga-Koro.
The shrine of Gali
The streams and islands surrounding Ga-Koro and Naho Bay.
The centerpiece of a sundial. As the sun moves, the gnomon's shadow travels around a circle, showing the time of day.
Another name for the Kewa.
Golden Kanohi
The Master Masks of Power, awarded to a Toa who has found the six Great Masks, combining all of their powers.
Great Masks of Power
Also known as Kanohi, these powerful masks must be found by the Toa if they are to succeed in their quest.
Great Takara
A dance and chant that the Turaga perform with their villagers.
The defense force of Ta-Koro, led by Jala.
A Matoran stone carver from Po-Koro.
The Great Mask of Shielding.
Hau Nuva
The more powerful Great Mask of Shielding worn by the Toa Nuva.
A dragon lizard from the fiery realm of Ta-Wahi.
A swamp-dwelling turtle.
A small fire-bug.
A snowball-slinging sport of Ko-Koro.
A Matoran and great athlete from Po-Koro.
The Noble Mask of Concealment.
Hura-Mafa River
A river that runs southwest from Naho Bay.
An ostrich-like pecking bird.
Ice Blade
Kopaka Nuva's double-bladed tool, which splits to form a pair of power ice skates.
Ice Pick
Nuju's tool and badge of office.
A lava-surfing competition of Ta-Koro.
Infected Mask
A rusted and pitted mask that has been corrupted by the Makuta. Any creature that wears one falls under Makuta's control.
A Matoran from Ta-Koro and commander of the Guard.
A great hawk-like bird.
The Great Mask of Speed.
Kakama Nuva
The more powerful Great Mask of Speed worn by the Toa Nuva.
A Rahi that is known as the Bull of Legends.
The masks worn by the inhabitants of Mata Nui.
Kanohi Nuva
The Great Masks of the Toa Nuva, which allow the wearer to share the mask's power with those nearby.
A Matoran from Ta-Koro.
Kauae Bay
A bay on the southern shore of Le-Wahi.
The Great Mask of Water Breathing.
Kaukau Nuva
The more powerful Great Mask of Water worn by the Toa Nuva.
Kau Kau Staff
Matau's tool and badge of office.
A bird that is often tamed and ridden by the Le-Koro Matoran. Sometimes called a Goko-Kahu.
A Temple; a place of learning and wisdom where the Turaga recount the legends of Mata Nui.
The great Temple at the center of the island.
Kodan Ball
A mighty sphere formed from Pohatu Nuva's climbing claws.
The Bohrok swarm of Ice.
Kohrak Va
The Bohrok scouts of Ice.
A small but dangerous swarming fire-scorpion.
The temple of Kopaka.
Kopaka's village, located high on Mount Iho.
A popular ball-kicking, goal-scoring sport of Po-Koro.
An inhabitant of Ko-Koro.
The Noble Mask of Mind Control.
A Matoran from Le-Koro and skilled Kahu-rider.
The Toa of Ice.
Kopaka Nuva
The Toa Nuva of Ice, whose tool is a double-length ice blade.
A Matoran from Ko-Koro.
The shrine of Kopaka.
A Matoran from Ga-Koro.
The frozen mountain region surrounding Ko-Koro.
The guiding intelligence of the Bohrok.
Krana Bo
Sentinel krana.
Krana Ca
Clearance Worker krana.
Krana Ja
Scout krana.
Krana Su
Worker krana.
Krana Vu
Surveyor krana.
Krana Xa
Swarm Commander krana.
Krana Yo
Mole krana.
Krana Za
Squad Leader krana.
A giant rat Rahi.
Kumu Islets
A group of small islands at the southern tip of Mata Nui.
A bog snake of Mata Nui.
Lake Naho
Another name for Naho Bay.
Lake of Fire
The dormant lava lake within the Mangai volcano.
Lake Pala
A small lake in southeastern Mata Nui.
The Swamp Bohrok swarm.
Lehvak Va
The Swamp Bohrok scouts.
The Toa of Air.
Lewa Nuva
The Toa Nuva of Air, who carries a pair of air katana.
The temple of Lewa.
Lewa's village, located high in the trees of Le-Wahi.
An inhabitant of Le-Koro.
The shrine of Lewa.
The jungle-covered region around Le-Koro.
Lhii the Surfer
A legendary Matoran of Ta-Koro.
A glowing crystal mined in Onu-Wahi.
A coconut-like fruit.
Madu Cabolo
A Madu Fruit variation with explosive properties.
Magma Swords
Tahu Nuva's powerful tools, which combine to form a lava board. (added late 2002)
A horned goat-like animal.
The Noble Mask of Illusion.
A large and dangerous cave toad.
Makoki Stone
A stone fragment collected by each Toa. The assembled stone forms the key to Kini-Nui and opens the pathway to the Makuta's domain.
A Matoran from Ga-Koro.
The dark spirit that controls the Rahi and seeks to rule the island of Mata Nui.
A legendary creature, believed to be the ultimate guardian of the Makuta.
The final guardians of the Makuta. Only the Toa Kaita are strong enough to stand against these giant crabs.
The island's great volcano.
The Makuta's underground lair.
Mata Nui
The mysterious tropical island to which the Toa have come, and the great spirit for whom it was named.
The Noble Mask of Telekinesis.
Turaga of Le-Koro.
A villager of Mata Nui.
Matoran Kaita
A mighty Matoran, created when three villagers join together.
Matoran Nui
A mighty Matoran, created when six villagers join together.
A Matoran from Ko-Koro.
The Great Mask of Levitation.
Miru Nuva
The more powerful Great Mask of Levitation worn by the Toa Nuva. (added late 2002)
Mount Ihu
The high, ice-capped mountain in the island's center.
A powerful tiger Rahi.
Naho Bay
A great body of water in Ga-Wahi, also called Lake Naho.
A boat-racing sport of Ga-Koro.
Noble Masks of Power
Less powerful than the Great Masks, these Kanohi can be worn by both the Toa and the Turaga.
Turaga of Ga-Koro.
North March
The icy pass where Ta-Wahi meets Ko-Wahi.
A giant scorpion Rahi.
A giant wasp Rahi.
A giant flying insect Rahi.
Turaga of Ko-Koro.
The Bohrok swarm of Earth.
Nuhvak Va
The Bohrok scouts of Earth.
A villager from Onu-Koro who invented the Boxor defense vehicle. (added later)
A Matoran from Onu-Koro.
Turaga of Po-Koro.
The Toa of Earth.
Onua Nuva
The Toa Nuva of Earth, who burrows through the ground with his powerful quake-breakers. (added late 2002)
The temple of Onua.
Ouna's village, located in caverns beneath the island's surface.
An inhabitant of Onu-Koro.
The shrine of Onua.
The region of caves and quarries around Onu-Koro.
The Bohrok swarm of Stone.
Pahrak Va
The Bohrok scouts of Stone.
The Great Mask of Strength.
Papu Niho Reef
The coast near Onu-Wahi.
Path of Prophecies
A path flanked by giant stone monuments, leading to the entrance of Po-Koro.
The Toa of Stone.
Pohatu Nuva
The Toa Nuva of Stone, whose climbing claws allow him to scale the steepest cliffs. (added late 2002)
The temple of Pohatu.
Pohatu's village, located in the northern desert of the island.
An inhabitant of Po-Koro.
The shrine of Pohatu.
The rocky desert wasteland surrounding Po-Koro.
A vital substance mined in Onu-Koro, sometimes used as currency. (first version)
A vital, mysterious substance that provides the catalyst for the transformation of the Toa into the Toa Nuva. It is also mined in Onu-Koro, and sometimes used as currency. (version from late 2002)
A retired Ussal racing crab, who now works as a taxi crab in Onu-Koro.
Onua Nuva's tools, which convert to all-terrain transport treads. (added late 2002)
Creatures of Mata Nui. They are dangerous when controlled by the Makuta, but if their infected masks are removed, they may be tamed.
The Noble Mask of Translation.
Red Star
A bright light in the sky. Its movement guides the prophecies of Mata Nui.
The Silver Mask of Wisdom, worn by the Toa Kaita Wairuha.
A snapper fish.
The Noble Mask of Night Vision.
A place of prophecies in Ko-Koro.
Sand Tarakava
A desert-dwelling breed of Tarakava.
The study of the prophecies of the Ko-Koro Sanctum.
Stone Hammer
Onewa's tool and badge of office.
Shrine, around which a Toa's collected masks are placed.
The Toa of Fire. (duplicate, removed late 2002)
A Matoran from Onu-Koro.
The Bohrok swarm of Fire.
Tahnok Va
The Bohrok scouts of Fire.
The Toa of Fire.
Tahu Nuva
The Toa Nuva of Fire, who wields a pair of magma swords. (added late 2002)
The King of Sharks.
The temple of Tahu.
Tahu's village, located in the Lake of Fire within the Mangai volcano.
A small Kewa bird.
A brave and adventurous Matoran who plays a key role in calling the Toa to Mata Nui.
A Matoran from Le-Koro.
An inhabitant of Ta-Koro.
A giant lizard Rahi, dangerous on land or in the water.
Tarakava Nui
The King of Lizards, a giant Rahi that strikes from ambush.
The shrine of Tahu.
The hot volcanic region around Ta-Koro.
Tiro Canyon
A canyon in the Po-Wahi desert.
Six legendary heroes who must find the Great Masks of Power and free Mata Nui from the Makuta.
Toa Kaita
Two great heroes of prophecy, Akamai and Wairuha, each created from the joining of three Toa.
Toa Kaita Nuva
Akamai Nuva and Wairuha Nuva, a pair of powerful beings each created from the joining of three Toa Nuva. (added late 2002)
Toa Nuva
The six mighty Toa, their powers enhanced with new armor, masks and tools. (added late 2002)
Toa Stone
Six ancient relics that are the key to summoning the Toa.
The villagers of the island of Mata Nui, who now call themselves Matoran.
Tren Krom Break
A region of lava streams outside of Ta-Koro where Ignalu competitions are held.
The leaders of the villages of Mata Nui and the protectors of the Legends of the Toa.
Turaga Nui
A great sage and leader, created when all the Turaga join together as one.
A tunneling crab used for racing and transport by the Matoran of Onu-Koro.
The crab-riding defense force of Onu-Koro, led by Onepu.
The mysterious Great Mask of Time.
Turaga of Ta-Koro.
A horned rhinoceros-like beast.
An elemental rock creature.
Volo Lutu
A slingshot-like device with many practical uses.
Vuata Maca
A tree that bears energy-rich fruit.
Vuata Maca Crystal
A crystal that maintains the life of the Vuata Maca tree.
One of the two Toa Kaita, a more powerful Toa created from the joining of Gali, Kopaka and Lewa. Wairuha wears the Kanohi Rua, the Silver Mask of Wisdom.
Wairuha Nuva
The wise Toa Kaita Nuva created from the joining of Gali Nuva, Kopaka Nuva and Lewa Nuva. (added late 2002)
Turaga of Onu-Koro.
Le-Koronan Slang
A land-based road or path
Trapped on a cliff
Over the rocks
Difficult to strike
Ill fortuned
A dangerous or sad time
Bird-mounted battle
A swift traveler through the jungle canopy
Very fast
Higher in the tree
Lower in the tree or at the base of the tree
A skilled vine-swinger
Deep in the jungle
As high as the treetops
Ignorant until too late
Under cover of the clouds
Take to the air on bird-back
Flying with an insect-like drone
A sentimental term for Le-Koro, seen through the leaves from below with the sun above
Flying above the treetops
High in the trees
Unable to fly
Disc-throwing bird-rider, seated behind the pilot
Springtime in the Le-Koronan seasonal calendar


Kanohi Nuva

The Toa Nuva will face many new challenges - and only the power of the Kanohi Nuva can help them achieve their destiny. Each Kanohi Nuva mask allows the user to share its powers with anyone nearby, making the masks more valuable to the heroes of Mata Nui than ever before.

Pakari Nuva


The Great Mask of Strength; Increases the strength of the user and those around him to its ultimate.

Power: Strength

Mask Colors
ColorWorn by
Bright RedTahu Nuva
BrownPohatu Nuva
BlackOnua Nuva
Bright BlueGali Nuva
Dark GreenLewa Nuva
WhiteKopaka Nuva
Akaku Nuva


The Great Mask of X-Ray Vision; Allows the user and those close by to see through walls and discover that which is concealed by physical means or illusion.

Power: X-Ray Vision

Mask Colors: (as above)

Kaukau Nuva


The Great Mask of Water; Allows the user to breathe underwater for an unlimited time, even at extreme depths.

Power: Water Breathing

Mask Colors: (as above)

Hau Nuva


The Great Mask of Shielding; Provides the user and those around him protection against the most powerful attacks, but not against strikes from ambush.

Power: Shielding

Mask Colors: (as above)

Miru Nuva


The Great Mask of Levitation; Allows the user and those close by to soar into the air and reach amazing heights.

Power: Levitation

Mask Colors: (as above)

Kakama Nuva


The Great Mask of Speed; Allows the user and those nearby to move at great speed and pass through solid objects without harm.

Power: Speed

Mask Colors: (as above)


The krana are living creatures who are housed inside the shells of the Bohrok. It's believed the krana provide the guiding intelligence to the swarms, as well as special powers. Eight major varieties of krana have been identified. Their source and their plans for Mata Nui remain unknown.

Krana Xa

Swarm Commanders. These krana lead their Bohrok swarm on their mission.

Power: Strategist

Mask Colors
ColorWorn by
Light BlueKohrak
Dark GreyLehvak Va
Light YellowPahrak Va
YellowTahnok Va
BlackNuhvok Va
WhiteKohrak Va
PurpleGahlok Va
Krana Vu

Surveyors. These krana can use a Bohrok to fly short distances ahead of the swarm to confirm that the path is clear.

Power: Fly Short Distances

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Vo

Moles. These krana use their Bohrok to tunnel through anything on the island.

Power: Tunneling

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Su

Workers. These krana have colossal energy and inhabit the strongest of Bohrok. They are always around when brute force is needed.

Power: Strength

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Za

Squad Leaders. These krana have the ability to communicate telepathically with other krana of the swarm.

Power: Telepathy

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Ca

Clearance Workers. These krana spearhead the swarm's mission.

Power: Strong Defense Shielding

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Ja

Scouts. These krana have radar like senses that detect distant obstacles in the path of the swarm.

Power: Radar

Mask Colors: (as above)

Krana Bo

Sentinels. These krana can see in the dark so they are both night-time lookouts and lead their Bohrok into the darkest places on Mata Nui.

Power: Infrared

Mask Colors: (as above)


These texts are actually taken from a version from early 2003 but are probably exactly the same.

Each Toa must collect six Great Masks of Power to defeat Makuta and fulfill their destiny. Each mask grants the wearer new power and wisdom.

Noble Masks do not possess as much raw energy as the Great Masks of Power, but they too are vital to the Toa's quest. The Noble Masks can be worn by the both the Toa and Turaga, and each Toa must collect six Noble Masks.


The Great Mask of Levitation; allows the user to float and glide on air.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
LevitationBright RedTahu
LevitationBright BlueGali
LevitationDark GreenLewa
ValorGoldToa and Toa Kaita
WisdomSilverToa and Toa Kaita

The Great Mask of X-Ray Vision; allows the user to see through walls and discover that which is hidden.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
X-Ray VisionBright RedTahu
X-Ray VisionBrownPohatu
X-Ray VisionBlackOnua
X-Ray VisionBright BlueGali
X-Ray VisionDark GreenLewa
X-Ray VisionWhiteKopaka
ValorGoldToa and Toa Kaita
WisdomSilverToa and Toa Kaita

The Great Mask of Water; allows the user to breathe underwater.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
Water BreathingTransparent RedTahu
Water BreathingTransparent OrangePohatu
Water BreathingTransparent BrownOnua
Water BreathingTransparent BlueGali
Water BreathingTransparent GreenLewa
Water BreathingTransparentKopaka
ValorGoldToa and Toa Kaita
WisdomSilverToa and Toa Kaita

The Great Mask of Shielding; provides protection against any attack the user is aware of, but not against ambush.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
ShieldingBright RedTahu
ShieldingBright BlueGali
ShieldingDark GreenLewa
ValorGoldToa and Toa Kaita
WisdomSilverToa and Toa Kaita

The Great Mask of Strength; increases the user's brute physical power.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
StrengthBright RedTahu
StrengthBright BlueGali
StrengthDark GreenLewa
ValorGoldToa and Toa Kaita
WisdomSilverToa and Toa Kaita

The great Mask of Speed; allows the user to cover great distances in the blink of an eye.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
SpeedBright RedTahu
SpeedBright BlueGali
SpeedDark GreenLewa
ValorGoldToa and Toa Kaita
WisdomSilverToa and Toa Kaita

The Noble Mask of Illusion; allows the user to create illusions to deceive an opponent or escape detection.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
IllusionBright OrangeVakama
IllusionDark GreyWhenua
IllusionMedium BlueNokama
IllusionBright Yellowish GreenMatau

The Noble Mask of Telekinesis; allows the user to move objects and project force by thought. The stronger the thought, the stronger the power!

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
TelekinesisBright OrangeVakama
TelekinesisDark GreyWhenua
TelekinesisMedium BlueNokama
TelekinesisBright Yellowish GreenMatau

The Noble Mask of Translation; allows the user to read the ancient languages, runes and symbols.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
TranslationBright OrangeVakama
TranslationDark GreyWhenua
TranslationMedium BlueNokama
TranslationBright Yellowish GreenMatau

The Noble Mask of Concealment; allows the user to turn invisible.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
ConcealmentBright OrangeVakama
ConcealmentDark GreyWhenua
ConcealmentMedium BlueNokama
ConcealmentBright Yellowish GreenMatau

The Noble Mask of Night Vision; gives the user the power to see in any level of darkness.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
Night VisionBright OrangeVakama
Night VisionGreyNuju
Night VisionTanOnewa
Night VisionDark GreyWhenua
Night VisionMedium BlueNokama
Night VisionBright Yellowish GreenMatau

The Noble Mask of Mind Control; allows the user to command others to do the user's bidding.

Mask Colors
PowerColorWorn by
Mind ControlBright OrangeVakama
Mind ControlGreyNuju
Mind ControlTanOnewa
Mind ControlDark GreyWhenua
Mind ControlMedium BlueNokama
Mind ControlBright Yellowish GreenMatau
Special Masks
Special Masks
MiruBright Bluish GreenKongu; McDonald's Happy Meal promotion (US)
Transparent Fluorescent GreenLEGOLAND California
AkakuSand BlueMatoro; McDonald's Happy Meal promotion (US)
KaukauTransparent Fluorescent Light BlueMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
Transparent Fluorescent YellowMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
HauBright YellowJala; McDonald's Happy Meal promotion (US)
PakariBright VioletOnepu; McDonald's Happy Meal promotion (US), Nui-Jaga (8548)
Medium BlueNui-Jaga (8548)
Bright BlueTarakava (8549)
KakamaDark OrangeHuki; McDonald's Happy Meal promotion (US)
Bright Bluish GreenTarakava (8549)
MatatuBright RedMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
BrownMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
BlackMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
Bright BlueMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
Dark GreenMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
WhiteMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
HunaBright BlueMaku; McDonald's Happy Meal promotion (US)
BlackMuaka & Kane-ra (8539)
CopperToys R Us, LEGOLAND Billund, LEGOLAND Windsor
RuruBright RedLEGO Alarm Clock, Misprint (EU Mask Pack)
BrownMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
BlackHafu, LEGO/Universal Powerpack, Misprint (EU Mask Pack)
Bright BlueMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
Dark GreenMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
WhiteMisprint (EU Mask Pack)
Transparent BlueNui-Rama (8537)
KomauBright YellowManas (8539)
CopperLEGOLAND Billund
VahiOrangeWalgreens (US)


This text actually comes from a version from early 2003 but probably matches the original text exactly.

In the darkest moments of the struggle against the Bohrok, an Onu-Koro Matoran named Nuparu made an astounding discovery. The Bohrok, he learned, are not living creatures -- instead, they are biomechanical creations designed to transport the krana. Using this knowledge, and parts from a downed Bohrok, Nuparu constructed the Boxor vehicle. This rugged transport gives the Matoran added power against the Bohrok Va, and a large number of Boxors can even defend successfully against a squad of Bohrok.

Location: Onu-Koro


Hidden deep beneath the surface of Mata Nui are six powerful suits of armor. Who designed and built these awesome technological constructs is unknown, nor do the legends explain why there were concealed for so long. But the reason for their existence is recorded in the chronicles of the Turaga: should the Bohrok swarms run wild and bring chaos to Mata Nui, only the Toa clad in this exo-Toa armor can hope to stop them.

The Toa can easily climb inside the exo-Toa and use its power against Cahdok and Gahdok. Each suit of armor comes with a claw arm and electro-rocket, and the built-in exo-skeleton increases the strength of the Toa by many times. There are rumors that the exo-Toa armor is also able to function on its own, with no wearer, but these have not been confirmed.

Location: Kini-Nui

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