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Official BIONICLE Website (2004)

The Official BIONICLE Website in 2004 underwent a major redesign that departed from the format of previous years. Most of the prior content, including online games and animations, was taken offline and replaced with content centering around the 2004 Metru Nui storyline. Unlike previous years, almost the entire layout of the site was implemented as a Flash object; because of this, web archives generally do not have snapshots of its content.

One major addition to the site was the introduction of the Kanoka Club, a system whereby Lego Club members could redeem codes included in BIONICLE sets (especially those on Kanoka disks) and other media for Kanoka Club points, which could in turn be redeemed for exclusive downloads, such as wallpapers and desktop icons. Some codes unlocked specific content; for example, codes included with the Vahki sets unlocked Templar's Flash animations for the Vahki.

The first half of 2004 focused on the Toa Metru and their struggle against the Morbuzakh. The second half focused on the Toa Metru's struggle against the Vahki and promoted the second BIONICLE movie, BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui.

Text Content

Below is an incomplete outline of the text content, including character bios, found on the site.




Taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20040409143219/http://www.bioniclesector01.com:80/web/reference/characters/nuhrii/index.htm

Nuhrii is a skilled mask-maker and was Vakama's mentor at the forge. But when Vakama began to be famed for his skill at creating Kanohi masks, Nuhrii grew resentful (something Vakama never realized). The final straw was when Turaga Dume requested that Vakama create a Kanohi Mask of Time. Now Nuhrii has discovered the location of a Great Disk, and with it he hopes to make the ultimate Mask of Power, regardless of the danger to the city. His quest will lead him to an abandoned section of Ta-Metru and a confrontation with the Morbuzakh!

Like all Matoran, Nuhrii is skilled at launching disks. Due to the number of venomous fire serpents in Ta-Metru, he usually carries a level 3 Kanoka disk with the removes poison power.


Taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20050827053218/http://www.bioniclesector01.com:80/web/reference/characters/ahkmou/index.htm

Ahkmou is a builder and carver from Po-Metru, skilled at many things but master of none. He has always come in second to Onewa at everything, and has not forgotten all the times he has lost. Now he has the opportunity to outshine Onewa, if he can just get his hands on a Great Disk. How far will Onewa go for revenge? And who is the four-legged creature he fears?

Ahkmou carries a level 3 Kanoka disk with the regeneration power, perfect for repairing mistakes made when carving.


Taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20050107022450/http://www.bioniclesector01.com:80/web/reference/characters/tehutti/index.htm

Tehutti is a veteran worker in the Onu-Metru Archives, who thinks of nothing but how to make the Archives more complete. Despite his hard work, he feels he is not appreciated. But if he could make a truly spectacular find -- like a Great Disk -- then everyone would have to respect him. Unfortunately, like many archivists, Tehutti doesn't really think about the city as a whole, just his small part of it. He may make his find -- and it may lead to the destruction of the city!

With the number of exhibits that have to be constantly moved around inside the vast expanse of the Archives, Tehutti relies on a level 5 Kanoka disk with the teleportation power.


Taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20041119014653/http://www.bioniclesector01.com:80/web/reference/characters/orkahm/index.htm

Orkahm is a chief Ussal rider in Le-Metru. Although he gets the job done, he is slow and methodical and he envies Matau's speed and quick wit. He also considers Matau to be far too reckless and a menace on the roads. Recently, on one of his runs, Orkahm spotted a Great Disk inside a transport chute force sphere. That discovery will lead him down a dark and dangerous path that could mean the end of Metru Nui.

Orkahm carries a level 4 Kanoka disk with the regeneration power, which he uses to repair minor damage to chutes.


Taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20050107003737/http://www.bioniclesector01.com:80/web/reference/characters/ehrye/index.htm

Ehrye can always be found in Ko-Metru, running errands for the scholars in the great crystal Knowledge Towers. He hopes to be more someday, but Nuju has always believed Ehrye is too reckless and irresponsible to advance. Still, Ehrye has managed to pick up many useful pieces of information in his job, including the location of the Ko-Metru Great Disk. Surely, he reasons, finding that disk would earn him a spot in a Knowledge Tower -- if it doesn't doom the city first.

Ehrye carries a level 3 Kanoka disk with the regeneration power, which he uses to repair cracks in Knowledge Towers.


Taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20041118202825/http://www.bioniclesector01.com:80/web/reference/characters/vhisola/index.htm

Vhisola is a long-time friend and student of Nokama and a talented athlete. Deep down, she knows that Nokama is better at everything than she is, and that has sparked jealousy in her. She really wants to be Nokama’s best friend in Metru Nui, and when it doesn’t seem like that will happen, she grows angry. Even her home is decorated with carvings of and about Nokama. Now that Nokama has become a Toa, Vhisola believes her friend will forget all about her. She is determined to use her knowledge of a Great Disk’s location to make herself more famous than Nokama ever could be.

Vhisola favors a level 6 Kanoka disk with the freeze power, handy for turning Protodermis canals to ice.