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Official BIONICLE Website (2009)

The Official BIONICLE Website in 2009 centered around promoting the Glatorian and Glatorian Legends products and telling parts of the 2009 story.

Text Content

Below is an incomplete outline of the text content, including character bios, found on the site.

A header at the top of each page contained links to the following:

  • Home
  • Products
  • Fun Zone
  • Downloads
  • Story
  • Gallery
  • Bio Codes

Home Page

In early 2009, an interactive Flash object that described each of the Glatorian characters took central focus of this page:

  • Skrall
    • "I fear no one - and care even less about you."
  • Malum
    • "Once you fall into my claws, it's all over."
  • Gresh
    • "I might be green - but I'm not inexperienced!"
  • Tarix
    • "I fight with intelligence and elegance."
  • Strakk
    • "Facing me in the Arena will make your blood run cold."
  • Vorox
    • "Beware my stinger tail!"

A bar of scrolling text with links to news updates was displayed beneath this. By the middle of summer 2009, it consisted of:

  • Story Update: Arena Magna shattered!
  • Bara Magna comes to My LEGO Network!
  • A New BIONICLE World
  • Play the new Mistika Racing Game!
  • Listen and watch: "Closer to the Truth"
  • BIONICLE Comic 12.5 Script
  • BIONICLE Alphabet

Below this were the following links, as of mid-summer 2009:

  • Action Figure Game
    • Learn to play the BIONICLE Action Figure Game with new animated instructions.
  • Bara Magna
    • Explore the new world of Bara Magna! Meet Agori villagers and Glatorian warriors.
  • Glatorian Game
    • Enter the Arena Magna and battle against all the Glatorian in an all-new 3D online game!

Shown less prominently at the bottom were the following:

  • Gallery - See what other BIONICLE fans have built.
  • Building Instructions - Find instructions to current and older sets.
  • Bioniclestory.com - Follow the story with serials and podcasts.