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Official BIONICLE Website (2010)

The Official BIONICLE Website in 2010 centered around promoting the BIONICLE Stars products and telling parts of the 2010 story, which was the final year of the first generation of the BIONICLE line. The front page featured the "Mata Nui Saga," a slideshow narrated by actor Michael Dorn that served as a synopsis for story year 2010. It also hosted an original online game, a series of stop-motion animations, and the then web-exclusive novel Journey's End, in addition to the usual Bio and Story sections.

The content of the site remained the same until 2012, when the site was finally taken down following the cancellation of the BIONICLE line in 2010.

Text Content

Below is an outline of the text content, including character bios, found on the site.

A header at the top of each page contained links to the following:

  • Home
  • Products
  • Fun Zone
  • Downloads
  • Story
  • Gallery
  • Bio Codes

Home Page

The central focus of this page was the "Mata Nui Saga" slideshow. The slideshow was periodically updated with new slides throughout the early half of 2010. See Mata Nui Saga.

A bar of scrolling text with links to news updates was displayed beneath the Mata Nui Saga slideshow. By the end of the year, it consisted of:

  • BIONICLE Battle Video: Golden Armor Recovered
  • BIONICLE Battle Video: Tahu vs. Piraka
  • BIONICLE Battle Video: Takanuva vs. Rahkshi
  • BIONICLE Battle Video: Gresh vs. Skrall
  • BIONICLE Battle Video: Introduction
  • Last Installment of "Journey's End" Online
  • Read Chapter 10 of "Journey's End"
  • New! Chapter 9 of "Journey's End" Online
  • New! Chapter 8 of "Journey's End" Online
  • Read Chapter 7 of "Journey's End"
  • New! Chapter 6 of "Journey's End" Online
  • Read Chapter 5 of "Journey's End"
  • New! Chapter 4 of "Journey's End" now Online
  • Read Chapter 3 of "Journey's End"
  • Read Chapter 2 of "Journey's End"
  • Play the all-new "Agori Defender" Game
  • Chapter 1 of "Journey's End" now available
  • Read “Journey’s End” exclusively online!
  • Finish the Fight
  • Glatorian Unity
  • The Secret Lab
  • Game Update: Play Glatorian Arena 2!
  • "Bye Bye Babylon" song download
  • Attack on Tajun
  • Mata Nui Arrives on Bara Magna
  • Story Update: Arena Magna shattered!
  • Bara Magna comes to My LEGO Network!
  • A New BIONICLE World
  • Play the new Mistika Racing Game!
  • Listen and watch: "Closer to the Truth"
  • BIONICLE Comic 12.5 Script
  • BIONICLE Alphabet

Below this were the following links:

  • Agori Defender Game
    • Help Tahu, Takanuva, Gresh, and their Glatorian allies defend Agori friends in this all-new "Tower Defense"-style game!
  • Stars (a link to the products page for the BIONICLE Stars)
    • Tahu, Toa of Fire, must track down and recover the Golden Armor stolen by his enemies before confronting Makuta's army
  • The Legend Reborn
    • See clips from the all-new movie now available on DVD, read the synopsis, find out about the characters, and much more!

Shown less prominently at the bottom were the following:

  • Downloads - Get cool new wallpapers and posters.
  • Building Instructions - Find instructions to current and older sets.
  • Gallery - See what other BIONICLE fans have built.



The bottom of each product page included the following links:

  • [Name of character]
    • Learn more about this character in the Bios section
  • Robot Showdown
    • The BIONICLE Stars fight for and against Makuta beneath the feet of giant robots
  • The Legend Reborn
    • Available on DVD: Join Mata Nui on his journey across Bara Magna in this all-new BIONICLE movie!
7116 Tahu

Transformed by the power of the Mask of Life, Tahu must embark on a dangerous quest – find the pieces of golden armor that will give him the power to save his people from disaster! The Toa of Fire uses his elemental power and Mask of Shielding to fight his way to victory.

7117 Gresh

Now a veteran Glatorian, Gresh is ready to make new allies and fight new foes to keep his people free. Gifted with elemental power by Mata Nui, he will use the skills he learned in the arena and in battle with Skrall to fight off the armies of Makuta.

7135 Takanuva

The powerful Toa of Light, Takanuva must fight alone against a horde of powerful enemies – if he falls, two worlds are doomed. Armed with twin light staffs and the Kanohi Mask of Light, Takanuva will make a last stand against the forces of darkness on Bara Magna. Includes golden armor piece.

7136 Skrall

Although driven from their city, Skrall warriors are ready to ally with the evil Makuta to try to seize Bara Magna for themselves. Wielding the power of shadow, this fighter is a match even for the mighty Takanuva.

7137 Piraka

Once a Skakdi warlord, Piraka now serves the evil Makuta. Leading other members of his barbarian tribe, he challenges the might of the Glatorian in a final battle for the fate of Bara Magna and the Matoran universe.

7138 Rahkshi

This yellow-armored servant of Makuta uses its searing power of heat vision to melt any obstacle in his path. One of an army unleashed by Makuta, it is on the rampage across Bara Magna, seeking to overcome the allies of Mata Nui. Can even the power of Toa Tahu defeat the Rahkshi horde?

Glatorian Legends

Instead of the Robot Showdown link, entries in this section had the following:

  • Glatorian
    • Read about the Glatorian of Bara Magna
8984 Stronius

A brutal guardian of the rock tribe, Stronius loves to fight other Glatorian and then steal from them after they have fallen. Armed with his tough armour, powerful thorny club and spiky Thornax launcher, he is as fearsome as he is cruel. Includes one Life Counter.

8985 Ackar

A veteran Glatorian of the fire tribe, Ackar has fought thousands of battles. Now he faces his greatest challenge, fighting side by side with Mata Nui against the forces of the Skrall. His flame sword and spiky Thornax launcher will lead him on to victory! Includes one Life Counter.

8986 Vastus

Quick as a serpent, Vastus fights hard for his jungle tribe to make up for things he has done in the past. Skilled with any weapon, he is most dangerous with his paralyzing venom spear and spiky Thornax launcher. Includes one Life Counter.

8987 Kiina

A female Glatorian of the water tribe, Kiina wants nothing more than to get away from Bara Magna. Using her dual-headed vapor trident and spiky Thornax launcher, she fights beside Mata Nui for the chance for ultimate freedom. Includes one Life Counter.

8988 Gelu

A Glatorian of the ice tribe, Gelu is known for his speed and stealth. He acts as a scout for those travellers who can afford to pay, protecting them from the dangers of the desert with his ice slicer and spiky Thornax launcher. Includes one Life Counter.

8989 Mata Nui

Once the Great Spirit of the universe, Mata Nui’s realm and power have been stolen. Now trapped on Bara Magna he must unite it to save the universe armed with the Mask of Life, a scarab shield, and a spiky Thornax launcher. Includes one Life Counter.


  • Agori
    • Learn more about the Agori villagers of Bara Magna
8992 Cendox V1

Built to race across the sand into battle, the Cendox V1 has rear tracks, front blades and powerful boosters to handle the dunes. An Arena winner, the Cendox V1 is armed with a spiky Thornax launcher and piloted by Crotesius, the Agori pilot. Includes one Life Counter.

8993 Kaxium V3

Combining speed, manoeuvrability and a spiky Thornax launcher, the Kaxium cycles are as unique as they are powerful! Scodonius can combine his side car with the main vehicle, piloted by Kirbraz, to make a more formidable battle machine. Includes two Life Counters.

8994 Baranus V7

Pulled into battle by the huge two-headed creature Spikit, the Baranus V7 is a powerful chariot piloted by the evil Sahmad. Armed with a chain, whip and spiky Thornax launcher, Sahmad strikes fear into his opponents in the arena.

8995 Thornatus V9

Combining high speed with devastating power and heavy armour, the Thornatus V9 smashes through opposing vehicles. Piloted by Perditus, it is armed with four Midak Skyblasters and a spiky Thornax launcher and can unfold for an extra burst of speed. Includes two Life Counters.

8996 Skopio XV-1

Combining the amazing fighting skills of a scorpion with retractable treads, the Skopio XV-1 can move on four legs or shift into a high-speed tracked vehicle. Armed with blasters, a spiky Thornax launcher and moving pincers, the Skopio wanders the wasteland with its creator and pilot, Telluris, striking fear into its enemies! Includes two Life Counters.


8998 Toa Mata Nui

The legendary hero is ready to battle the evil Tuma for the freedom of Bara Magna. This giant-sized version of Mata Nui features a special edition golden Mask of Life, shield, spiky Thornax launcher and the amazing sword he carries in the new movie! Includes two Life Counters.

Fun Zone

This section contained the following links:

  • GAMES / Defend Agori villagers from harm!
    • Old enemies arrive on Bara Magna to do Makuta's bidding in this all-new "Tower Defender" style game. You'll need to strategically place defenders to keep evil Rahkshi, Skrall, and Piraka from kidnapping Agori villagers. Can you keep the Agori safe? Hint: Login to save your high score!
  • Movies
    • See the BIONICLE Stars in action, and see scenes for "BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn" movie, plus lots of other videos.
  • Glatorian Arena 2
    • New location. New moves. New challenges. Play the next version of Glatorian Arena and test your skills against the other Glatorians in this winner-take-all fight!
  • Game Plugin
    • unity web player / install now!
    • The web-based version of the Glatorian Arena games require a free Unity 3D plugin.
  • Glatorian Arena PC
    • Download the PC version of the game!
  • Phantoka Games
  • Glatorian Arena Mac
    • Download the MAC version of the game!



The following desktop wallpapers were available in several sizes:

  • Stars Tahu
  • Stars Gresh
  • Stars Takanuva
  • Stars Skrall
  • Stars Piraka
  • Stars Rahkshi
  • Kiina
  • Ackar
  • Mata Nui (Glatorian Legends)
  • Vastus
  • Stronius
  • Gelu
  • Skopio XV-1
  • Thornatus V9
  • Kaxium V3
  • Cendox V1
  • Baranus V7
  • Toa Mata Nui
  • Tuma
  • Fero & Skirmix
  • Vorox
  • Strakk
  • Tarix
  • Gresh (Glatorian)
  • Malum
  • Skrall (Glatorian)
  • Zesk
  • Metus
  • Berix
  • Tarduk
  • Raanu
  • Atakus
  • Gold Mask of Life in profile against black background
  • The two giant robots facing each other


This section contained links to download PDF "posters."

  • All BIONICLE Stars
  • Stars Gresh
  • Stars Tahu
  • Stars Takanuva
  • Stars Skrall
  • Stars Piraka
  • Stars Rahkshi
  • Fire (Ackar, Malum, Raanu)
  • Mata Nui (Glatorian Legends)
  • Water (Kiina, Tarix, Berix)
  • Jungle (Vastus, Gresh, Tarduk)
  • Rock (Stronius, Skrall, Atakus)
  • Ice (Gelu, Strakk, Metus)
  • Map of Bara Magna
  • Strakk (Glatorian)
  • Tuma and Fero & Skirmix
  • Vorox
  • Strakk
  • Tarix
  • Gresh
  • Malum
  • Zesk, Metus, Berix
  • Atakus, Tarduk, Raanu


This section contained links to download PC or Mac versions of the following screensavers:

  • BIONICLE Stars
  • Glatorian Legends
  • Agori
  • Glatorian


This section contained links to download the following songs/audio tracks as well as PDFs with their lyrics:

  • Bye Bye Babylon
  • The Truth
  • The Rising
  • Closer to the Truth
  • Gravity Hurts
  • Face Me


This section contained links to download PC or Mac versions of the following desktop icons:

  • Mata Nui (Glatorian)
  • Vorox
  • Strakk
  • Tarix
  • Gresh
  • Malum
  • Skrall (Glatorian)


Main Page

Showdown in The Sky

Mata Nui has been busy since defeating the Skrall leader Tuma and helping Glatorian and Agori unite on Bara Magna. His quest to free his people, enslaved by the evil Makuta, continues as he journeys to the north. There, he finds an ancient fortress of the Great Beings, his creators. Inside, Mata Nui discovers a source of power so great that it could bring the smaller robot found on Bara Magna back to life.

Mata Nui convinces Raanu, the leader of the Agori, to allow him to use the Bara Magna robot to save his people and fulfill his destiny. Reluctantly, the Agori leave their new mega-village and watch Mata Nui repair and raise the robot that was their home for a short while. Just in time – far-off Makuta, sensing the new threat, leaves the ocean planet and brings his huge robot form to Bara Magna in order to crush Mata Nui for good.

Two massive robots – one containing thousands of Matoran and Toa – face off above the clouds, while villagers and warriors scurry below. New threats face the Glatorian and Agori: hordes of yellow Rahkshi, Piraka warriors, and remnants of the Skrall attack.

Meanwhile, inside the giant Makuta robot, Toa Tahu and his friend Takanuva, Toa of Light, manage to escape and contact Glatorian Gresh on the surface of Bara Magna. They try to help fight the merciless warriors that Makuta has unleashed, but they are vastly outnumbered. The Mask of Life, aiding Mata Nui in the fight against Makuta, helps Tahu by transforming him to his original form so he can don powerful armor that will stop the Rahkshi in their tracks. But before Tahu can gather all six pieces, some are stolen!

Battle rages above and below. Tahu and his friends desperately search for the golden armor that can turn the tide in the ground conflict. Towering high above, Mata Nui struggles with his smaller robot body against the much bigger and more powerful robot, controlled by Makuta. His ultimate destiny can only be fulfilled after defeating Makuta – but does he have the strength to defeat his enemy as well as heal a planet?


  • Bios
    • Old friends and enemies return to help turn the tide of battle on Bara Magna! Find out more about the BIONICLE Stars.
  • Weapons
    • Get details about the latest and greatest weapons and tools in the BIONICLE universe here
  • Comics
    • Follow the BIONICLE saga here with online comics.



Toa of Fire, Tahu is destined to wear the powerful golden armor and strike a blow for the freedom of two worlds. One of the six original Toa, Tahu has led his team of protectors ever since awakening in a pod off the shore of Mata Nui island. His fiery personality and impulsive tendencies have been tempered by time and experience. His leadership has helped save the lives of Matoran and Toa, and through many incarnations he has always stood up to the challenges facing him. His appearance and abilities were changed into that of a Toa Nuva when he and his team fell into energized protodermis, and then again for his mission in Karda Nui, where flight was necessary to complete his mission of opening the Codrex. Now, the Mask of Life has transformed him back to his original appearance so he can use the incredible power of the mysterious golden armor. He must wrestle the six pieces back from his enemies before it’s too late.

Strength: 12

Agility: 12

Toughness: 13

Mind: 11


Now wielding the elemental power of air, Gresh must use all his Glatorian skills to help defeat invaders from another universe. No longer a rookie, Gresh befriends Tahu and Takanuva and helps them understand Bara Magna. He is just in time to fight at Tahu’s side when Makuta unleashes his hordes of Rahkshi and Piraka on the unprepared citizens of Bara Magna. While his Glatorian comrades struggle valiantly to defend their villagers and themselves, Gresh pitches in to help Tahu find his golden armor – the only thing that can stop the invasion of his planet!

Strength: 11

Agility: 12

Toughness: 11

Mind: 11


Takanuva was once Takua, a Matoran of Light in Karda Nui, before going undercover on the island of Mata Nui. He was the first Chronicler, following around various Toa and recording their adventures. He managed to get into quite a few of his own adventures, until he found a special kanohi mask: the Mask of Light. While he and his friend Jaller, captain of the Ta-Koro guard and later a mighty Toa, searched for the rightful wearer of the Mask of Light, they battled Rahkshi and other menaces. Eventually, Takua realized he was the rightful wearer of the mask, so he put it on and became Takanuva, Toa of Light. Ever since, he has been helping the other Toa protect the Matoran workers, and fighting back against evil Makuta. Now, on the surface of Bara Magna, Takanuva helps Tahu and Gresh recover the scattered pieces of the golden armor. Will the awesome Toa of Light meet his match at last, or will he lead the Toa to victory on Bara Magna?

Strength: 12

Agility: 12

Toughness: 13

Mind: 11


Defeated but not destroyed, the Skrall are ready to take revenge on Mata Nui, the Glatorian warriors, and the Agori villagers they protect. Once the undisputed masters of their village of Roxtus, the remaining Skrall roam the desert in search of victims. Skrall are arrogant, vicious, brutal, fear nothing and care about even less. They are incredibly skilled fighters, both with and without weapons. What they may lack in technique they make up for with sheer bludgeoning power and strength.

Strength: 11

Agility: 11

Toughness: 14

Mind: 9


Warlord Nektann of the Skakdi race has allied with Makuta, and now leads his people in a fierce attack on this new world. The Skakdi armies, originally from the island of Zakaz, traveled to one of the Matoran universe’s southern islands, where they battled a small army of Rahkshi. While the Rahkshi held the upper hand at first, the Skakdi managed to decimate their opponents’ ranks. Nektann later decided to serve Makuta, and brought his small army to Bara Magna’s surface where they fight beside Rahkshi and rogue Skrall.

Strength: 14

Agility: 10

Toughness: 13

Mind: 10


Armed with the power of heat vision, the yellow-armored Rahkshi are a devastating and perhaps unstoppable foe. Hordes of Rahkshi fight for Makuta on the surface of Bara Magna, swarming over Glatorian warriors and Agori villagers. Rahkshi are suits of armor created when a kraata “slug” is immersed in energized protodermis. They have been Makuta’s servants for tens of thousands of years. They are fast and tough, but not indestructible. Rahkshi have different powers based on their armor color.

Strength: 13

Agility: 10

Toughness: 15

Mind: 7

Glatorian Legends
Mata Nui

Once the Great Spirit of the universe, Mata Nui’s realm and power have been stolen. Now trapped on Bara Magna, he has built a new body for himself. He is wise, honorable, a little lost in this new world and new body. While he is driven to complete his mission, he is open to new alliances and learning new things.

Mask: Kanohi Ignika, the "Mask of Life"

Ability: Able to create new things, which no one else on this world can do

Weakness: Not used to physical fighting or being less than the ruler of a universe

Weapons: Scarab shield and Thornax launcher

Strength: 10

Agility: 11

Toughness: 10

Mind: 12


Stronius is an aggressive, extremely confident and experienced warrior, who never for a moment thinks anyone could beat him (since no one ever has). He is an elite Skrall, which is why he has an actual name, rather than just being called “Skrall.”

Tribe: Rock

Village: Roxtus

Ability: Extremely strong

Weakness: Not very fast or agile

Weapons: Spiked club, Thornax launcher

Strength: 12

Agility: 8

Toughness: 13

Mind: 9






Thornax Launcher

The Thornax launcher is the preferred missile weapon of Glatorian and bone hunters on Bara Magna. Durable, simple to operate and repair, it also has the advantage of being light and easy to carry on long treks across the desert. It is most frequently used to fire spiked Thornax fruit, which has proven to be quite a devastating type of ammunition.

There are three main categories of Thornax fruit:

“Green:” Thornax which are not yet ripe can be picked, softened by boiling, and eaten. Bone hunters make a particularly foul smelling and tasting Thornax stew. Ripe: Mature Thornax have spikes and are rock-hard, making them very effective missiles in a fight. Over-Ripe: Thornax allowed to ripen for too long in the desert heat can actually become explosive. While not illegal, their use is frowned upon in most village arenas. Explosive Thornax are allowed in battles in the Arena Magna of Atero.

Nynrah Ghost Blaster

Created by the Nynrah artisans on the island of Xia, the ghost blasters are capable of two functions. Those carried by the Makuta enable the user to take control of anything mechanical in a target for a limited period of time. A Toa struck by a blast would find all his mechanical parts under the control of his enemy!

The Toa Nuva’s blasters create ghostly fields of energy around a foe which can be manipulated by the firer. The field can be anything from a basic cube that traps the target to a claw or chains made of pure energy. Since part of the energy is light, the Makuta are especially vulnerable to this weapon.




Bio Codes


Here’s where you can use your B.I.O. Codes (found on your BIONICLE packaging) to get cool My LEGO Network Stickers. Just log in and enter your code, and you’ll get your sticker and a greeting from Raanu.

If you don’t already have a LEGO ID, it’s free and simple – just go to the Sign Up link at the top of this page, and create your LEGO ID. That will give you access to My LEGO Network where you can meet all the Agori and Glatorian inhabitants of Bara Magna.

Beside this text was a link to the Login page and a link to the Raanu page on My LEGO Network.