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Story Year 2009 (Matoran Universe)

Makuta Teridax's Reign

  • Teridax sends Rahkshi into Metru Nui in order to make sure the Matoran keep working. Most of the Rahkshi Teridax is now employing already existed; others he could have made himself, being antidermis in Mata Nui's body.1
  • Takanuva writes hastily in his diary while deep in the Archives. Gali is missing, and Tahu is badly injured. Something is chasing them (presumably Rahkshi), so they need to keep moving. Onua says he knows a place where they can hide and regroup.2
  • Kopaka and Lewa find Gali, who is alright. The Turaga bring as many Matoran as they can find to a chamber deep inside the Archives, where Takanuva and the others gather as well. Although they presumably cannot hide from Makuta Teridax, the place is defensible against Rahkshi attack. They have learned that Makuta Teridax is in possession of the body of the Great Spirit and is therefore in control of this universe. Tahu says they will fight back, but Takanuva does not know how they can when Makuta controls the world around them. Onua reminds them that they cannot simply hide in the darkness while the entire universe is at Makuta's mercy. Kapura reports that the surface of Metru Nui is teeming with Rahkshi, enforcing Makuta's evil laws, so the Toa must find another way out. Fortunately, the Turaga were able to find Krahka, who has agreed to ally with them again. Krahka knows long unused tunnels that lead to the shoreline. The Toa believe that if they can steal a boat, they can perhaps link up with other Toa in other lands.2
  • Gali elects to stay in Metru Nui.2
  • Guardian is killed.3
  • The Toa encounter an Order of Mata Nui agent named Trinuma on Stelt. He reports that Daxia has been destroyed, but there are still some Order members who survive.2
  • Tahu forms a plan to fight against Makuta. Although Makuta has almost infinite power now, his mind was not designed to control it. If the Toa can split up, stir up trouble, and force him to focus his attention in dozens of different places at once, they can perhaps get him to lose his grip on the universe, for lack of a better plan.2
  • Since Makuta said he forced Mata Nui's mind and spirit into the Mask of Life and ejected it from this universe, Takanuva wonders if Mata Nui is still alive out there and if he will ever return to help his people.2
  • The Toa set up a new Rahi courier system to send messages to each other, since apparently Teridax pays little attention to the wildlife of his universe.2
  • The Dark Hunters relocate from Odina to Xia.2
  • Rahkshi overrun Odina, but the Dark Hunters have already moved to Xia. Teridax could destroy them at any time, but apparently he wants the challenge of sending his armies against them. Tahu somehow learns of this news.2
  • In Metru Nui, a troop of Ta-Matoran stages a break-out. They evade capture by the Rahkshi and flee through the Bohrok tunnels toward the island of Mata Nui. They are supposed to send word back if they make it beyond the domes, but none is heard. Gali reports this to Takanuva.2
  • The green cloud that plunges into the energized protodermis tank to form the golden fusion being is Zaktan.4
  • Takanuva and Pohatu journey to Destral. Precious little is left behind, and it is not clear how much of the damage was caused by the Order's attack and how much by Teridax himself. It is clear that nothing has been left alive. There are shattered pieces of Makuta armor everywhere. It is obvious that Teridax has decided to eliminate all possible competition.2
  • While Pohatu searches for weapons, Takanuva combs the ruins of the fortress looking for whatever the Makuta used to teleport Destral from place to place. He hopes to use it to return to one of the other dimensions he visited recently in order to get help or to find some clue as to how they can overthrow Teridax. Takanuva wishes he could find Brutaka, but he does not know where he is, much less if he is still alive.2
  • Takanuva learns from Tahu via their Rahi courier system that Rahkshi have overrun Odina, but the Dark Hunters had already located to Xia. Although Teridax could destroy them at any time, he apparently wants the challenge of sending his armies against them, which may buy them more time.2
  • The latest word Takanuva receives from Gali in Metru Nui is that a troop of Ta-Matoran fled through the tunnels toward Mata Nui and have not been heard from.2
  • Takanuva finds the device used to transport Destral. It is badly damaged, and he does not understand how it works. Takanuva sends out a message requesting aid from Nuparu. He hopes he arrives in time, since this may be their best hope. Although things look worse than ever before, Takanuva is determined not to give up.2
  • Just after Mata Nui takes control of the prototype robot Battles rage throughout the robot that Makuta Teridax now controls. Hewkii, Hahli, and Nuparu fight against yellow Rahkshi and a Skakdi (possibly Nektann) in what looks like Po-Metru.5
  • In the months since seizing control of Mata Nui's massive robot body and the universe of living beings within it, Makuta crushes rebellions by Toa and Matoran while learning to use his new power.6