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by Planetperson
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’Sup beings! Today I am very pleased to announce a project that has been a long, long time in the making. As you may know, since the spring of 2017, has been host to the Official Greg Discussion Archives, a collection of once-lost forum posts containing canon BIONICLE information from author Greg Farshtey. Nowadays, the Official Greg Discussion Archive is being used extensively on the BIONICLEsector01 wiki to provide citations for its articles, and it serves hundreds of active users per month.

Today, I am expanding the role of the Great Archives to serve as a comprehensive guide to the G1 BIONICLE story. In addition to a snazzy new home page, the site now includes a work-in-progress timeline of events in the BIONICLE story, as well as an encyclopedia on the world of BIONICLE. Although they are still in a relatively rough state, they contain thoroughly cited information from a number of canon BIONICLE sources, including all of the official guide books and many of the novels. If you just want to take a quick look around, a particularly interesting starting point is the History of the Matoran Universe. Ultimately, I hope that the Great Archives will serve as a complete, well-written reference to all things BIONICLE that is approachable to new fans.

You can learn more about the new Great Archives on the about and status pages. To keep track of updates, you can follow the Great Archives on Twitter at @GreatArchives. Stay tuned.

This is just the beginning.