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History of the Matoran Universe

Construction of the Matoran Universe

The First Matoran Are Created

  • 100,000+ years ago The Great Beings begin the creation of the Matoran universe.1
  • 100,000+ years ago The first Matoran villager is created.1 This Matoran is Takua.2
  • Matoran are the first thing in this universe to be created by the Great Beings.3, 4 Of all the people, places, or things referred to in the story between 2001 and 2006, a Matoran is the first thing to be created by the Great Beings.5, 6
  • Av-Matoran are the first tribe created by the Great Beings. Because of this, they are larger and more powerful than the Matoran tribes to follow. The Great Beings design the Av-Matoran so that many of them will go dormant at a certain point and evolve into the mechanical Bohrok.7
  • The Great Beings create the first Av-Matoran and start the construction of Mata Nui. The Matoran will eventually finish the construction of Mata Nui.8
  • The leavings from the process that brought the Matoran into being are used to create the Krana and Zyglak.3 The Great Beings create the first Krana by exposing the remains from the process used to create Matoran to energized protodermis. Whatever does not become Krana becomes Zyglak instead. Thus the zyglak are one of the first species created by the Great Beings.9, 10, 4 The Zyglak are created by mistake when the Great Beings are making the first krana.11 Shortly after the creation of the Av-Matoran, the Great Beings use the remains of the process to create the first krana. An unintended side effect is the creation of the Zyglak.7
  • The Great Beings accidentally create the Zyglak race out of the remains of the process that brought the first Matoran villagers to life. The Great Beings were seeking to create intelligent organisms called krana, but find that some of the material they used has turned to Zyglak instead.1
  • The Great Beings have no use for the zyglak, especially since they discover that they carry a plague which destroys organic protodermis and spreads through contact. The zyglak are shunned and hated wherever they go and nurse a deep, jealous hatred toward Matoran which extends to krana, Bohrok, or anyone who speaks the Matoran language.10 Having no use for the Zyglak, the Great Beings reject them. Although they are allowed to live in the Matoran universe, they have no role to play, no place to call home, and no reason for being. Over time, they grow bitter and hostile and become a danger to all who live.11 The Zyglak race becomes a dangerous menace.7
  • Zyglak take to hiding in ruins and other dark places where few ever venture.11
  • Shunned by their creators and hated and feared throughout the universe, the bitter, savage Zyglak retreat to the dark places.1
  • The Matoran have heard of the zyglak.12
  • The Matoran are the first things created by the Great Beings.13
  • The first Matoran are created by the Great Beings, who decide their appearance.14
  • The Matoran are not created on the landmass of Artakha.15
  • The Matoran, Karzahni, Artakha, and Umbra are all created by the Great Beings.16

The Lands of Artakha and Karzahni Are Created

  • In the first days of the Matoran universe17, the Great Beings create the lands of Artakha and Karzahni.4 These are the first two islands in the Matoran universe which the Great Beings create.18
  • The Great Beings create the island of Artakha from nothing. This is the first island in the Matoran universe which the Great Beings create. It is tasked with overseeing the birth of much of the rest of the Matoran universe.18 Of the locations revealed in the story between 2001-2006, Artakha is built first.5, 6
  • Karzahni is the second location to be created by the Great Beings.19 The purpose of Karzahni is to remedy Matoran workers who become injured, lack motivation, or otherwise work poorly, given the vital role of Matoran workers in the Matoran universe.17
  • Matoran are sent to Karzahni and Artakha before Mata Nui exists.20
  • Karzahni deteriorates over the following millennia.21

The Hand of Artakha Is Active

  • Before the creation of the Order of Mata Nui The Hand of Artakha is created.22, 23, 24
  • The Hand of Artakha is an organization dedicated to the will of Mata Nui and the pursuit of justice, predating the formation of organized Toa teams.25 Despite existing before the coming of Mata Nui, the Hand serves his will by guessing what Mata Nui's priorities will be, namely protecting the Matoran.26
  • Axonn27, Hydraxon28, and Shadow Stealer29 are members of the Hand of Artakha.25 Axonn starts out as a member of the Hand of Artakha, the predecessor to the Order of Mata Nui.30 Axonn is a champion of justice long before the first Toa ever comes to be.31
  • It is later rumored that Shadow Stealer is a hero long before the first Toa ever appears in the universe, possibly a hero of a completely different type.32
  • Certain beings (members of the Hand of Artakha) oversee the building of Karzahni and Artakha, long before the coming of any Toa. These beings will later become the first recruits for the Order of Mata Nui.33, 34
  • Axonn is a member of the Hand of Artakha.35
  • Brutaka is a member of the Hand of Artakha.36
  • Botar is not a member of the Hand of Artakha.37
  • Hydraxon is not a member of the Hand of Artakha.38
  • There's no real need for the Hand of Artakha to be active on Artakha.39

Metru Nui Is Created

  • The Matoran do not live on an island prior to the construction of Metru Nui.40
  • Matoran build Artakha, Karzahni, Metru Nui, and many other cities.3
  • 100,000 years ago41 The Great Beings lay the foundations of Metru Nui. Matoran perform the actual construction work of the city.41
  • Matoran build most of Metru Nui. More recent generations of Matoran don't recall this.42
  • Metru Nui is one of the first places built by the Great Beings.43
  • It is believed that the Coliseum is the very first building constructed in Metru Nui.44
  • According to legend, Ta-Metru is the first metru built45, and Ga-Metru is the second region of Metru Nui built and the one most favored by Mata Nui.46, 45
  • There are virtually no creatures present in Metru Nui at the time of its founding.47
  • Matoran inhabit Metru Nui shortly after the city is built.48 Metru Nui is likely one of the first places to have Matoran.49
  • The Great Beings create the scroll later found by the Toa Nuva and place it in the Great Temple.50, 8
  • At the same time as the founding of Metru Nui the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Order of Mata Nui are created.51
  • Probably around 100,000 years before story year 2006 Metru Nui is founded.52
  • Most likely before the first Toa stone The first suva is built.53
  • At one point, Metru Nui is a busy trade center. The Matoran in the city are therefore aware of Matoran of secondary elements.54

Karda Nui Is Created

  • Karda Nui is one of the most vital spots in all of the Great Beings' creation and the second [sic] to be constructed (following Metru Nui).55
  • The Great Beings create the Codrex.56

Tren Krom Oversees the Universe

  • Before the creation of the beings Artakha and Karzahni57, 58 Before Mata Nui is born, the Great Beings create one being who is purely organic: Tren Krom. The Great Beings teach Tren Krom the ways of the universe they are creating and place him in its core [Karda Nui]. Tren Krom's role is to remain there, maintaining heat, light, and all the forces that make the Great Beings' creation whole. Tren Krom's time is always meant to be short, since he is meant to shepherd the universe until Mata Nui is ready to take power.59
  • Tren Krom is created in a time before the existence of Mata Nui, the Makuta, and even the stars themselves. At this time, never-ending darkness consumes everything. Tren Krom walks through the universe in the throes of its birth. He is greatly feared.60
  • Tren Krom oversees the universe prior to the coming of Mata Nui.61
  • Prior to the coming of Mata Nui, Karda Nui is home to Av-Matoran and to Tren Krom, the powerful entity who controls the universe in the Great Spirit's absence.55
  • At some point, Tren Krom makes monstrous creations which come to dwell in the fearsome Tren Krom Peninsula.62

The Rulers of Artakha and Karzahni Are Created

  • After the creation of Mata Nui and the Ignika Karzahni [being] is created.63
  • Probably close to simultaneous with the founding of Metru Nui Karzahni [being] is created.64
  • After the creation of Tren Krom The beings named Artakha and Karzahni are created.57 The being named Karzahni is placed in charge of the realm named Karzahni.17 Although Artakha and Karzahni play important roles in the universe, they only rule over their respective realms.65
  • Before the creation of the Ignika The Mask of Creation is created.66
  • According to legend, Artakha and Karzahni compete for the right to wear the Mask of Creation. The victor is Artakha.18
  • According to ancient legends of the dim past, in the time before the Great Spirit, when the universe is new, the Matoran labor in darkness, with no true idea what they are working on or why. Those Matoran who show particular promise and excel at their work are allowed to travel to Artakha to work in the light.67, 18 Artakha is seen as a refuge, a place where Matoran can be safe from harm.18 On the other hand, those who work poorly are sent to a place ruled by Karzahni from which they never return.67
  • The Matoran working in darkness are in fact building Mata Nui.68 The "darkness" comes from the fact that the power inside the Mata Nui robot has not been turned on yet, so there are no lights for those who are working on the internal structure, and the enhanced optics of those Matoran are being relied upon instead. The Matoran do not know what they are building, only what their part of it is supposed to be. At the same time, they have also not yet been given full sapience by Velika.69
  • When the universe is new, Artakha creates the Axalara T9, the Jetrax T6, and the Rockoh T3.70
  • It is widely known (by the Hand of Artakha, Artakha, the Matoran, Tren Krom, etc.) that the Great Spirit Mata Nui will one day come.26

The Mask of Life Is Created

  • Over 100,000 years ago71 The Great Beings create the Ignika. Its primary purpose is to replenish Mata Nui's energies should they ever fail. From the beginning, it proves to be a dangerous artifact, cursing anyone who touches it when not destined to do so.71, 4 The Great Beings create the Ignika, with two purposes in mind. The mask can be used to revive Mata Nui if his energies should ever wane. The mask can also wipe out all life in the universe if necessary so that new life can be created.72 By this time, the Matoran universe is almost complete.66
  • Accounting for the fact that they cannot be sure if their new universe will operate as intended, the Great Beings design the Ignika to fulfill an additional, vital function. In the event that the universe should devolve into a hopeless state of war or anarchy, the mask is designed to drain all life from every being in the universe, ending it once and for all.73
  • 100,000 years before story year 2006 the Kanohi Ignika is created.74
  • The Ignika is sentient upon its creation.75
  • The Ignika drives a Great Being mad by giving him the ability to bring to life everything around him.71
  • The Ignika is taken and placed in the heart of Voya Nui on a large continent. The Great Beings create the Chamber of Life to house the Ignika.76, 4, 71 The Ignika is hidden on Voya Nui.72
  • 100,000+ years ago The Great Beings create the Mask of Life and hide it near the village of Voya Nui.1
  • The Ignika is placed in its chamber by the Great Beings.77
  • Before or during the creation of the Toa Mata Umbra is created.78
  • Umbra is given his name by the Great Beings.79
  • Umbra is the first guardian ever created for the Mask of Life.80
  • 100,000 years ago81 More than 100,000 years ago82 Umbra is the first sentinel put in place by the Great Beings to guard the Kanohi Ignika.81, 82
  • The Order of Mata Nui appoints Umbra to his position rather than the Ignika itself.83
  • The Ignika agrees with Umbra's appointment as guardian.84
  • Before Teridax is created Umbra is placed along the 777 Stairs to guard the Ignika.85
  • Umbra is created before the vast majority of beings who will come to inhabit the Matoran Universe.86
  • The Mask of Life predates the Mask of Light.87
  • The Mask of Life has always been on Voya Nui.88
  • When the Ignika is created and placed on Voya Nui Mata Nui has been created, but he has not fully been given life.89
  • A number of beings try to steal the Mask of Life over the years.90

The First Toa Is Created

  • 100,000+ years ago The first Toa [Helryx], a Toa of Water, comes into being.1
  • The first Toa comes into being on the island of Artakha. She is a Toa of Water.18
  • The first Toa has some involvement with the building of Metru Nui.18, 91
  • The first Toa is made by the Great Beings some time before the Toa Mata come into existence.92
  • The first Toa is not Lesovikk.93

The First Rahi Are Created

  • 100,000+ years ago The first Rahi, sea creatures of tremendous size, come into being.1
  • As it later appears, the first Rahi are ancient sea creatures of tremendous size.47
  • It is said that at the dawn of time, Artakha decides that he can create Rahi as easily as masks or weapons. In his first and last attempt, Artakha creates four great crystal serpents. Realizing that they cannot be tamed, but not wanting to destroy his creations, Artakha sets them free and abandons trying to create living things. The four serpents migrate to four separate parts of the island of Artakha, occupying the northern, eastern, southern, and western sections.18
  • The Artakha bull is one of the first kinds of Rahi known to Matoran.94
  • Pit war tortoises, Rahi who are believed to have lifespans in excess of 100,000 years, are created.95, 96
  • The Hand of Artakha creates the energy hound Rahi species.97

The Bahrag Are Created

  • The Great Beings create the Bahrag. Their job is to manufacture the krana needed to control the Bohrok.98 Although the Great Beings created the first krana, the Bahrag create the rest.99
  • Bohrok are created after Artakha and Karzahni.100
  • Likely just shy of 100,000 years before the 2006 story the Bahrag are created.101
  • Mata Nui creates the Bahrag.102

The Order of Mata Nui Is Founded

  • Probably shortly after the founding of Metru Nui103 The first sunlight has just barely illuminated the Matoran universe when the Great Beings realize that there is a need for an organization such as the Order of Mata Nui. Toa are expected to be the public face of Mata Nui's will, earning the trust of Matoran workers by protecting them. However, the need to maintain this image implies that there will be some tasks which the Toa will not be able to do, and others which they should know nothing about. Another organization, one dedicated solely to Mata Nui with no other loyalties or allegiances to interfere, is needed. Hence, the Order of Mata Nui is founded.33 Helryx founds the Order of Mata Nui. Despite existing before Mata Nui's awakening, the Order serves the will of Mata Nui by following the same precepts as the Hand of Artakha; they guess what Mata Nui's priorities are going to be, namely protecting the Matoran.104, 26
  • The first recruits for the Order of Mata Nui come from among the ranks of those who oversaw the building of Karzahni and Artakha.33
  • The Order of Mata Nui is formed very early in the history of the universe, with its original members formerly part of the Hand of Artakha. It is decided from the outset that while the Toa will be the public face of order and justice, the Order will remain hidden so that they may do things which Toa cannot.105
  • These original members of the Order of Mata Nui choose Daxia as the site of the Order's fortress. Without help from Matoran or any others, they build the fortress by themselves, stone by stone.33
  • Daxia serves as the Order of Mata Nui's homeland since the beginning of time.33 Daxia is the Order of Mata Nui's first base.106
  • When the original members of the Order of Mata Nui finish building the fortress on Daxia, they make a vow to keep the Order, its membership, and the location of Daxia a secret. Breaking that vow, except in extreme circumstances, will be punishable by death.33
  • The Great Beings found the Order of Mata Nui, but they are not members. The Order serves the will of Mata Nui and Mata Nui serves the will of the Great Beings.107
  • The Great Beings found the order of Mata Nui. Umbra is placed along the 777 Stairs extremely early in the Order's history. The Brotherhood of Makuta is formed at close to the same time, but at least Teridax is not created until after Umbra is.108
  • The Order of Mata Nui is founded by the Great Beings.109
  • Probably shortly after Metru Nui is founded The Order of Mata Nui is founded.110
  • Before the Toa The Order of Mata Nui is founded.111 Close to 20,000 years before the Barraki are exiled The Order of Mata Nui is active.112

The Av-Matoran Colonize Karda Nui

  • The Av-Matoran briefly live in Karda Nui, prior to the coming of Mata Nui.7 Av-Matoran from the Av-Matoran homeland colonize Karda Nui.113
  • In Karda Nui, Matoran build Toa canisters, which are placed in various spots throughout the universe.114
  • 100,000 years ago The first Toa canisters are built by Matoran.1
  • Sentient lightning bolt Rahi called avohkah are created as a result of the processes being used to ready Karda Nui for operation.115

The Toa Mata Are Created

  • Approximately 100,000 years ago The Toa Mata come into being on Artakha.1
  • The Toa Mata are brought into being to awaken Mata Nui if anything should happen to him. This was always their destiny.116
  • The Toa Mata wake up on Daxia for the first time. When they are told they are Toa, the first thing Pohatu says is, "What's a Toa?" There are no Makuta there. Takua is also not there.117
  • Daxia is the place where the Toa Mata first walk.33
  • The Order of Mata Nui makes Tahu leader of the Toa Mata.118
  • In the range of 95,000 years before story year 2006 The Toa Mata are created.119
  • The Toa Mata's spirit stars begin shining.120
  • It's not known whether the Toa Mata will ever be needed; they are a precautionary measure.121
  • The Toa Mata are created for one purpose and one only: to awaken Mata Nui if that is ever needed. They spend a certain amount of time dormant and a certain amount of time active, so the first place they were active was Daxia, but that doesn't mean they were created there.122

The Adventures of the Toa Mata

  • The Toa Mata are trained.117
  • Hydraxon is the trainer of the Toa Mata.123
  • After extensive training, Tahu takes the Toa Mata to Karda Nui, where they battle the intelligent lightning bolts called Avohkah.118 The Toa Mata journey to Karda Nui.55 The Av-Matoran first encounter the Toa Nuva in Karda Nui. The Toa Mata are there to battle a plague of intelligent lightning bolts called avohkah.7
  • The Toa Mata fight avohkah in Karda Nui.117
  • The Toa Mata have a number of adventures in Karda Nui.124
  • The Toa Mata are known to the Matoran only through legend.125

Preparations for the Coming of Mata Nui

  • Kini-Nui is partially built by a being or beings before the Toa Metru arrive on the island of Mata Nui.126
  • The maskless head statue at Kini-Nui is built before the Matoran arrived there.127
  • Slightly more than 100,000 years before story year 2007 The Matoran universe is created.128
  • The Matoran finish the construction of Mata Nui. The last work is done from within Mata Nui's body.8
  • The Matoran work in different locations.129
  • When it is time for Tren Krom to move on from his duties of maintaining the universe, an Av-Matoran (who is a crafter of canisters) goes to him and tells him that the hour has come. This Matoran's sanity does not survive his encounter with Tren Krom. Tren Krom surrenders himself to his fate.59
  • 100,000 years before story year 2008 The Great Beings exile Tren Krom to an island and bind him to the rock, since the universe does not need two supreme entities. Tren Krom takes this with bitterness.59
  • Probably 90,000-95,000 years before Jaller's group arrives in Karzahni The builder of the Toa canisters is sent to Karzahni.130
  • The Av-Matoran leave Karda Nui before the energy storm hits the first time, moving into caverns in the roof above the core.7
  • The dwelling place and population count of Av-Matoran become a mystery.131

100,000 Years Ago

The Toa Mata Go into Dormancy

  • After their adventures in Karda Nui, the Toa Mata are chosen to take on the role of Mata Nui's protectors. They are placed in Toa transport canisters to wait for the day when the Great Spirit Mata Nui might fall, in which case their task would be to reawaken him.124 Knowing that the Toa will have to remain in the Codrex until the day they are needed to aid Mata Nui, Tahu tricks his team into entering just as an energy storm makes it impossible to escape the area.118 The Toa Mata are housed in the Codrex for the next 100,000 years waiting their call to action.55 Tahu tricks the others into remaining in the Codrex for 100,000 years. It is not something he is proud of, but he knows it must be done. If the Toa are out adventuring during that time and one of them is killed, they might never achieve their destiny and awaken Mata Nui.132
  • The Toa Mata enter their canisters willingly.133
  • 100,000 years ago Safety measures in the form of six Toa warriors (the Toa Mata) are put into place inside of Mata Nui (kept dormant inside canisters in the Codrex), just in case of unforeseen disaster.134
  • The Toa Mata remain in the Codrex for almost 100,000 years, sleeping in their canisters, waiting for the time they will be needed.117
  • The Toa Mata wait for a call that they are needed, wherever that happens to be.135
  • The canisters don't alter the Toa Mata's appearances.136

Mata Nui Comes to Life

  • The storm begins in Karda Nui.117
  • According to Matoran legend, the Great Beings create the Great Spirit Mata Nui and dispatch him from paradise to care for all living things.4
  • According to Teridax, in the beginning, the Great Beings create the Matoran universe, fill it with life, and appoint the Great Spirit Mata Nui to watch over it.137
  • 100,000 years ago The coming of the Great Spirit Mata Nui.1
  • For most of its existence, Karda Nui is the site of huge energy storms and is uninhabitable.55
  • The Red Star comes into being shortly after Mata Nui.138
  • The Great Beings likely leave a small stockpile of masks in case the ones worn by the Matoran are damaged.139

Artakha Becomes a Source of Important Objects

  • Once the universe is whole, the inhabitants of Artakha turn their attention to creating important objects. They create the Great Kanoka Disks and Makuta Teridax's Kanohi Kraahkan.18
  • Artakha and his Matoran craft many of the weapons used by the earliest Toa.18
  • The artisans of Artakha create protosteel and use it to craft the armor of the Brotherhood of Makuta.140
  • The Kraahkan is created before the Brotherhood of Makuta's revolution.141

Mata Nui Creates the Brotherhood of Makuta

  • On an island in one of the southern chains, Mata Nui creates the Makuta. They are created from a pool of a greenish-black liquid. From this pool comes the Makuta's substance, made into living form by the powers of Mata Nui.142 The Great Beings created the original antidermis and gave it its knowledge of Mata Nui's mission; creating the Makuta is part of Mata Nui's programming.143
  • Mata Nui creates the Makuta, including Teridax, to help him watch over the Matoran universe.137 The Makuta are created by Mata Nui to aid him in protecting and maintaining the Matoran universe. Specifically, their job is to create Rahi beasts that will play useful roles in the operation of the universe. The Makuta do this by mixing viruses with liquid protodermis, creating every known creature that walks, flies, or swims. Mata Nui gifts the Makuta with a number of powers, including control of the shadow element. Although shadow is a dangerous element, Mata Nui knows there will need to be some Rahi who dwell in darkness, and the Makuta will need to be able to master that darkness to control them. Mata Nui also makes the Makuta shapeshifters, again to make them better able to master the Rahi they create.144
  • Some 100,000 years ago145 The Makuta come to life for the first time. This includes Teridax, Chirox, Antroz, Vamprah, Mutran, and others. The Makuta are selected by Mata Nui for a special purpose: to create the plants and animals necessary to keep the universe running smoothly.145
  • 100,000 years ago The Makuta species is created.1
  • 100,000 years ago146 The Brotherhood of Makuta is established, within a matter of days of the Order of Mata Nui. Their assigned task is straightforward: using energized protodermis as their tool, they are to create whatever is needed to maintain the order of the universe and carry out the will of Mata Nui. Although they do not bring intelligent beings such as Matoran and Toa into being, they are responsible for the creation of countless breeds of Rahi beast.146
  • Originally, the Brotherhood of Makuta is a group of brilliant creators whose role is to bring Rahi beasts – animals, birds, fish, insects, etc. – into being. By adding viruses to vats of protodermis, they can control what kind of Rahi is created and what it can do. Some are helpful to Matoran, like Ussal crabs. Others are nasty and frightening, intended to keep Matoran away from places that might be dangerous for them. Virtually ever Rahi that comes to exist in the universe is created by the Makuta.147
  • According to legend, the Makuta are the beings closest to the heart of Mata Nui, charged with creating whatever is needed to do his will and safeguarding the Matoran. The Brotherhood of Makuta is a generally benevolent organization.148 According to Matoran lore, Makuta Teridax is Mata Nui's brother.149
  • The Order of Mata Nui is cautious by nature. Any organization with the kind of power that the Brotherhood of Makuta has is going to be someone they look twice at as a potential threat. They plan "what if" scenarios regarding the Brotherhood practically from day one.150
  • Needing space for experimentation and access to large amounts of energized protodermis, the Brotherhood of Makuta selects Destral as the site of its first facility.146 Destral is constructed and serves as the Brotherhood of Makuta's first fortress. All Makuta are based there.151, 152
  • The Makuta's sole job remains Rahi creation.152
  • Makuta Miserix serves as the Brotherhood of Makuta's first leader.152
  • For thousands of years, the Makuta create the beasts that roam, swim, and fly. They watch over the Matoran villagers and protect the peace.137
  • The Order of Mata Nui and Brotherhood of Makuta are probably formed around the same time.153
  • The Order of Mata Nui and Brotherhood of Makuta are formed very close together in time.154
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta isn't older than Teridax.155
  • Teridax is likely not older than the Order of Mata Nui.156
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta is created by Mata Nui.157
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta create some things associated with the Bohrok such as the canisters they sleep in.158
  • Mata Nui teaches the Makuta how to create Rahi.159

The Mask of Light Is Created

  • The Kanohi Avohkii is created on Artakha. Although no Toa of Light exists at the time to wear it, it is considered to be insurance against the possibility that the Brotherhood of Makuta might rebel.18 Artakha creates the Avohkii.160 The residents of Artakha create the Avohkii.5, 6
  • Many thousands of years before roughly 2,500 years ago The Avohkii is forged on Artakha, intended for use by a prophesied Toa of Light.161

Karzahni Proves to Be Ineffective

  • Close to 100,000 years before the Toa Inika enter the Chamber of Life Dekar and Defilak are created.162
  • Balta lives in a location that is not the Southern Continent. His Turaga sends him to Karzahni.163
  • As elders of Matoran villages send Matoran to Karzahni for repair, it rapidly becomes obvious that Karzahni does not know how to perform his duty competently. The first Matoran sent to Karzahni end up smaller, weaker, and strangely twisted by Karzahni's attempt to improve them. Out of guilt, Karzahni gives them weapons to defend themselves as compensation. He then sends them as far away from his realm as possible in order to keep his failures out of sight and out of mind. These Matoran eventually wind up in Voya Nui.17, 164
  • The Matoran who will eventually reside on Voya Nui originally come from other lands. When their Turaga feel that they are not working hard enough, they are shipped to the realm of Karzahni, where they will allegedly be repaired. Unfortunately, Karzahni does a poor job, resulting in the Matoran being smaller and weaker than normal. Angry over his failure, Karzahni gives the Matoran weapons and ships them to the southern continent. The Matoran eventually settle in Voya Nui.165
  • Garan and others don't spend much time with Karzahni. He does a bad job of repairing them and sends them to Voya Nui so they will be as far away from him as possible. After this, he stops sending Matoran back.166
  • The Matoran sent to Voya Nui are not all from the same original location.167
  • Karzahni gives Dekar and Defilak electro-blades.168
  • Karzahni gives the future Matoran of Mahri Nui the weapons they carry during story year 2007.169
  • The Matoran sent to the Voya Nui region of the Southern Continent are Karzahni's first attempt at fixing Matoran which he decided to send far away so he wouldn't ever have to see them again. After that, he starts imprisoning Matoran who are sent to him.170
  • More Matoran arrive in Karzahni from other lands, but Karzahni continues to fail to repair them. Karzahni decides that the Matoran, not his own lack of skill, are to blame. Instead of repairing Matoran, he begins to punish and imprison the Matoran who come to his realm.17
  • Karzahni imprisons many Matoran over the millennia.171
  • After a long period of Matoran village elders sending Matoran to Karzahni only to have them never return, they stop sending Matoran to the realm. Legends grow about how Karzahni is a place where bad workers are exiled, never to return. Matoran use tales of Karzahni to frighten each other. "Go to Karzahni!" becomes a common expression. After this time, no Matoran ever enter Karzahni again (until Jaller, etc.).17
  • Karzahni is a figure much feared by Matoran, and the name "Karzahni" eventually becomes a term Matoran use to scare each other, with each new tale about him becoming more exaggerated and frightening.67
  • Karzahni believes light wielders wouldn't tend to like him, so he establishes defenses against them.172
  • A method of rebuilding Matoran which is better than the one Karzahni uses is developed.173
  • Defilak is either well-traveled or has dealings with Matoran from Metru Nui during the years when the city was a major trading center, and so picks up their slang.174, 175
  • Defilak is a trader who has contact with the Matoran of Metru Nui. He likes their slang and adopts it. No other Le-Matoran on the Southern Continent speak it.176

The First Toa Team Is Active

  • Lesovikk is created by the Great Beings.177
  • Lesovikk is probably not created as a Toa.178
  • 100,000 years ago The first Toa team is formed.1
  • Around 100,000 years ago A group of Toa feels the need to come together to fight off threats the Matoran universe faces from dangerous threats like the Rahi. Consisting of eight Toa of different elements, they are given the name Toa Cordak, the first Toa team. Led by Lesovikk, they establish a base and protect the resident Matoran from threats.179
  • Lesovikk is a member of the first Toa team ever in existence, which is originally stationed on one of the southernmost islands.180
  • Lesovikk is a Toa of Air and member of the first Toa team ever in existence. They are originally stationed on one of the southernmost islands.181
  • Lesovikk defends Sarda's home from Rahi and other threats.182

The First Bohrok Are Created

  • In the time before time, the Bahrag are created along with the six Bohrok swarms. The swarms rely on the Bahrag for guidance, and in return, they are the eyes and hands of the Bahrag in the world outside.183
  • 100,000 years ago The Bahrag, queens of the Bohrok swarms, first appear.1
  • 100,000 years ago The first Bohrok are created.1
  • Bohrok are not older than Artakha and Karzahni.184
  • The Great Beings teach the Bahrag how to produce krana.185

The Bohrok-Kal Are Created

  • Since the fall of the Bahrag would also lead to the fall of the Bohrok swarms, the Bohrok-Kal are brought into being. Six Bohrok, one from each swarm, are gifted with powers far beyond those of their brothers. They are given special markings to distinguish them from the rest of the Bohrok and are hidden in a special chamber far from the nests. If the Bahrag are ever defeated by an enemy or natural force, the Bohrok-Kal will awaken and be tasked with freeing the Bahrag.183 The Bohrok-Kal are once units of the Bohrok swarms until they are mutated by strange energies to become the ultimate Bohrok.186
  • Shortly after the Bahrag come into being, they realize there might come a day when natural disaster or some other event might make it impossible for them to contact the Bohrok. To prepare for this, they mutate six Bohrok into powerful Bohrok-Kal, whose krana-kal are capable of functioning independently of the Bahrag. They are to be activated if ever the Bahrag lose touch with the Bohrok, and their mission will be to seek out and rescue the Bahrag.98
  • The Bahrag create Krana by exposing an unknown form of matter to energized protodermis.187, 9
  • The Bahrag mutate six Bohrok and their Krana into the Bohrok-Kal, creating them as a failsafe in case they should become unable to command the Bohrok swarms and need rescuing. According to later beliefs, the Bahrag discover a way of distilling energy from a mutagenic substance such as Visorak venom and use it to bathe the Bohrok and their Krana in order to induce mutations.188
  • The Bahrag themselves create the Bohrok-Kal.189

99,800 Years Ago

The Hand of Artakha Is Disbanded

  • The Hand of Artakha operates for more than 200 years, challenging threats to the new universe created by the Great Beings as well as stopping a number of natural disasters.25 The Hand of Artakha is in service throughout the Matoran universe.190 At one time, the Hand of Artakha and Toa are active simultaneously, as there are not enough Toa yet to justify disbanding the Hand.191, 192
  • About 100,000 years ago193 Not long after the coming of Mata Nui194 After a time, the Hand's leaders realize that its members are too undisciplined and that their battles cause more damage than they prevent. It is decided to disband the Hand in favor of the more efficient Toa teams which have started to come into existence.25
  • The Hand of Artakha's time passes, and they are replaced by the Toa, who become the chosen warriors of Mata Nui.29, 32
  • The Hand of Artakha reorganizes itself as the Order of Mata Nui, with many former members returning.25 Most members of the Hand of Artakha end up becoming members of the Order of Mata Nui.195
  • Axonn serves with the Hand of Artakha until the organization is broken up.30
  • The Hand of Artakha is replaced long before the Great Disruption. It doesn't last that long after the coming of Mata Nui.196
  • Members of the Hand of Artakha don't rival with Toa, most end up becoming Order of Mata Nui members.197

Around 100,000 years ago The Hand of Artakha disbands.198 90,000 years before story year 2007 The Hand of Artakha is no longer in existence.199

Adventures of Axonn and Brutaka

  • After the Hand of Artakha is disbanded, Axonn wanders for some time, using his powers for petty conquests.27 He puts his warrior skills to work conquering a number of southern lands before being recruited into the Order of Mata Nui.30
  • At one time, Axonn is one of the greatest warriors in the Matoran universe. Entire cities fall before his axe. His name sends fear throughout the inhabitants of the far southern lands.164
  • Hydraxon recruits Axonn into the Order of Mata Nui, who offer to put his talents to good use.27, 28 The Order offers Axonn a better purpose than petty conquest, offering a chance to use his great abilities in the service of something greater than himself. Axonn gives up his dreams of empire and becomes a trusted member of the Order.164
  • Brutaka begins his life as a lieutenant in the army of Makuta. He rapidly grows dissatisfied with his position's regimented lifestyle.200 Brutaka's early years are spent as a lieutenant in the Brotherhood of Makuta's forces before the Order of Mata Nui seeks him out.30
  • The Order of Mata Nui recruits Brutaka, who becomes a roving troubleshooter.200 By this time, Brutaka is already a powerful and accomplished being.164
  • Brutaka receives his Kanohi Olmak from the Order of Mata Nui.201
  • The Order of Mata Nui chooses Brutaka because he is a strong and skilled fighter.202
  • As an Order agent Brutaka achieves many great things but also stirs up his share of trouble.200 Brutaka works for many years as a roving agent, dealing with whatever trouble might come up in the universe.30
  • The Tahtorak is once a herd animal in a land other than Metru Nui.203
  • Brutaka uses the power of his Kanohi Olmak to transport a Tahtorak from its home island to Metru Nui.200, 204, 203
  • The Tahtorak makes a home far beneath the Archives maintenance tunnels, where it slumbers.203
  • During the thousands of years before Brutaka is assigned to Voya Nui, he teleports a Tahtorak to Metru Nui.205
  • Brutaka doesn't put a Tahtorak on Metru Nui because he's evil, but rather because he's bored and mischievous.206
  • Brutaka teleports Tahtorak as part of his life before joining the Order of Mata Nui.207
  • The Tahtorak is unaware of who transported him to Metru Nui.208
  • Axonn has a series of adventures in service of the Order of Mata Nui.164
  • Axonn and Brutaka have adventures together in the "good old days." In a way, Axonn dislikes them, due to Brutaka's reckless tendencies.142
  • Axonn and Brutaka likely become friends after they join the Order of Mata Nui.209

Axonn and Brutaka Are Stationed at Voya Nui

  • The Order of Mata Nui partners Axonn and Brutaka together and assigns them to Voya Nui with the important job of guarding the entrance to the Kanohi Ignika's hidden location.27, 200, 105, 164, 30 The Order sees Axonn's raw power and Brutaka's intelligence as a good combination.164
  • Thousands of years ago31 Shortly after 100,000 years ago and before Jovan's team uses the Mask of Life210, 211 The Order of Mata Nui dispatches two of its mightiest heroes, Brutaka and Axonn, to watch over the hidden Mask of Life.31
  • The first thing Axonn learns after being assigned to Voya Nui is "subdue first, ask questions later" (with regard to intruders).142
  • Not too long after Umbra's assignment to Voya Nui Axonn and Brutaka are assigned to Voya Nui.212
  • Axonn and Brutaka spend most of the next 100,000 years at their post at Voya Nui, guarding the Kanohi Ignika, a task they both perform well.27, 213, 30
  • Numerous attempts are made to steal the Ignika, all of which are stopped by Axonn and Brutaka.27, 71
  • Axonn and Brutaka live in separate dwellings.214
  • Axonn and Brutaka don't leave the Southern Continent until Voya Nui breaks off from the rest of the landmass.215

The Pit Is Created

  • Ages ago The Order of Mata Nui establishes a domed prison for the very worst criminals in the universe. Guarded by Hydraxon and the Maxilos series of robots, it is believed that no one can escape from it. The Order names the place "the Pit."216
  • Matoran build the Pit the same way they build pretty much everything else.217
  • Hydraxon is the first and only jailer of the Pit.218
  • Botar knows Hydraxon.219
  • Botar and Hydraxon know of each other, but do not spend time together.220
  • The Order of Mata Nui secretly kills or jails Dark Hunters or Brotherhood of Makuta members a long while before story year 2007.221

The Brotherhood of Makuta Become Protectors

  • As time passes, the Brotherhood of Makuta's excellent work leads to their being given more responsibility. They become a smaller, but more powerful, security force for the universe, supplementing the efforts of the Toa. When massive threats emerge, they have the authority to muster an army of Toa and other beings in response.146
  • At some point in the distant past, Makuta Teridax takes an oath to protect the Matoran.149
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta orders the construction of the Exo-Toa to serve as a fail-safe against a possible rampage by the Bohrok and as automated guardians of its many fortresses.222 The Nynrah Ghosts construct the Exo-Toa.223
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta are the original creators of the Exo-Toa. They are built under the Brotherhood's orders and then placed near the Bahrag's chamber by the Brotherhood.224

95,000 Years Ago

Mata Nui Creates the Barraki

  • About 5000 years after the Toa Mata were created The Barraki are created.225
  • 95,000 years ago134 Mata Nui spends most of his existence exploring other worlds, watching cultures evolve, measuring and analyzing the dance of stars and planets. After a time, he takes the beings inside his metal body for granted, ignoring them and their constant squabbles to focus on the outside universe.134
  • 95,000 years ago134 Inside Mata Nui's body, workers maintain machinery and repair the damage and fatigue caused over tens of thousands of years. Most, like the Toa and Matoran, are content with their roles. However, the Makuta dream of glory and power. Mata Nui's inattention gives them numerous opportunities to scheme and plot.134
  • 95,000 years ago1 Mata Nui creates the Barraki.1
  • Mata Nui creates the Barraki.226
  • Mata Nui likely wouldn't make the Barraki if he knew they would attempt to overthrow him.227
  • The Barraki aren't made due to special circumstances or any kind of crisis. They are made simply because Mata Nui saw them as a potentially efficient means of keeping order in the universe.228
  • Kalmah is created with three eyes.229
  • Mata Nui creates Ehlek's entire species.230
  • Ehlek is native to the waters beneath Zakaz.231
  • Only one Barraki can breathe underwater.232
  • Ehlek and his species have no dealings with the land-dwellers of Zakaz.233
  • Ehlek and Takadox don't have electric or hypnosis powers, respectively, before being banished to the Pit.234, 235
  • Pridak begins life in the service of the Brotherhood of Makuta.236
  • Pridak serves as Makuta Icarax's aide.152

The Order of Mata Nui Modifies Ehlek's Species

  • Ehlek's species exists before the Order of Mata Nui tampers with them.237
  • Ehlek has no armor before being altered by the Order of Mata Nui.238
  • The Order of Mata Nui tampers with Ehlek's native species in an effort to create a race which could successfully battle the Brotherhood of Makuta.231, 105 The Order of Mata Nui specially modifies Ehlek's water-dwelling species to kill Makuta.59 Ehlek's species is tampered with by the Order of Mata Nui in an attempt to engineer a race specially designed to combat the Brotherhood of Makuta.239
  • The Order of Mata Nui prepare for a possible betrayal by the Brotherhood of Makuta long before the idealistic Toa consider the possibility. Tampering with Ehlek's species is at least part of this preparation.240
  • The Order of Mata Nui tampers with Ehlek's species to create a species ideally suited to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta should the need arise.241
  • The Order of Mata Nui changes the appearance and abilities of every member of Ehlek's species, including Ehlek himself.242
  • The Order of Mata Nui give Ehlek's species protosteel claws because it is the only weakness of the Brotherhood of Makuta's armor.243
  • Ehlek's species is likely aware of the tampering.244
  • Ehlek's species is likely unhappy with the tampering.245
  • Ehlek's species is not aware that the beings doing the tampering are with the Order of Mata Nui, so they are unaware the organization exists.246
  • None of Ehlek's species find out about the Order of Mata Nui.247
  • The Order of Mata Nui doesn't plan to give Ehlek's species more powers.248
  • The Order of Mata Nui is incapable of brainwashing Ehlek's species to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta.249

Mutran and Icarax Negotiate with Xia

  • The inhabitants of Xia start demanding higher payments for their goods than most Matoran cities can afford, attracting the attention of the Makuta.152
  • Recently after the construction of Destral, Mutran and Chirox are examining a grotesque creature made by Spiriah to try to make use of it. Miserix enters the room and tells them about the situation on Xia, then asks that one of them to travel with Icarax and his aide Pridak to persuade the inhabitants of Xia to lower their prices. Some time after Miserix leaves, they decide Mutran will go.152
  • Mutran and Icarax go to Xia to negotiate.152
  • When the Makuta are inspecting the factories in the center of Xia, Mutran forgets his favorite pet project, a sentient rock, there.152
  • After days of negotiations, Icarax loses his temper and causes a worrisome amount of destruction. After this, the inhabitants of Xia are willing to cooperate with their wishes.152
  • Pridak becomes enamored with Xia's potential and finds it difficult to leave when the time comes.152
  • When nearing Destral, Mutran realizes he forgot his sentient rock in the middle of Xia. Although this worries and disappoints him, since the creature can prove difficult, he doubts it will cause serious trouble. In fact, it is this creature that will grow to become the famed Mountain.152

Pridak Forms His Own Kingdom

  • Not very long after his visit to Xia with Icarax and Mutran, Pridak leaves the service of the Brotherhood of Makuta to pursue greater things. Makuta Miserix uses an easily corruptible character named Takadox to sell information to the Brotherhood on him.250 The ambitious Pridak rapidly tires of serving the Makuta and wishes to strike out on his own.236
  • Pridak fights his way to become the leader of a kingdom in the northeastern section of the universe.236

The Barraki Conquer Most of the Known Universe

  • 95,000 years ago1 The Barraki conquer most of the known universe.1
  • The Barraki live on land and are the rulers of six powerful kingdoms.251
  • The Barraki are well known before they are imprisoned.252
  • The Barraki don't have to convince beings to join their armies, beings want to be associated with them because they're winners.253

94,000 Years Ago

The League of Six Kingdoms Is Formed

  • It is Pridak who first devises the idea of an alliance among the leaders of the six most powerful empires in the universe.254
  • Kalmah originally does not want to join the League of Six Kingdoms, unwilling to have others dictating any part of his actions.255
  • Takadox is the first to join with Pridak in the formation of the League of Six Kingdoms, immediately seeing an advantage in having strong allies. Takadox joins his eastern kingdom to Pridak's northwestern one.256
  • The union of Takadox and Pridak essentially forces Kalmah to join the League or risk having his (northeastern) empire cut off from the rest of the world.255, 256
  • 94,000 years ago1 The League of Six Kingdoms is formed.1
  • The Barraki form an alliance known as the League of Six Kingdoms and rule a significant portion of the known Matoran universe.257, 258, 254 The Barraki are once rulers of six kingdoms that include almost all the known universe. They form a League and control vast territories with their armies.259 Because of Takadox's information, this comes as little surprise to the Brotherhood of Makuta.250
  • Pridak dominates the northeastern region, which includes Xia.254
  • Xia is the northernmost island in Pridak's realm. Given its abundance of natural resources and the industriousness of its people, Pridak makes Xia the center of weapons production for his realm. Factories and forges are rapidly built, and the inhabitants are put to work creating new and better war machines.260
  • The Vortixx are initially employed by the League of Six Kingdoms.261 Xia is part of the kingdom of Pridak and serves as supplier of arms and armor to the League of Six Kingdoms.262
  • The alliance with Xia is related to the island's industrialization.263
  • Roodaka is no more involved in the alliance with Xia than any other inhabitant of the island.264
  • Carapar is originally a member of the League of Six Kingdoms, ruling the southernmost empire in the alliance. He is known more for his brawn than his brains, and his army is the least disciplined of the League's six legions. Nevertheless, no one can deny his record of success, which includes conquering entire civilizations through a combination of sheer might and occasional trickery.265
  • Carapar once cleverly captures a village by giving the residents poisoned food as a peace gift.266 Carapar once ends a siege by withdrawing and leaving the enemy city a gift of foodstuffs, which turn out to be poisoned.239 This happens on the island to the north of Keetongu's homeland.267
  • Ehlek is originally a member of the League of Six Kingdoms, dominating a number of western island chains which include Zakaz. He is one of the harsher and more brutal dictators, which may be because he is not a native land-dweller. He needs to wear a complicated apparatus to breathe, which makes him feel vulnerable and leads him to be extremely strict with any potential rebellion against his rule.231
  • Amphibax is a member of Ehlek's army.268, 231, 239
  • Amphibax is not Ehlek's lieutenant, just one of his soldiers.269
  • Ehlek has more of his own species in his army than the other Barraki do because he feels more comfortable with water-breathers than air-breathers, who he doesn't feel he has much in common with.270
  • As a member of the League of Six Kingdoms, Kalmah has a reputation as an ice-cold calculator without any feelings or emotions. When he has a goal, he achieves it regardless of how many of his subjects get hurt or killed in the process.255
  • Kalmah's realm, the northwestern regions of the League's territory, generally smells awful and is littered with the carcasses of dead Rahi. To spite Kalmah's lack of respect for the Makuta, Mutran intentionally only sends him Rahi with lifespans of no more than three days.271
  • Mantax is originally a member of the League of Six Kingdoms, ruling the central region of their empire. From the start, he is highly secretive in nature and rarely shares information on conditions in his realm.272
  • Of all the Barraki, Takadox is the least visible, generally staying in his fortress and using his hypnotic power to make his lieutenants carry out his will. The commands he makes them deliver are so harsh that they become targets of hatred throughout the empire. As a result, many of them are slain by Takadox's subjects.256
  • The League of Six Kingdoms makes Xia successful.273
  • A long, long time before they receive the Kanohi Dragon Xia makes a deal that helps them become rich.274
  • 80,000 years before the Toa Inika retrieve the Mask of Life The Barraki form an alliance that stands for the next 80 millennia.275
  • Nocturn is not working with the League of Six Kingdoms.276
  • The Barraki's armies are all land-dwelling.277

The Makuta Resent the Barraki

  • At some point, although he cannot later recall exactly when, Makuta Teridax grows dissatisfied with his existence. It has always troubled him that the Matoran honor Mata Nui while ignoring the Makuta, despite their role in creating the Rahi they use in their labors and in protecting them.278
  • Already conscious of their inferiority to the Great Spirit Mata Nui, the Makuta strongly resent the Barraki's rise to power.250
  • The Makuta and Barraki meet in a cold, damp chamber in one of the Barraki's towers. Pridak and Kalmah discuss how they intend to divide the known universe into territories. The Barraki demand that the Makuta continue to provide Rahi beasts, fresh war beasts, and anything else they might need. Miserix finally loses his patience and rebukes them for their presumptuousness. Pridak responds by threatening to march their armies against Destral before the Makuta have a chance to muster their Toa and Rahkshi, and that the Barraki are Mata Nui's chosen rulers of the universe. Takadox, who has been playing both sides, grows extremely uncomfortable. When Chirox asks about the territories not under the League's control – Metru Nui, Artakha, and the southern lands – Kalmah claims that they are in discussions with Metru Nui. The Barraki are content with leaving Artakha alone to tinker with his creations, and the southern lands are desolate anyway. Pridak abruptly ends the meeting, and the Barraki leave. Afterwards, Miserix secretly tells his most trusted lieutenant (Teridax) to keep an eye on the Barraki.250

90,000 Years Ago

Civil War on the Shadowed One's Island

  • While the Matoran and Brotherhood of Makuta enjoy their special status in Mata Nui's eyes, the Shadowed One's homeland is ignored and abandoned.279
  • Ancient, a native of the Shadowed One's home island, rebels against the strict codes of behavior imposed on them and carves out a new life for himself. He begins hiring himself as a mercenary to whoever can pay, and in the process he transforms their dull, peaceful society into one fragmented and dominated by warlords. Each competes with the others for Ancient's services, and Ancient repays his employers by ruthlessly crushing their enemies. He has no conscience or reluctance about switching sides at a moment's notice if he gets a better offer.280
  • Around 90,000 years before story year 2006281, 282 A civil war takes place in the homeland of the Shadowed One and Ancient.283
  • In the wake of the civil war, the Shadowed One and Ancient hit upon the idea of becoming mercenaries, offering their services in exchange for profit and power. Their idea soon evolves into hiring others to serve under them and carry out their missions, turning over their spoils to the organization. This organization becomes known as the Dark Hunters.284
  • Probably around 90,000 years before the Toa Inika enter the Chamber of Life Civil war breaks out on the Shadowed One and Ancient's island that leads to the founding of the Dark Hunters.285

The Dark Hunters Are Founded

  • Since the Barraki had not heard of the Dark Hunters before their release from the Pit, it can be inferred that the Dark Hunters were not well-known until after the Barraki's exile to the Pit.142
  • The Shadowed One encounters Ancient toward the end of their island's civil war and agrees with the philosophy behind his mercenary work. The two agree that there is a demand in the world at large for beings willing to do anything for a price. This inspires the Shadowed One to create the Dark Hunter organization.280 The Shadowed One and another member of his species known only as "Ancient" found the Dark Hunter group.286 Determined to carve out an empire for himself, the Shadowed One starts taking on tasks Matoran are too timid to do and the Brotherhood considers beneath it.279
  • Being more ambitious and determined, the Shadowed One eventually takes over sole leadership of the Dark Hunters,283 while Ancient becomes one of the Shadowed One's most trusted operatives.284
  • In need of a secure base and a place to train recruits, the Shadowed One and Ancient discover the island of Odina and select it as the base of the Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One and Ancient promptly oust the island's native inhabitants and make the island their own.283
  • The fortress on Odina is built. Those responsible for its construction build it to be impregnable. Afterwards, the builders are killed, taking the secrets of the fortress's defenses to their graves.283
  • The Dark Hunters rapidly become both respected and feared from Metru Nui to the southern continent.286
  • Over the millennia, the Dark Hunters steal treasures, eliminate Toa, kidnap Turaga, and even overthrow the governments of entire islands.286
  • Thousands of years after Mata Nui is active the Dark Hunters are founded.287
  • Before the imprisonment of the Barraki The Dark Hunters are formed.288

Lesovikk's Team Is Killed

  • Lesovikk and his team of Toa leave for a vital mission.289
  • According to Sarda's recollection, Lesovikk's team leaves, never to return while the Matoran are still living there.182
  • About 90,000 years before story year 2007290 Originally stationed on one of the southernmost islands, Lesovikk's Toa team clashes with a wandering tribe of Zyglak. During the battle, Lesovikk hesitates for a fatal split second. As a result, the Zyglak gain the upper hand and kill all of the other members of the team. Only Lesovikk escapes.181
  • On one fateful day, the Toa Cordak engage a horde of Zyglak. Lesovikk hesitates in a crucial moment, allowing the reptilian species to overwhelm the team. Only Lesovikk survives.179
  • Lesovikk returns to his home village to warn them of the impending danger. He finds that the local Turaga has gone mad and shipped the entire Matoran population to the realm of Karzahni. These included Lesovikk's best friends, Sarda and Idris.181
  • Lesovikk's Toa team clashes with a wandering tribe of Zyglak. During the battle, Lesovikk hesitates for a fatal split second.180 As a result, the Zyglak gain the upper hand and kill all of the other members of the team.10, 180 Only Lesovikk escapes. Haunted by guilt, Lesovikk returns to his home village to warn them of the impending danger. Once there, he finds that the local Turaga has gone mad and shipped the entire Matoran population to the realm of Karzahni. These included Lesovikk's best friends, Sarda and Idris.180, 182, 289
  • When Velika is sent to Karzahni, he does not act to avoid going, since doing so would blow his cover.291
  • It is later said that Zyglak are responsible for the death of all but one of the members of the first Toa team in history.11
  • The future Matoran residents of Voya Nui and Mahri Nui originally come from a number of places. They are sent to the realm of Karzahni for repair, where they are changed for the worse. Karzahni then ships them out to one of the mainland continents, where they take up residence.3 Being part of this group, the Matoran from Lesovikk's village who were sent to Karzahni are transported to Voya Nui.180
  • Guilt-ridden, Lesovikk becomes a wanderer, convinced he is not worthy to be a Toa.180, 181
  • Lesovikk makes a failed attempt to rescue his friends from Karzahni, unaware that those particular Matoran have already been transported to Voya Nui.180, 181
  • Lesovikk repeatedly comes to the realm of Karzahni in search of his friends, only to be driven off by the Manas each time. Lesovikk eventually slips past them, but by this time his friends have already been sent away to an unknown destination.182
  • Unable to save his friends, Lesovikk becomes a wanderer.289
  • As rumors spread throughout the Matoran universe about the decimation of the Toa Cordak, a new, pejorative use of the term Cordak becomes prevalent: "desolation."179

Lesovikk's Hiatus

  • Lesovikk goes on his "Hiatus" and wanders the Matoran universe for tens of thousands of years.292, 180
  • During his hiatus, Lesovikk visits and explores the unknown lands far to the south.292 He picks up new equipment along the way, including a combination sky and sea sled. He achieves some good, but never in his opinion enough to atone for his past mistakes.289
  • At some point, Lesovikk encounters a wounded rock lion mad with pain. A simple attempt to put the poor creature out of its misery turns into a three-day-long struggle, and in the end the rock lion gets the better of Lesovikk.293
  • Lesovikk doesn't know Jovan.294

87,000 Years Ago

  • 87,000 Years Ago41 Metru Nui forges a trade pact with the League of Six Kingdoms.41
  • The secretive Mantax goes so far as to broker separate trade deals with Metru Nui and Xia without informing the other League members.272

The Kanohi Dragon Comes to Metru Nui for the First Time

  • Thousands of years before 4,000 years ago295 Long before so many buildings crowd the surface of the island, the Kanohi Dragon comes to Metru Nui to feed. However, the inhabitants cause it pain when it flies over the city. Eventually the creature is trapped under the silver sea in a cave plugged by ice and rock.295
  • The first Toa who defeat the Kanohi Dragon dig out a tunnel and trap it there.296 While trapped, the Kanohi Dragon is kept unconscious on account of the cold of the ice.297
  • Very far back, before the Toa Mangai arrive in Metru Nui There are Toa in Metru Nui.298 Dume is not one of these Toa.299
  • Toa of Ice imprison the Kanohi Dragon in a block of ice.300

The Red Star Stops Returning Beings

  • Before the Barraki rebellion Gaardus is mutated by the Nynrah Ghosts.301
  • Quite a while before BIONICLE Adventures #1: Mystery of Metru Nui The Red Star stops properly returning beings who have died and been revived on the Red Star back to the Matoran universe. As a result, it becomes common knowledge not to expect beings who have died to come back to life.302

80,000 Years Ago

Fall of the League of Six Kingdoms

  • Most beings have heard of Karzahni.303
  • Makuta has likely not evolved into pure energy yet.304
  • The Barraki war camp isn't on the Southern Continent.305
  • The Barraki have conquered virtually all of the known universe.306, 307
  • The Barraki begin their plans for domination while the Great Disruption is occurring in Metru Nui because the Brotherhood of Makuta and Toa are preoccupied handling that situation.308
  • The Barraki don't despise Mata Nui; they don't want to overthrow him for personal reasons like the Makuta end up doing later. They know he has power and want to see if they're strong enough to take it from him.309
  • The Barraki try to overthrow Mata Nui for power.310
  • Takadox has serious doubts about the League's ability to overthrow Mata Nui. He joins in the rebellion anyway, for fear of being excluded in case the plan should succeed.256
  • 80,000 years ago311 Takadox betrays the League to the Brotherhood, thinking he will go free.311
  • 80,000 years ago257, 149, 41 Hungry for power, the Barraki, led by Pridak, stage a rebellion against Mata Nui, attempting to lead their armies in rebellion against the Great Spirit Mata Nui. In the interests of the Matoran universe as a whole, the Brotherhood of Makuta steps in and crushes the League of Six Kingdoms' uprising. An army led by Makuta Teridax defeats the League's forces in a grand battle.149, 271 The Brotherhood musters this army under the authority of their capacity as a security force.146 Exo-Toa make up part of the Makuta's army.222 Amphibax is present in Ehlek's army.268, 257, 148, 265, 231, 255, 258, 272, 254, 256
  • 80,000 years ago59 The Barraki's armies are crushed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.59
  • The Barraki eventually rebel against the Great Spirit Mata Nui, but their attempt is crushed by a Brotherhood of Makuta army led by Teridax. The Barraki are condemned to the Pit.259 The Brotherhood of Makuta crushes the Barraki rebellion.147
  • Pridak is defiant even in the face of defeat by the Brotherhood and welcomes execution as the only honorable outcome for his failure.254 Before the Barraki can be executed, Botar transports the Barraki to the Pit, as they have been condemned to stay there.257, 312, 148, 265, 231, 255, 258, 272, 254, 256
  • 80,000 years ago Botar banishes the six Barraki to the Pit.1, 313
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta see Botar but do not care enough about the Barraki to attempt to uncover who he works for.314
  • Teridax has no idea who Botar is or why he is interfering.315
  • There are likely other beings already imprisoned in the Pit.316
  • 80,000 years ago The Barraki are banished to the Pit.317 The Barraki are exiled to the Pit for crimes against Mata Nui.251
  • Although Takadox planned to go free for his betrayal, he ends up in the Pit instead.311
  • The Barraki remain imprisoned in the Pit until the Great Cataclysm.257, 272
  • Ehlek keeps his breathing apparatus.318, 319
  • The Barraki, or at least Carapar and Mantax, squabble with each other over the 80,000 years they're trapped in the same place.320
  • The Barraki get to know most of the prisoners that are in the Pit with them over the next 80,000 years.321
  • Jovan is definitely not involved in the battle against the Barraki. Dume likely isn't either.322
  • Toa Hagah aren't part of the army that defeats the Barraki.323

Aftermath of the Barraki's Defeat

  • The Barraki's legions are disbanded.258 All of the League's trade pacts are nullified, and trade with many areas is interrupted.41
  • As word of the League's surrender spreads, the remnants of Kalmah's army sack his fortress.271
  • The Barraki's armies disband. They are not allowed to remain intact.324
  • Mutran and Gorast are sent to Kalmah's fortress in the northwestern regions of the League's territory for what amounts to clean-up duty. The fortress is abandoned, and they find little but debris left. After a while, Gorast spots some stragglers and hunts them down. Meanwhile, Mutran uncovers a carving among the rubble which reveals that Kalmah discovered astonishing behavior among Mutran's Rahi called "blade burrowers." Not only did they defy Mutran's lifespan limit, but when enough of them gathered, they would start to dig tunnels in a very particular pattern which resembled a map of some kind. The pattern consists of two long, curved tunnels running north and south with smaller ones in between them. The nature of this map perplexes Mutran, and the question plagues him long afterwards.271
  • Mutran obsesses over the mystery of the blade burrowers' tunnels. The fact that it appears to be beyond the Brotherhood of Makuta's understanding deeply disturbs him and fills him with foreboding.271
  • At one point, Mutran forces a Toa prisoner to use a Kanohi Rau to communicate with the blade burrowers. He learns that the blade burrowers themselves are also not aware of the significance of their tunnels' design, only that they are compelled to make them in such a way.271
  • Reportedly, Amphibax attempts to search for and rescue Ehlek and loses one of his hands in the process.268
  • Ehlek is not the reason Amphibax loses a hand.325
  • Afterwards, Amphibax wanders beneath the waves, eventually joining the Dark Hunters, who are unaware of his past.326
  • After the League's collapse, Xia continues to produce weapons for anyone who wants them.262, 260
  • Xia's clients eventually include the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Dark Hunters.260

The Makuta Assume the League's Responsibility

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta assumes much of the League of Six Kingdoms' former responsibility of guiding and managing the Matoran.258
  • Over time, the Brotherhood of Makuta's role expands. They become responsible for watching over the lands and seas of the Matoran universe. They lead armies which crush internal threats to Mata Nui. While Mata Nui focuses on matters of cosmic importance, the Makuta are responsible for the day-to-day safety of the universe. The exploits of the Toa are laughable in comparison to the Makuta's power to create and destroy. The Makuta expect to receive some recognition from the Matoran, but the Matoran seem to reserve their admiration only for Mata Nui, a being who is far removed from them. This breeds jealousy and hatred among the Makuta toward Mata Nui, and they desire to see Mata Nui humbled.145
  • For a long time, the Makuta feel that they should be running the universe, not the Great Spirit Mata Nui. They believe that since they are smarter and more powerful than anyone else, the rest of the beings in the universe should exist to serve them.147
  • Shortly after the Barraki rebellion, Makuta Teridax begins to consider the possibility of seizing power for himself. According to legend, Makuta covets the devotion the Matoran show for Mata Nui and wants it for himself.149 The battle with the League plants the idea in Makuta's mind that it might be possible to overthrow and replace Mata Nui, and that the Brotherhood of Makuta is best suited to make the attempt. He believes that he can succeed where the Barraki failed and rule the universe.146, 137 After Teridax's defeat of the Barraki, he begins to ponder if overthrowing the Great Spirit might be possible.278 After the Barraki rebellion, Teridax beings thinking about seizing power.144
  • Makuta Teridax sets in motion events that will eventually lead to Mata Nui's falling into an unending sleep.149
  • 80,000 years before the Toa Inika reach the Chamber of Life Teridax gets his first idea to overthrow Mata Nui.327

Jovan's Toa Team is Formed

  • 80,000 years ago Toa Jovan's team of Toa is formed, and they watch over a certain region.328, 329
  • 80,000 years ago330, 331 Zamor spheres and zamor sphere launchers are in use as weapons as early as this time, when Toa Jovan and his group use them.330, 331
  • During the time of Jovan The Makuta aren't "bad guys".332
  • Roughly 20,000 years after the first Toa team Jovan is active. He doesn't know the first Toa team personally.333
  • Jovan's team is formed before Dume's.334

79,500 Years Ago

The Matoran Civil War and the Great Disruption

  • 79,500 years ago1 A Matoran civil war sparks the Great Disruption.1
  • 79,500 Years Ago41 500 years after the defeat of the League of Six Kingdoms335 Over 79,000 years ago336 The Great Disruption41, or Matoran Civil War.336 Matoran civil war breaks out in Metru Nui.41, 335 The tensions begin as a simple dispute over boundaries and trade between Ta-Metru and Po-Metru.335, 336 They escalate when Po-Matoran sink some of the transport barges and Ta-Matoran destroy a Po-Metru warehouse with molten protodermis. Onu-Metru sides with Ta-Metru, and Le-Metru sides with Po-Metru. The Ko-Matoran attempt to intervene but are rebuffed, pushing them to Po-Metru's side. The Ga-Matoran's efforts to remain neutral fail miserably, and they eventually side with Ta-Metru and Onu-Metru.335 Tensions quickly spread to include the entire city.336
  • Work grinds to a halt as arguments evolve into pitched battles. Entire blocks of streets are badly damaged or destroyed. With no Toa stationed on Metru Nui, and its Turaga ineffective, it seems that nothing can halt the destruction.335
  • Mutran is highly amused by the Metru Nui Matoran's pitiful attempts to make war with each other. Mutran takes advantage of the disorder in Metru Nui to slip in new Rahi into the city to test their destructive potential.335
  • The Great Disruption. A 400-year period of Matoran civil war takes place on Metru Nui.337 Battles rage over four centuries, during which virtually no work is done in the city.336
  • During the Great Disruption, Mata Nui is weakened and slowed.338
  • Mata Nui weakens because the Matoran of Metru Nui are at war and not working. This is why Jovan's team has to seek the Mask of Life to heal him.339
  • The Great Disruption isn't exactly the aftermath of the Matoran Civil War, as it occurs while the war is happening. After the war, the Matoran go back to work.340
  • Around 79,500 years before story year 2007 The Matoran Civil War and Great Disruption occur.341
  • The Matoran Civil War is confined to the city of Metru Nui.342

79,100 Years Ago

Teridax Ends the Matoran Civil War; Mutran Meets with Tren Krom

  • Teridax is dispatched to deal with the disruption.343
  • After the Metru Nui Matoran civil war is well underway, Miserix gives Mutran the task of meeting with the legendary Tren Krom.335 The reason for this meeting is to ascertain whether Tren Krom poses a threat to the lands which the Makuta watch over, given Tren Krom's immense power. The Brotherhood chooses to send Mutran because of his pre-existing inclination toward madness.60 Miserix sends Mutran to meet with Tren Krom.61
  • 79,100 Years Ago41 The Archives Massacre and the end of the Matoran civil war in Metru Nui. Miserix orders Teridax to step in and stop the fighting in Metru Nui. By this time, Teridax is already contemplating the overthrow of Mata Nui. In what is probably meant as a display of the Makuta's ability to impose order, Teridax seals large numbers of the opposing armies in the Archives and unleashes the exhibits on them. Naturally, this event damages the Brotherhood's reputation in the eyes of the Matoran and proves troublesome to clean up after. However, the Matoran stop fighting, and the war ends.335 The intervention of Makuta Teridax finally brings an end to the war.336 The Brotherhood of Makuta stops the Matoran Civil War in Metru Nui.147
  • By the time the Archives Massacre takes place, Mutran is well to the south, heading for his meeting with Tren Krom.335 He follows half-remembered stories told by the mad until he finds the island where Tren Krom resides, which has not welcomed a visitor in thousands of years.60
  • Mutran finds Tren Krom in a cavern on the island. Mutran has a horrifying encounter with Tren Krom which almost drives him completely insane. When Mutran meets Tren Krom, Tren Krom is intrigued by something in his mind, and he proceeds to invasively probe Mutran's mind telepathically. Mutran, expecting to die, sees the reality of what Tren Krom is, which is so painful that he thinks death would be a relief. Eventually, Mutran blacks out.60 While with Tren Krom, Mutran sees into Tren Krom's mind while Tren Krom is reading his own and learns much of the nature of the Great Spirit and the universe.61
  • Mutran later wakes up on the deserted beach of Tren Krom's island. There is no sign of Tren Krom or the cavern where Mutran met him. Gathering his wits, Mutran realizes that as a result of his encounter with Tren Krom, he now understands how and why the Matoran universe works. Furthermore, he realizes that Makuta Teridax's plan to overthrow Mata Nui is possible. This information will prove vital to Teridax's plans in the future.60 The knowledge Mutran gained from Tren Krom makes him realize it would be possible to overthrow Mata Nui one day and seize power.61
  • Tren Krom and Mutran enter each other's minds. As a result of this encounter, Mutran learns how best to strike at Mata Nui.59

Aftermath of the Matoran Civil War

  • The Order of Mata Nui banishes the leaders of the civil war to the Pit.41 The war leaders disappear, and not even the Brotherhood knows what has become of them, except that perhaps they suffered the same fate as the Barraki.335
  • The Order of Mata Nui places an agent in Metru Nui to head off future problems where possible.41
  • The leaders of the Matoran Civil War are banished to the Pit.344
  • The Order of Mata Nui banishes the leaders of the Matoran Civil War to the Pit.345

The Makuta Are Assigned Regions

  • As a result of the Matoran civil war in Metru Nui, Miserix decides to assign each Makuta to watch over a particular region.335, 146 The Brotherhood decides that a Makuta will watch over all inhabited regions of the universe to ensure that such a thing will not happen again.336 Their duty is to monitor the environment, protect the Matoran, and provide support and guidance to the Toa, while still carrying out their primary role of creating whatever is needed to keep the universe in order.146 He assigns the prize of Metru Nui to Teridax. Mutran is assigned the center section of the Matoran mainland.335 After the Matoran civil war, the Makuta's roles change. Their leader, Miserix, decides that one Makuta should be assigned to oversee each region of the universe. The intent is to make sure that no more disruptions to the Matoran labors will occur. The Makuta become active in stopping threats to the peace, such as the Barraki [sic].144
  • Gorast purposely chooses one of the most dangerous and difficult areas to rule, the section of the southern [sic, northern] continent that includes the fearsome Tren Krom Peninsula. She alone dares to challenge the acid falls and does battle with the monstrous creations of Tren Krom himself.62
  • Teridax makes his laboratory in the Great Barrier himself.346

Teridax Deposes Miserix as Leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta

  • Mutran returns from his meeting with Tren Krom and shares the knowledge he gained with Teridax, who listens to it without comment.347 Teridax learns from Mutran that overthrowing the Great Spirit can be done, although it would take a being of great skill and daring to achieve it. Teridax is convinced that he is that being.278
  • Shortly afterward, without requesting permission from Miserix, Teridax demands a Convocation, something which no Makuta other than Miserix has ever done. This sets Teridax at odds with Miserix from the start.347
  • Teridax knows from the beginning that his actions might result in Mata Nui's death. He anticipates this, and although he does not need Mata Nui dead, he believes that he has outlived his usefulness, too big and unfit for survival in the modern universe. Teridax rationalizes that taking Mata Nui's rule, even his life, would be to show mercy to all those who live there. For too long, they have been directionless, lost without their Great Spirit. Now they will have purpose again: the greater glory of Makuta Teridax.348
  • At first, Teridax's ambitions are relatively small. He seeks only to disable Mata Nui and show the Matoran whom they should truly be worshiping. Teridax proposes this plan to his brothers, but as expected, Makuta Miserix refuses to agree to the idea. Teridax knows that it is time to take the final step. He challenges Miserix's leadership, and others stand with Teridax. Miserix is forced from power, and Teridax takes over leadership of the Brotherhood. Teridax's first command is Miserix's execution, along with those of the Makuta who supported him.278 Miserix is overthrown by Teridax.144
  • At the Convocation, Teridax reveals his Plan for the first time. He states his idea briefly and clearly: to overthrow Mata Nui and seize control of the universe. Some Makuta, including Gorast and Bitil, immediately agree with the idea. Vamprah and Krika keep their silence. Other Makuta raise objections; Teridax listens intently to their concerns, although Mutran notes that he is most likely memorizing those who oppose him for later. Miserix, seeing Teridax's insolence as a naked bid to take over leadership of the Brotherhood, finally rises from the head of the table and knocks Teridax partly through a wall with a blast of shadow energy. Mutran starts moving to help Teridax up, but Miserix's glare dissuades him. Miserix denounces Teridax's plan as treasonous and reckless, pointing out that he cannot hope to match Mata Nui's power. Teridax states that he is willing to risk the destruction of the universe itself in order to lead the Brotherhood to supremacy.347
  • Teridax and Miserix come to blows, and after they quickly reach a stalemate, Teridax invites the other Makuta to vote between Miserix and himself for leadership of the Brotherhood. Gorast and Bitil immediately come to Teridax's side, then Vamprah, Antroz, Chirox, and Spiriah follow.347 Spiriah is one of the first to join Teridax's side.59 With some hesitation, but knowing that the Plan can work, Mutran joins Teridax as well. More Makuta join Teridax; Krika and Icarax are the last to do so. Only a small number of Makuta side with Miserix. Seeing that they are outnumbered, those beside Miserix move somewhat reluctantly to Teridax's side, leaving Miserix alone. Teridax proclaims his leadership of the Brotherhood and immediately sentences Miserix to death, commanding Krika and Spiriah to carry out the task. Miserix rebukes the other Makuta for their foolishness and promises vengeance. Teridax disregards him and instead starts discussing how best to strike against Mata Nui with Chirox and Mutran. Krika and Spiriah quickly haul Miserix out of the room.347
  • The Makuta assigned to Metru Nui comes up with an incredible plan to overthrow Mata Nui and seize power. Most of the Brotherhood agrees to follow his plan.147
  • There are likely Makuta who don't jump on board the bandwagon fast enough. They are killed.349

Krika Imprisons Miserix on Artidax

  • Unbeknownst to Teridax, Krika disobeys his orders and merely imprisons Miserix on the island of Artidax rather than having him executed.278
  • Krika rigs the sands of Artidax to react to the presence of a Makuta by attacking it. This is to keep Miserix from escaping or a Brotherhood member from finding him and finishing him off.59
  • Miserix is overthrown as leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta and is imprisoned on the volcanic island of Artidax. Miserix is ordered executed, but Makuta Krika instead chains him up on the island of Artidax, leaving behind traps for those who might try to free him.59
  • After Miserix is eliminated, the Brotherhood of Makuta publicly claims that he has died in a Rahi creation accident.350

Toa Jovan's Team Uses the Mask of Life

  • As a result of the Great Disruption and the 400-year lack of Matoran labor in Metru Nui, Mata Nui is so weakened that Toa Jovan and his team must be dispatched to retrieve and use the Ignika to revive the Great Spirit's failing energies.337, 336
  • Thousands and thousands of years ago Jovan leads the first Toa team to find the Kanohi Mask of Life.351
  • Some 80,000 years ago71, 352 In the one time the Ignika is removed from its resting place, Toa Jovan leads his team to retrieve the Ignika in order to save the life of Mata Nui, or serve a similar purpose. Its successful use results in the death of one of the Toa. Afterwards, the Toa return the Ignika to its resting place on Voya Nui.71, 352, 353 Over the course of 100,000 years, the Ignika is taken from its resting place only once. This takes place when the Matoran Civil War badly weakens Mata Nui and a Toa team led by Jovan must retrieve and use the mask.72
  • Jovan's team encounters guardians such as Umbra, Axonn, and Brutaka.354
  • The Ignika basically leads Jovan's team to where it needs to be used.355
  • Jovan's team uses the Ignika at the Codrex.356
  • A member of Jovan's Toa team wears an Olmak, which allows them to escape Karda Nui ahead of the storm.357
  • Jovan transforms into a Turaga and becomes the leader of Voya Nui's region.352 Jovan becomes Turaga of Voya Nui.351 After completing their mission, the surviving members of Jovan's Toa team become Turaga.358
  • After their mission is completed, the surviving members of Jovan's team become Turaga.359
  • The other members of Jovan's team leave and go other places as Voya Nui doesn't require six Turaga any more than Metru Nui does.360
  • Jovan's team is not influenced by Makuta in any way.361
  • Jovan's team's mission to revive Mata Nui is related to the Metru Nui civil war.362
  • More than 79,000 years before story year 2007 Jovan's team uses the Mask of Life.363
  • The Mask of Life seals off the entrance to the 777 stairs.364
  • Jovan never touches the Ignika.365

The Visorak Are Created

  • The being later known as Tobduk, and others of his kind, live on an island to the east of Destral's location as of story year 2008. It is a simple place, where a few of them try to get by day to day, only encountering a little Rahi trouble from time to time.366
  • One day, a Makuta arrives on Tobduk's island, wanting to conduct an experiment. The Makuta mixes some things together and produces a big spider: a Visorak. After creating a lot more of them, the Makuta unleashes the Visorak on Tobduk's village, wanting to see what they can do. The Visorak devastate the village in minutes. Afterwards, the Makuta renames the island Visorak in honor of the new creatures.366
  • Tobduk and a few others escape from the island. They get to Nynrah, and from there, to Stelt.366
  • By the time Tobduk reaches Stelt, the horror of all that he has seen has changed him. The Order of Mata Nui takes him in and gives him the name "Tobduk," which means "survivor." Tobduk finds this ironic, since his old self did not survive emotionally.366

Teridax Purges the Brotherhood of Makuta

  • Over the year following the Convocation, Gorast and Icarax hunt down and eliminate all Makuta who stood by Miserix's side. Teridax has their masks nailed to the wall of the Convocation Chamber as a warning to others. Curiously, Miserix's mask is missing.347
  • Those who do not agree to follow Teridax's plan meet with fatal "accidents."147
  • Some 80,000 years ago145 Sitting on his obsidian throne, Makuta Teridax explains to the rest of the Brotherhood his labyrinthine schemes, which extend even beyond Mata Nui's defeat. His plan draws in multiple Toa teams, Dark Hunters, Bohrok, Visorak, and more. Despite all of these complexities, the plan is also elegantly simple. Teridax compares the plan to the hunting strategy of a Rahi called a water wraith – winning by losing.145 Teridax once tells his assembled brothers that there are times when one can only win by losing – or, at least, appearing to lose.367
  • Spiriah apparently learns of details of the Plan before his exile. According to him, if the Makuta succeed in their Plan, Makuta will rule the universe, their will enforced by Rahkshi. Anyone with the power to threaten their rule will be killed.59
  • Teridax sets to work crafting the virus that will send Mata Nui into an unending sleep.278
  • Not long after the Matoran Civil War Some Makuta start recruiting teams of Toa Hagah to serve as their personal bodyguards.368

79,000 Years Ago

Golden Age of Metru Nui

  • 79,000 Years Ago41 A Golden Age of peace and prosperity begins on Metru Nui.41
  • One of the major discoveries to come out of the Ko-Metru Knowledge Towers is the means to make Kanoka disks from liquid protodermis. Working together with protodermis labs in Ga-Metru, scholars perfect the process. Kanoka disks rapidly become a part of daily life in Metru Nui.369
  • The Great Temple is constructed. Kanohi Masks of Power are now stored in the Great Temple rather than the Coliseum storage room, which continues to hold other important items.44

75,000 Years Ago

Spiriah Comes to Zakaz

  • Dume is probably pretty far from being one of the first Toa.370
  • After Dume is created the Skakdi who will become the Piraka are created.371
  • After the Barraki are imprisoned The beings who will become the Piraka come into existence.372
  • Some 75,000 years ago373 Zakaz is a thriving island. Its native inhabitants, the Skakdi, live in relative peace among one another and with their neighbors.373
  • About 70,000 years ago374 In the distant past, a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta visits the island of Zakaz under the pretense of being a renegade from the organization. Although the Brotherhood claims at the time that he is a renegade, the Order of Mata Nui later believes that he probably came under orders all along.373, 375
  • Seeing the Skakdi as a potential army, this Makuta begins tampering with them in an effort to create better soldiers. Although his exact means are unclear, he tampers with the natural order on Zakaz.373, 375
  • The Skakdi's elemental powers are restricted to only working in tandem as a way to force them to work together.376

Civilization on Zakaz Collapses

  • As a result of this Makuta's actions, as years pass, the Skakdi start to exhibit special abilities. These consist of vision-based powers (such as heat vision, impact vision, etc.), and elemental powers which can only be used when working together.373, 375
  • Meanwhile, the Order of Mata Nui does not hold the Brotherhood in suspicion. Although they have the power to stop this process from happening, the Order trusts the Brotherhood of Makuta to maintain order on Zakaz.373
  • The Makuta staying on Zakaz leaves, planning to return later. He leaves Visorak spiders to watch over the island in his absence. The Skakdi rise up and quickly wipe them out.373
  • The Skakdi then turn on each other. Their newfound powers have made them more aggressive and destructive than ever before. Minor disputes turn into super-powered battles, which escalate into full-scale destruction. Widespread conflict ensues, and civil wars break out all over the island. Empires come into being in mere days and collapse just as quickly. Government and laws break down, and chaos sweeps the island.374, 375, 373
  • By the time the Makuta returns to check up on his experiment, Zakaz is at war with itself.373
  • This member of the Brotherhood of Makuta leaves the organization after a spectacular failure with regard to the island of Zakaz and remains in hiding until near the present day.148 Spiriah is barred from the Brotherhood of Makuta, blamed for the failed experiment that resulted in the savage and uncontrollable Skakdi.144
  • Makuta Spiriah goes on the run from the Brotherhood of Makuta ever since an experiment on the island of Zakaz goes horribly wrong.377
  • Makuta Spiriah fouls up an experiment on the island of Zakaz so badly that his own people (the Brotherhood of Makuta) mark him for death.59
  • Spiriah meets defeat and disgrace on Zakaz when his grand experiment there fails, because the inhabitants are too savage to know what to do with his gifts. Spiriah is cast out of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and he blames the inhabitants of Zakaz.59
  • Krika replaces Spiriah as Makuta of Zakaz, adopting it in addition to his own territory.378
  • When Spiriah is exiled, his Toa Hagah are transferred to other duties.379
  • The Brotherhood ultimately never recruits the Skakdi in large numbers, regarding them as too violent and unstable to serve anyone for long.373 Instead, they have Zakaz quarantined. Only the Dark Hunters ever dare to venture there to recruit the occasional Skakdi.374, 375, 373
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta seals off Zakaz by making it known that anyone going there will be in a lot of trouble, and dispatching their agents to keep an eye on the place.380
  • The Skakdi make a few attempts to invade and conquer other lands, but Toa beat them back.373
  • Ages ago, Tahtorak live in herds that span hundreds of kios. Over time, the land bridges they cross disintegrate, stranding them wherever they happen to be. A large number end up on Zakaz, serving as mounts for the Skakdi.373
  • A dying Tahtorak reveals to a member of the Order of Mata Nui that the Tahtorak intend to wipe out the Skakdi eventually, but are willing to wait for the moment when it will be most satisfying.373
  • The future Piraka leave Zakaz in search of wealth, which can be found easier elsewhere.381

Shadow Stealer Joins the Dark Hunters

  • No longer part of the Hand of Artakha, Shadow Stealer joins the Dark Hunters seeking adventure. The relationship is a stormy one, since the Dark Hunters' goals and his own are so vastly different.29
  • Shadow Stealer turns to the Dark Hunters for purpose. The Shadowed One initially dispatches him to the farthest reaches of the universe on a mission that is supposed to take years to complete. Shadow Stealer finishes the task in days, then starts working his way back to Odina ever since, defeating Toa and Dark Hunters as he goes. Shadow Stealer becomes a mysterious, legendary figure who hates other Dark Hunters and eliminates their less efficient members. The Shadowed One expects that he will eventually make it back to his very gate for a final confrontation.32
  • After his first mission, Shadow Stealer decides to strike out on his own.29
  • The Shadowed One hears a rumor that the Brotherhood of Makuta attempted to hire another Dark Hunter to eliminate Shadow Stealer.32

Avak Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Avak is originally employed as a jailer on Zakaz. He uses his powers to imprison Dark Hunters and other beings.382
  • Avak captures and imprisons a Dark Hunter using his special power to create prisons with his mind. A subsequent Dark Hunter mission takes place; when Avak is defeated, the imprisonment fades away. Interesting in making use of Avak's ability, the Dark Hunters bring Avak back to Odina.383
  • Shortly afterward, Avak is recruited by the Dark Hunters.382
  • As a jailer, Avak opposes the Dark Hunters in some way. Because he has skill the Dark Hunters can use, he is recruited rather than killed.295
  • Once among the Dark Hunters, Avak is almost immediately a problem. He complains, questions authority, and schemes against his superiors. In return, Avak is sent on numerous dangerous missions and subjected to a number of sessions with the masters of pain. Somehow, he survives all of this.383

Before the Toa-Dark Hunter War Avak joins the Dark Hunters.384

Reidak Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Reidak comes from a small island off the coast of Zakaz.385 Reidak's home island is once home to a thriving civilization. This changes when Reidak has a minor argument with an order enforcement officer. This escalates into a series of disputes with local officials. Following this, Reidak has a screaming match with the city overseer. Before long, the entire city is destroyed. Those who do not flee the island meet their demise.386
  • Reidak destroys the structures on the island, not the physical island itself.387
  • The Dark Hunters find Reidak alone on his home island.386 After a dispute on the island of Zakaz results in the destruction of one of the few settlements still standing there, Reidak joins the Dark Hunters.388 The Dark Hunters report what had happened to the Shadowed One.386
  • In a fit of temper, Reidak destroys an entire island civilization. Right afterwards, the Dark Hunters recruit him.295
  • After joining the Dark Hunters, Reidak carries out a number of smash-and-grab missions. He exhibits an unwillingness to plan and a disregard for stealth.386
  • Reidak destroys a portion of Zakaz.389

Thok Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Thok attempts to steal the weapons of three Dark Hunters who are on a mission near a Brotherhood of Makuta fortress. Thok freezes them and tries to get away with their weapons. He fails, but the Dark Hunters choose not to execute him but take him back to the Shadowed One. Thok is recruited into the Dark Hunters.390, 391
  • As a thief, Thok opposes the Dark Hunters by trying to steal from them. Because he has skills the Dark Hunters can use, he is recruited rather than killed.295
  • The Shadowed One quickly discovers that Thok is brilliant, arrogant, and does not work well with others. He turns out to be an excellent hunter of Toa.390

Zaktan Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Several thousand years before Zaktan's revolt392 The Shadowed One personally recruits Zaktan into the Dark Hunters.393 Zaktan is working as a slave in a protodermis mine when the Shadowed One first encounters him.393, 392, 394 The Shadowed One sees potential to mold Zaktan into a fearsome Dark Hunter.393
  • It is later rumored that Zaktan is a slave in a protodermis mine – practically a death sentence – when the Shadowed One finds him.295
  • The Shadowed One oversees Zaktan's training and teaches him to lie, manipulate, and strike without warning. He then assigns him to lead a team devoted to capturing and eliminating Toa.393
  • Zaktan is secretive and antisocial, and he makes few friends in the Dark Hunters.392 He is constantly being reminded that he could go back to being a slave in an instant if the Shadowed One willed it.295
  • Before the Toa-Dark Hunter War Zaktan joins the Dark Hunters.395

60,000 Years Ago

The Time Slip

  • The general population is unaware what will happen during the Time Slip before it starts. If anyone knew what would happen, they would still remember after the Time Slip was over.396
  • 60,000 Years Ago41 The Time Slip.41 Tens of thousands of years ago, the Order of Mata Nui works with Mata Nui to engineer a six-month Time Slip. During the Time Slip, the Order of Mata Nui seeds Av-Matoran on various islands in disguise in order to protect them from possible future actions by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Takua is transported to Metru Nui disguised as a Ta-Matoran and given false memories of a life in the city. After the Time Slip, no one in the universe, except for members of the Order of Mata Nui, remembers events during that span of time.131, 105, 397, 398 Afterwards, this event appears to be a six-month period which no in the universe can remember and about which no historical records exist.41 The Order of Mata Nui takes Av-Matoran (including Takua), brainwashes them to forget their identities, and scatters them throughout the universe, including Metru Nui. This is a safety measure, in case the Brotherhood of Makuta should ever rebel and try to wipe out the Av-Matoran. All of this takes place during a six-month period which the Order calls the "time slip," the events of which no one but they can remember.399
  • 60,000 years ago1 Time Slip. This is a six-month period which no one in the universe can recall and about which no historical records exist.1
  • A number of Av-Matoran disappear. What the rest of the tribe never discovers is that they have been taken by the Order of Mata Nui, brainwashed into forgetting they are Av-Matoran, and placed in different geographic areas. This is meant to ensure that some Av-Matoran will survive if ever a threat to the main tribe should occur.7 These Av-Matoran are relocated from the Av-Matoran homeland.400
  • 60,000 years ago1 The Order of Mata Nui scatters Matoran of Light, in disguise, to various areas of the universe. Takua is placed on Metru Nui.1
  • Takua is "selected to" go to Metru Nui.401
  • The Order of Mata Nui likely know Takua will become a Toa of Light because they serve Mata Nui and he is the one who determines destiny.402
  • Takua is disguised to be able to live among the Matoran of Metru Nui without being obviously different. Therefore, the color of his mechanical parts is changed.403
  • Takua is made multicolored perhaps because the recoloring work is done by someone who isn't sure what Ta-Matoran of Metru Nui look like.404
  • The other Matoran of Light aren't disguised like Takua is.405
  • Some Matoran of Light aren't relocated.406
  • The only relocated Matoran who is destined to become a Toa of Light is Takua.407
  • Takua is not given a new name; his legitimate name truly is Takua.408
  • Takua is relocated to Metru Nui under the guise of a Ta-Matoran during the six months of the Time Slip.409
  • Takua's relocation is not the only event to take place during the Time Slip.410
  • The purpose of the Time Slip is to relocate Takua and do other things that needed doing.411
  • Mata Nui is responsible for wiping everyone's minds.412
  • Mata Nui causes the Time Slip in cooperation with the Order of Mata Nui.413
  • Takua doesn't have memories of his life as a Matoran of Light and does not know he is one.414
  • The Order of Mata Nui continues to remember the events of the Time Slip.415
  • Most of the Matoran of Light remain in a centralized area.416
  • Beings retain their memories from before the Time Slip.417
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta is not evil during the Time Slip.418
  • The Great Beings are no longer in the universe.419

Intervening Years

The Makuta Evolve

  • Around 50,000 to 30,000 years ago420, 421 Over time, the Makuta evolve so that their muscle and tissue turn to pure energy.144
  • At some point, Mutran and Bitil visit Destral to lay plans in support of Teridax's Plan. While they discuss how unfortunate it is that so much depends on the support of Makuta Kojol, Bitil notices that he is suddenly unable to move, as if all of his muscles have turned to liquid. Mutran soon notices that the same thing is happening to him.422
  • The same liquefying happens to all of the Makuta at once. Amid their panic, Chirox starts carrying out tests to determine what is happening. Chirox pulls away some of Kojol's armor to find a greenish black mist rising from inside. He catches a sample and crudely patches the armor.422
  • Chirox is the one who discovers that the Makuta have evolved from organic to energy and that they can now possess other bodies in this form.423
  • After extensive tests, Chirox informs the other Makuta that their bodies have evolved from muscle and tissue into pure energy; the green mist is all that remains of their bodies. As a result, they will no longer need to eat, need to breathe, or age. However, if a Makuta's energy disperses, his consciousness will disappear, and he will die. Therefore, it is critical that they protect the armor which contains their essence. Mutran resents the fact that Chirox has discovered this information before himself.422
  • Teridax immediately orders the Nynrah ghosts to be brought to Destral in order to modify the Makuta's armor to take advantage of their new bodies. The Makuta's lack of a solid body mass allows the Nynrah ghosts to add additional layers of protosteel where none would have fit before.422 The Makuta house their energy in protosteel armor. Although the energy can dissipate if outside of a body for too long, the change makes the Makuta much more difficult to physically harm.144
  • The Makuta evolve past the point of needing physical bodies.148
  • All Brotherhood of Makuta members evolve past the point of having physical bodies.424
  • The Makuta evolve into pure energy well before they strike at Mata Nui. The evolution was not a result of them changing their plans.425
  • Teridax had a physical body at one time, but evolved past the point of needing it.426
  • Chirox struggles for a long time to develop a flying serpent with just the right amount of exterior slime to allow it to slither through small crevices, while not so much that it leaves a trail. Knowing this, Mutran develops a version of his own and names it the Lohrak to spite him.422
  • At some point, Chirox discovers that as a result of the Makuta's new form, they can inhabit and take control of empty robotic bodies. Chirox disguises himself inside of an Exo-Toa, and finds Mutran wandering through the fortress. Chirox takes Mutran by surprise and attacks him. Mutran retaliates by tearing the Exo-Toa's arm off, at which point Chirox, in gaseous form, slinks back to his body in another chamber. Although the thought of preventing Chirox from reaching his armor before dying crosses his mind, Mutran leaves him alone because he is eager to show him his new Lohrak.422

Dark Hunter Activity

Sentrakh Is Experimented On

  • Sentrakh is alive before the Shadowed One performs experiments on him.427
  • The Shadowed One once conducts certain experiments in an effort to create more loyal and obedient Dark Hunters. The result of this is his most loyal servant, Sentrakh, who becomes neither living nor dead but instead inhabits a shadow state somewhere in between. However, Sentrakh's memory is erased in the process, and he must be re-educated. Because of the time required to re-educate him, the Shadowed One considers future use of this process ill-advised.428

Airwatcher Joins the Dark Hunters

  • A pair of Dark Hunters arrive at Airwatcher's native land on a mission. Airwatcher attacks them and kills one of the agents. The other agent captures Airwatcher and brings him back to the Shadowed One. The Shadowed One quickly convinces Airwatcher to work for him as an alternative to execution and dispatches him to patrol the northern mountains of Odina.429

Charger Gets His Axe

  • Charger loots an axe capable of absorbing and redirecting elemental energy from a Toa.430

Conjurer Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Conjurer is the warrior-king of a southern island far to the south of Voya Nui.431, 432 He gains and hold power thanks to sophisticated technology which makes it appear to his Matoran subjects as if he has magical powers. Conjurer relishes his power but is unable to expand his kingdom because of the extremely limited military power of his Matoran population.432
  • When presented with the opportunity to add to his power and wealth by becoming a Dark Hunter, Conjurer leaps at the chance and joins the Dark Hunters.431, 432 As a Dark Hunter, he continues to masquerade as a mysterious loner in touch with supernatural forces, although the Shadowed One knows better. He also schemes to take over the Dark Hunters, unaware that the Shadowed One is far more powerful than he.432

Gatherer Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Gatherer is a Matoran leader renowned for his honesty and fairness. When he becomes an obstacle to Dark Hunter operations in his area, the Shadowed One orders his capture. Somehow, the Shadowed One forcibly persuades him to join the ranks of the Dark Hunters, augmenting him with abilities to use against their enemies.433
  • The Shadowed One transforms a Matoran into an armored colossus in the service of the Dark Hunters known as Gatherer.434

Gladiator Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Gladiator is an arena fighter on Stelt. He is always a crowd favorite, beating native opponents and prisoners from other islands.435
  • One night, during a particularly fierce battle, Gladiator loses control and goes on a rampage. At least a dozen of Krekka's species are summoned to bring him down, but he demolishes them all. It takes a half a precinct's worth of guards to stop him finally. Gladiator's power and skill attract the attention of a Dark Hunter. On his own initiative, that Dark Hunter breaks Gladiator out of prison and takes him back to Odina for recruitment.435
  • Gladiator, a native of Stelt and a warrior in the arena, is freed from prison by a Dark Hunter. He is recruited into the Dark Hunters.436
  • Gladiator at first proves difficult to control, but his hunger for battle outweighs his hatred of authority, and he becomes another asset to the Dark Hunters.435

Guardian Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Guardian originally comes from an island wracked by conflict. His tribe is betrayed by one of their own and delivered into the hands of their enemies. Guardian is injured in a Rhotuka spinner crossfire and left for dead. A Dark Hunter stumbles across him and, seeing a potential ally, restores him to health.437
  • Before 3,500 years ago, as evidenced in Dark Mirror 438 Back on Odina, Guardian is recruited into the Dark Hunters. He is outfitted with new weapons and given a new purpose: to silence captured Dark Hunters before they can divulge information to their enemies.437

The Hordika Dragons Are Created

  • Some time ago A small group of Visorak spiders comes to Odina. The Shadowed One has them captured and their venom analyzed. The Shadowed One eagerly tests the substance by selecting eight of his Dark Hunters and having them exposed to it. These Dark Hunters are mutated and become the lizard-like Hordika Dragons.439

Lurker Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Lurker is banished from his home island for the crime of murder.440, 441
  • Rather than striking back at his former neighbors, Lurker strikes out on his own. He survives for years on his own, which hones his natural skills as a hunter and fighter. He starts accepting any job he can get, some of which would have otherwise gone to Dark Hunters.441
  • Not wanting competition, the Shadowed One recruits Lurker into the Dark Hunters.441 Lurker accepts the offer and receives new equipment and armor.440, 441 Given a choice as to what types of improvements he receives, Lurker rejects weapons in favor of more basic equipment: stingers, blades, and claws. Additionally, he has two Kanohi mounted on his shoulders to look like trophies of combat.441

Mimic Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Mimic's home island suffers a natural disaster. Afterwards, Mimic and his female friend work together to survive. Along the way, Mimic discovers that he has photographic reflexes. Shortly after learning this, his friend mysteriously disappears. Desperate to find her, Mimic begins a long and fruitless search.442
  • The Shadowed One easily convinces Mimic that in return for his services, he will put his Dark Hunters to work trying to find his friend. Mimic becomes an effective operative, willing to work as long as his friend remains missing. What only the Shadowed One and Sentrakh know is that his friend is being held in one of the dungeons beneath the Shadowed One's fortress.442

Phantom Joins the Dark Hunters

  • The being later known as the Dark Hunter "Phantom" is originally a humble crafter from an island far from Metru Nui which has no Toa. His people feel the need for a hero and select him for a "rebuilding project." After numerous experiments, including exposure to a variant of energized protodermis, the subject emerges with increased strength, the power of limited flight, dramatically improved eyesight, and the ability to turn invisible. His career as a hero, however, is short-lived. The locals are ashamed and frightened of what they have done and shun him.443
  • Disheartened and without purpose, Phantom is easily recruited into the Dark Hunters. His conscience proves to make him of limited use on missions.443

Primal Joins the Dark Hunters

  • The Dark Hunter Primal's species is largely wiped out by the Visorak.444
  • Before 3,500 years ago, as evidenced in Dark Mirror 438 Primal is a warrior from a savage tribe whose land is overrun by the Visorak. He successfully leads a small band of survivors in battle against the Visorak long enough to come to the attention of the Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One recruits all of the warriors in the band. He then betrays the position of the rest to the Visorak in order to tie up loose ends.445
  • From the start, Primal proves difficult among the Dark Hunters. He refuses any biomechanical implants, accepting only a small paralysis device implanted under his skin. He collects trophies from his hunts. After a short time, he starts refusing to take missions that do not hold the promise of a good trophy. Despite Primal's general lack of cooperation, the Shadowed One tolerates him for the time being because of his effectiveness.445

Ravager Joins the Dark Hunters

  • The Dark Hunters find Ravager wandering on a rock coastline, apparently with no memory of where he came from or who he was.446
  • Ravager is brought to Odina. He escapes his handlers and proceeds to destroy roughly one-third of the base. The Shadowed One chooses not to have him executed; on the contrary, he is pleased that such a powerful and violent being has come his way.446
  • The Shadowed One presses Ravager hard to remember his past, hoping to find other beings like him to have under his command, but without success. It becomes obvious early on that Ravager responds to inactivity by destroying his surroundings. For this reason, the Shadowed One keeps him constantly on missions away from Odina.446

Cordak Blasters Change Hands

  • Cordak blasters are designed and built for the jailer and Pit guard to use in case of an escape attempt.447
  • Cordak blasters are designed on Xia and sold to the Dark Hunters.448
  • Order of Mata Nui agents steal the Dark Hunters' Cordak blasters. They are stored in Voya Nui.448

The Staff of Artakha Is Stolen

  • Long ago, the Dark Hunters steal the Staff of Artakha from its hidden location in the Archives.449
  • Later, the Shadowed One gives the Staff of Artakha to the residents of Xia in payment for a supply of weapons.450

The Spear of Fusion Is Discovered; Prototype Is Created

  • A Dark Hunter discovers a weapon (the Spear of Fusion451) which he believes will be effective against Toa.452 The Dark Hunters steal the Spear of Fusion from its original creators.453
  • Wanting to demonstrate the power of the Spear of Fusion, the Dark Hunter who discovered it tracks down a Toa of Fire and a Toa of Earth and blasts them just as they are merging their forms. Instead of destroying them, the weapon fuses the two Toa together permanently and drives them mad. The merged being will later become the Dark Hunter Prototype.452, 454
  • Prototype goes on a rampage and disappears for several centuries.452
  • The Dark Hunters sell the Spear of Fusion to the Brotherhood of Makuta.453
  • The Dark Hunters steal the Spear of Fusion and hand it over to the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Brotherhood stockpile the spear and don't use it much.455

Prototype Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Several centuries after his initial disappearance, Prototype is discovered again by the Dark Hunters, living in a swamp on an otherwise desolate island. In some strange way, his life force has become tied to his armor, and his armor is damaged. The Dark Hunters bring him back to Odina and restore him to health. So many years alone have increased Prototype's madness, making it easy to persuade him to join the Dark Hunters.452

Devastator Comes into Being

  • The being later known as the Dark Hunter "Devastator" is reported to have emerged from a fiery crag in the barren wastelands of an island not too far south of Metru Nui. According to Matoran legend, this is the realm of Karzahni. Being a native of that realm, "Devastator" is quick to embrace the darkness and more than willing to use his powers to crush anything that catches his attention.456


  • Nocturn's island isn't fragile.457
  • Nocturn has a fit of temper.458
  • Nocturn hits his island at its weak spot.459
  • Nocturn breaks his island460 on purpose.461
  • Nocturn breaks his island by hitting it.462
  • Many beings die when Nocturn breaks his island.463
  • Nocturn's island isn't of special importance to the Order of Mata Nui or Mata Nui himself, but a lot of beings die as a result of Nocturn's actions.464
  • Before 7,000 years ago465 Nocturn is originally exiled to the Pit for destroying his home island.466
  • Nocturn is banished for breaking something.467
  • Nocturn's island can't be fixed and remains broken.468
  • Nocturn is likely sent to the Pit after the Barraki were.469
  • Probably slightly after the Barraki are imprisoned Nocturn is sent to the Pit.470
  • Nocturn probably meets Ehlek in the old Pit.471
  • Vezok once invades a cave network filled with thousand-eyed Rahi undetected.295

The Mountain of Xia Gains Notoriety

  • Tens of thousands of years ago260 The nature of the Mountain on Xia is first discovered. A small group of Vortixx insist that the Mountain should be fully explored, if only for the sake of facing a new challenge and the chance for discovery. Others argue that nothing good can come from this, citing the potential dangers. The supporters of exploration disagree, partly because they feel that they will escape from any harm unscathed and that only those who work too close to the slopes can be harmed. They argue vehemently for the need to take risks and the potential benefits of exploration, and they display their bravery and resolve for all to see. Eventually, their opponents relent and allow them to explore the Mountain. The small group of Vortixx boldly start up the Mountain only to be promptly devoured.260
  • After the initial expedition up the Mountain, the Vortixx avoid it for many years.260
  • Eventually, the Vortixx on Xia realize that it really does take something akin to bravery to ignore people who know better and march off to potential doom out of sheer stubbornness. Doing so becomes the mark of a true Vortixx, the one risk to life they allow themselves to take. The climb up the Mountain becomes a ritual which continues to the present day.260
  • At one time the Brotherhood of Makuta attempts to export some of the living rock of Xia's Mountain to Destral to use as added security. This project fails because the rock develops a tendency to eat the Visorak which patrol the fortress grounds.146

Makuta Gorast's Harsh Rule

  • Gorast demands total obedience from those in her domain, and there is only one punishment for those who fail to comply: death. As a result, Mutran and Chirox find that they can often find volunteers for their experiments from her region, as the inhabitants will do anything to get away from her.62
  • Mutran and Chirox's habit of taking volunteers from Gorast's realm stops when Gorast destroys Chirox's lab on Destral and threatens to do the same to him.62

17,500 Years Ago

  • 17,500 Years Ago472 Lhikan is active as a Matoran. He is rescued by a Toa of Fire named Dume.472

15,000 Years Ago

Dume Becomes Turaga of Metru Nui

  • 15,000 Years Ago41 Dume is named Turaga of Metru Nui.41
  • After becoming a Turaga, Dume leads Metru Nui for thousands of years, helping it become a thriving metropolis.473, 474
  • Other members of Turaga Dume's team are alive.475
  • It's likely Dume comes to Metru Nui after becoming a Turaga.476
  • Early in Turaga Dume's reign, the Shadowed One requests to build a Dark Hunter base in the city, but Dume refuses.477
  • Years before 4,000 years ago295 Turaga Dume forbids the Dark Hunters from entering the area of Metru Nui. His stated reasons are that they bring lawlessness and violence with them, but the truth is that he knows that the Shadowed One has his eyes on Metru Nui. He is not going to allow them to get a foothold on the island and then attempt to overthrow him. Even so, there are no Toa in the city to enforce this law, as Metru Nui is widely considered so vital to the rest of the universe that no one would dare attack it.295
  • Under Dume's leadership, the chute system in Metru Nui is constructed.478
  • There is a time when the only incidents of theft in Metru Nui involve a crafter taking another's tools or something equally minor. This is before the chute network becomes as extensive as it eventually does. The expansion of the transportation system makes it easier for criminals to find ways to divert cargo shipments down little-used chutes where they can be looted at leisure. Le-Matoran monitor the chutes and shipments as best they can, but with thousands of tons of cargo going through the system every day, it is impossible to keep track of it all.479
  • Dume no doubt had a wonderful record as a Toa. Metru Nui likely feels lucky to have him as a Turaga.480
  • Dume most likely comes to Metru Nui as a Turaga already.481

The Protocairns Are Created

  • According to legend, the Protocairns originate as a small group of villagers from a land other than Metru Nui who willingly expose themselves to energized protodermis and are transformed into monstrous amphibious beasts. Every hundred years or so thereafter, Protocairns appear on the shore of various islands and wreak enormous destruction, disintegrating large portions of coastline. After a short time of this, the Protocairns die, and their bodies fuse together, forming new land in place of what they have destroyed.482, 483 While alive they are extremely difficult to stop.482

Roodaka's Rite of Passage

  • Roodaka commits her first betrayal while participating in a rite of passage with a companion which involves successfully scaling a living mountain. When her partner's foot becomes caught, Roodaka abandons him to die while she completes the climb.484
  • The leaders of Xia probably reward Roodaka for her ruthlessness for betraying her climbing partner.485

Sidorak's Early Life

  • In Sidorak's early life, he is a minor power in a land filled with conflict. He rapidly discovers that by claiming credit for victories won by those beneath him, he can advance in the eyes of his leaders. Whenever a commander objects to the credit being stolen, Sidorak simply dispatches him on a dangerous mission from which he does not return.486

Other Events on Metru Nui

  • When the main floors of the Onu-Metru archives take up most of the metru, work begins on the lower levels and subbasements. The Archives come to occupy the subterranean depths of the city, extending far beyond the boundaries of Onu-Metru. As more exhibits are added, Onu-Matoran workers continue to dig deeper and deeper down to find space to house them. Over time, they and the archivists become so accustomed to the dim light underground that the brightness of the twin suns is hard on their eyes.487
  • Vakama begins his life as a Ta-Matoran working in a foundry.488
  • Onu-Matoran miners at times stumble upon small amounts of energized protodermis. It seems to have the ability to cause radical changes in life-forms immersed in it. Although samples of it are provided to Ga-Metru schools for study, no one ever succeeds in discovering its properties or duplicating it.489

The Nui Stone Is Created

  • The Nui Stone is created. Its makers realize the risks of creating such a powerful item, so they make only one and vow to destroy it. However, before they can do so, the Nui Stone is stolen – no one knows by whom.490
  • The Nui Stone is passed from hand to hand for millennia, no one ever realizing what it is or what it can do, just that it is powerful and therefore valuable.490

Krekka Joins the Dark Hunters

  • Krekka is originally part of a guardian/servant class on Stelt. Extremely strong and powerful but not very bright, he earns a living by convincing intruders to go away, often in very painful ways.491 He leads a simple, violent life as a guard.492
  • In an ill-fated encounter, Krekka opposes an emissary of the Brotherhood of Makuta as part of his job. Exactly what happens next is unclear, but some believe that it is responsible for Krekka's decision to leave home and for the loss of one of his eyes.491 In one of the most exciting things ever to happen to him, Krekka fights Makuta Gorast and loses.493 This encounter with a representative of the Brotherhood of Makuta results in him losing his job and one of his eyes. He is forced to flee his home.492
  • For a number of years, Krekka journeys from island to island, usually getting into trouble and brawling his way out of it.491
  • Probably before the Piraka join the Dark Hunters494 Krekka's antics attract the attention of a Dark Hunter, and he is recruited into the Dark Hunter organization.491, 492

10,000 Years Ago

  • Some 10,000 years ago495 Lariska joins the Dark Hunters.495

7,005 Years Ago

  • 7,005 Years Ago472, 1 Lhikan becomes a Toa of Fire.472, 1 It is later believed that Dume may have had a hand in this.473
  • Dume has some part in Lhikan becoming a Toa.496

7,000 Years Ago

Toa Conspire against the Brotherhood of Makuta

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta is believed to be one of the most benevolent, most powerful organizations in the universe, while the Toa are a self-proclaimed force for good. A group of Toa grows distrustful of the Brotherhood and starts gathering intelligence about them against the possibility that they might one day rebel, compiling entries on each of its members and the locations of their fortresses. They secretly inscribe this information on an object called the Makoki stone.295
  • The Toa build a base on a barren, windswept rock of an island, where they keep the Makoki stone under guard in a tower in their fortress. They neglect to inspect the icebergs that surround the island, which are in fact camouflage for a tribe of Frostelus. Not taking kindly to the intrusion, the Frostelus mass an army and promptly besiege the Toa.295
  • Lhikan is assigned to guard a strategic outpost on a small island with a team of other heroes. Inside the outpost is an artifact of great value, the Makoki stone.472 The Makoki Stone, a tablet which contains secret inscriptions detailing information about the Brotherhood of Makuta, is kept under guard in a Toa tower.497
  • As a relatively new Toa, Lhikan helps man a Toa tower that contains the Makoki stones.498

Frostelus Overrun the Toa Fortress

  • The Shadowed One assigns one of his most effective operatives, a bird-like Dark Hunter, on a mission to steal the Makoki stone from the Toa tower.295
  • The bird-like Dark Hunter sells information about his mission to Hakann. Hakann learns about the Toa fortress and that the Toa plan to smuggle their "treasure" off the island within a few nights. Since the only exit not blocked by Frostelus is down a cliff side, Hakann surmises the treasure must be something light and easily carried. Hakann decides to steal it from the Toa before they can sneak it off the island. Hakann learns that a Toa who controls plant life will be on patrol. Hakann comes up with a plan involving two thieves – one to draw the attention of the Toa and Frostelus, while the other steals the item.295
  • Hakann tells another thief, Vezok, about his quick smash-and-grab mission, claiming he got his information from a Matoran trader. Hakann unwisely lets Vezok know exactly where in the fortress to look for the treasure – what Hakann does not realize is that despite his brutish exterior, Vezok has a reputation as a master thief and cunning strategist. However, Hakann does not tell Vezok that he plans for them to climb a sheer cliff in the middle of a battle and break into a Toa fortress. Vezok agrees to join Hakann.295
  • Hakann expects his "Matoran informer" to meet them at the base of the cliff with climbing gear, but he does not show up.295
  • 7,000 years ago295 Hakann and Vezok make the treacherous climb up the cliff side, battling crumbling rock and icy winds. Hakann leads the way while Vezok hangs like dead weight below him, grumbling about the difficulty of their mission.295
  • Hakann and Vezok climb until there is a 3,000-bio drop to a river below them. Hakann worries that a Toa on patrol up above might look over and spot them at any moment. Vezok hangs onto Hakann's ankle below and starts complaining loudly, but Hakann tries to ignore him and times the patrol of a Toa on the ledge above. According to his information, this blue-green Toa controls plant life. Hakann and Vezok climb up just under the edge, then just as the Toa has passed by them, Hakann jumps up onto the ledge and blasts the Toa from behind with heat vision. Vezok joins in, laughing as he hits the guard with blasts of impact vision. The guard falls unconscious. Vezok suggests throwing him over the edge, but Hakann props him up to avoid alerting the other Toa.295
  • Hakann and Vezok dash toward the fortress. Two Toa guard the rear entrance of the fortress: one carries a mace, and the other a flail. Hakann orders Vezok to distract the guards, but Vezok disagrees. Without warning, he slams into Hakann's back, sending him flying into the dirt near where the Toa are standing. Both Toa react immediately, charging toward Hakann with weapons ready. Vezok takes advantage of the opening to rush the door. He snaps the lock on the stone door and slips inside.295
  • Vezok quickly makes his way through the corridors and stairs leading to the tower, sneaking past Toa multiple times. Vezok is glad to notice signs of Hakann putting up resistance (a bolt of molten lava shoots past a window), drawing even more Toa from the base.295
  • Vezok breaks into the tower room to find it practically bare, except for a stone tablet resting on a table. Carved into the table are the words Makoki stone. Vezok recalls that Makoki is the Matoran word for "key." Frustrated, Vezok is about to dismiss the stone as worthless when his keen eyes notice something strange about the stone's surface. He notices almost undetectable scratches which serve as a form of writing that is just dissimilar enough from modern Matoran so as to be almost indecipherable. Vezok is able to make out enough to get a general sense of what is written, and he is shocked to learn that it is a record on the Brotherhood of Makuta, with entries on all of its members and locations of their fortresses. Vezok is puzzled why Toa would be gathering information on the Brotherhood, another power for good, and realizes that the Toa do not trust them and are preparing for the possibility that the Brotherhood will betray them. Realizing the stone's immense significance, Vezok decides to risk taking the stone and makes his way out of the tower. He slips out the way he came and sees a small group of Toa restraining Hakann.295
  • Vezok quickly starts scaling the cliff down to his boat lashed to the rocks far below. A voice comes from behind Vezok, and he turns to see a powerful non-Toa figure in blue and gold armor [Ancient], casually floating in mid-air. Vezok denies stealing anything from the Toa, but Ancient strikes him with a Rhotuka spinner launched from his arm. Vezok is unable to control his muscles and loses all coordination. He drops from the cliff, and Ancient catches him. Clearly beaten, Vezok admits that what he found is a key – but he says nothing about the information inscribed on it. Ancient remarks that Vezok's stealing from a Toa tower undetected while setting up his partner to be caught was impressive, and he offers Vezok a chance to engage in further dishonest work. Hanging over a violent sea, Vezok readily agrees, also hoping that he will be able to steal the stone back if he stays close to his captor. The captor introduces himself as "Ancient" and says that the one he will take Vezok to meet is known only as "the Shadowed One." Ancient lowers them toward the boat.295
  • When they reach the boat, Ancient explains that no outsider is allowed to know the location of the Shadowed One's fortress, and he knocks Vezok unconscious for the journey.295
  • Hakann attempts to rob a Toa fortress. Ancient captures him in the act.499
  • Vezok steals the Makoki Stone.497
  • Savage creatures called frostelus overrun the small island where Lhikan is stationed. Toa Lhikan is ordered to get the Makoki stone and escape, but it has already been stolen by two thieves, Vezok and Hakann. Lhikan follows his orders and escapes the island, the sole survivor of his team.472 A tribe of Frostelus wipes out the Toa tower, killing all but one of the Toa inside.500 Lhikan is the lone defender to escape the attack.498
  • All but one of the Toa in the tower meets his end at the claws of the Frostelus on that day. The lone survivor, a relatively new and inexperienced master of fire named Lhikan, is ordered by his team leader to flee with the Makoki stone. When he goes to retrieve the stone, it is already gone.295
  • Lhikan is stationed in a Toa tower that is under attack by Frostelus. His team leader orders him to abandon his post so that there will be a survivor to warn others of what has happened. Lhikan is young and new to being a Toa, so he agrees. Lhikan lives, and the other Toa die. After this, Lhikan swears that he will never run from anything ever again.490
  • 7,000 years ago1 A Toa outpost is destroyed by Frostelus. Toa Lhikan survives.1
  • 7,000 years ago1 Vezok steals the Makoki Stone from the Toa outpost.1
  • Lhikan is likely ordered to leave before the end of the attack so someone can report what has happened.501
  • The Toa fortress is in ruins.502
  • This is not Krakua's fortress.503

Hakann and Vezok Join the Dark Hunters

  • It's doubtful that Sidorak knows Gladiator.504
  • Sidorak tries to join the Dark Hunters.505
  • Vezok awakens to find himself in the Shadowed One's throne room. He sees Ancient, four other [Skakdi], and a figure sitting on a throne who he assumes must be the Shadowed One. He also notices [Toa Varian] kept in a stasis tube. The chamber door opens, and someone tosses Hakann inside. Hakann charges at the door, but a cage of ice appears around him. Hakann's heat vision has no effect on it. Noticing Vezok, Hakann exclaims that he escaped, and Vezok mutters something back. Ancient snaps at Vezok to be quiet, calling him a "little Piraka." Vezok considers the word "Piraka" for a moment – although it is a vile term used for the scummiest of criminals, Vezok finds himself liking the term. Ancient hands the Makoki stone to the Shadowed One, who looks it over and then hands it to an aide in bright yellow armor [Sentrakh?]. The Shadowed One comments that Vezok and Hakann were ambitious in attempting to steal the item, and he asks how they knew it was kept in the Toa tower. Vezok says that Hakann got the information from a Matoran. The chamber door opens again, and a bird-like Dark Hunter enters, looking confused and hesitant. To his dismay, Vezok realizes that this Dark Hunter was the true source of Hakann's information. Ancient restrains the Dark Hunter, and the Shadowed One punishes his betrayal by disintegrating him with his eye beams for all to see. The Shadowed One informs Hakann and Vezok that they will enter his organization.295
  • The Shadowed One, Hakann, and Vezok stand on a terrace overlooking a training arena. The Shadowed One briefly describes the purpose of his organization to Hakann and Vezok. Down below, Dark Hunters of various species are engaged in mock combat. The Shadowed One points out two trainees in the midst of furious sparring: one on the right called Gladiator, and a recent recruit named Sidorak. The battle that follows is intense but short. While Gladiator shows impressive agility for his size, the powerful Sidorak's fighting style is crude. When Sidorak, exhausted, gives him an opening, Gladiator strikes him down with two swift blows. Other Dark Hunters show up to drag Sidorak away. The Shadowed One says that because he has use for Sidorak, he will be allowed to leave alive, although the island's location will still be hidden from him; if he had had no use, he would have been executed. Hakann scoffs at Sidorak's weakness, but then the Shadowed One shoves him over the railing to face his own test. Hakann lands hard on the sand and looks up to see a female Dark Hunter, Lariska, twirling a dagger. Without delay Hakann slings sand in her eyes and sweeps her off her feet with his leg. He takes aim with his lava launcher, but Lariska manages to hurl a dagger into the launcher, shattering its delicate internals. With no way to release the molten energy, it explodes in Hakann's hands, injuring his arm. Lariska hurls a dagger at him, but he melts it in mid-air with his heat vision. He fires another pair of heat rays at Lariska, but she dodges it with a blackflip and knocks Hakann to the ground with a perfect flying kick. Hakann surprises Lariska with a mental blast, against which she has no defense. Hakann increases the power of the blast until Lariska falls to the ground. Satisfied he has won, Hakann turns away and starts addressing the Shadowed One, but Lariska suddenly appears at his throat with a dagger, warning Hakann not to turn his back on an enemy. The Shadowed One asks Vezok whether Hakann should live; without hesitation, he tells him to kill him. The Shadowed One has Lariska let Hakann go, satisfied that Hakann and Vezok have passed their tests. Hakann feels hatred for Lariska as she lets him go and they part ways. The Shadowed One summons Ancient to look after the new recruits, then leaves. Ancient tells Vezok that they have nothing to regret if they do their jobs, but he warns him that the downfall of many a Dark Hunter has been to get caught trying to keep spoils from the Shadowed One for themselves.295
  • Vezok is originally recruited into the Dark Hunters by Ancient after stealing the Makoki stone from a Toa fortress.506
  • Ancient recruits Vezok and Hakann into the Dark Hunters.284, 499
  • The Dark Hunters take the Makoki stone from Vezok and Hakann.472
  • After Hakann and Thok [sic, Vezok]'s capture, Lariska defeats Hakann in a training match.495
  • 7,000 years ago1 Sidorak is rejected by the Dark Hunters.1
  • The Shadowed One keeps Sidorak alive because he might be of use someday. Sidorak is ambitious and will in fact end up in a high-ranking position serving the Brotherhood of Makuta. Had Sidorak lived to see the war between the two organizations, the Shadowed One might have been able to use him as a spy.507
  • The Shadowed One suspects Sidorak will seek employment elsewhere, such as with the Brotherhood of Makuta, which could potentially make him a good double agent later.508
  • Hakann and Vezok spend their first night sleeping in a rough barracks with a few dozen others. In the morning, they look for the four other [Skakdi] they saw in the Shadowed One's chamber.295
  • Hakann and Vezok first find Reidak, then Avak and Thok. Only Zaktan is reluctant to talk to the newcomers. Something about Zaktan makes Vezok uneasy.295

Aftermath of the Toa Fortress Incident

  • 7,000 years ago1 Sidorak is employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.1
  • Lhikan searches for the Makoki stone for some years after the battle, although he does not know its true significance. He also never learns who it was that stole from the Toa tower.295
  • At some point between Hakann and Vezok's recruitment and the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Lariska angers the Shadowed One and loses her arm as punishment. It is replaced by one that is completely mechanical.495

The Kralhi Are Tested in Metru Nui

  • Although Metru Nui was never designed to accommodate large numbers of Rahi, over time, more and more wild things begin to appear there. It is later theorized that they are being driven from their homelands by the Visorak and fleeing by air, sea, and through long-abandoned chutes to Metru Nui. Their arrival poses a huge problem for the Matoran, who are unprepared for the sudden onslaught of fierce Rahi.47
  • The Matoran first respond by building Kralhi, and later Vahki, to protect the city and its inhabitants from incoming Rahi.47
  • Under Dume's rule, the Matoran construct the Kralhi and the Vahki.473
  • In an initial attempt to create an order-enforcing machine in Metru Nui, Nuparu designs the Kralhi under orders from Turaga Dume. Kralhi are constructed in Po-Metru.509, 510 The energy-draining bubbles which they launch are based on an idea conceived in Ko-Metru.511
  • The robotic Kralhi are created as an early design prototype for the Metru Nui order enforcement squads. Perhaps two dozen of them are built.512
  • The Kralhi are eventually "retired" in favor of the more efficient Vahki. However, the Kralhi refuse to be shut off and are believed to go into hiding in some of the less-frequented sections of the Archives.512
  • The Kralhi prove to be inefficient, and Dume decides to have them retired. The machines refuse to be shut off and are driven out, some hiding in Ko-Metru, some in the Archives, and others in the tunnels connecting Metru Nui to Mata Nui.509, 513, 511

The Vahki Are Deployed in Metru Nui

  • Thousands of years before the Great Cataclysm Vahki are invented.514
  • The original design for the Vahki comes from Nuparu.515, 516
  • After the failure of the Kralhi experiment, the Vahki replace the Kralhi in Metru Nui.509, 517
  • Onu-Matoran begin construction of the Archives as a place to hold captured Rahi. A procedure is soon in place: Rahi which are deemed a threat, plus at least one specimen from every species, are captured by the Vahki, then placed in stasis tubes in the Archives, where they remain alive but in suspended animation. There, the Matoran are able to monitor the Rahi, and archivists are able to study them. Any Rahi too large for stasis tubes are locked up in the sub-levels. This system is not seamless: some Rahi are known to escape from the tubes, while others make homes in the lowest levels or in the maintenance tunnels. It rapidly becomes too dangerous even for Vahki to venture into some of these places, which became wild areas. Not all Rahi are considered menaces; some, like Ussal crabs, are tamed and put to use in Matoran society, while others are simply considered harmless or at worst pests. It seems that a balance is struck between Matoran and the wildlife in Metru Nui.47
  • The Kranua, a specialized version of a Vahki, is designed in secret by Nuparu and a select team of Po-Matoran engineers. Its intended purpose is crowd control, particularly mass Rahi breakouts from the Archives. Kranua are constructed in Po-Metru.518, 510
  • Nuparu designs the Kraahu, which is built in Po-Metru.510, 519

5,000 Years Ago

Zaktan Rebels against the Shadowed One

  • 5,000 years ago295 Zaktan, Hakann, Thok, Reidak, and Vezok meet secretly in a cramped, dank chamber. Only Avak is absent, deemed too untrustworthy to be included. Zaktan asks Vezok whether he will join their plot to overthrow the Shadowed One. If he joins, Zaktan says, they will strike tonight and be in command of the Dark Hunters by morning. Zaktan claims they already have the numbers and are only extending an offer to Vezok out of "species loyalty." According to Zaktan, discontent with the Shadowed One's rule has been spreading among the Dark Hunters for years, as they resent handing over every treasure they find and being imprisoned for offending their leader. Vezok recalls how he had not joined the Dark Hunters willingly and enjoyed the freedom of being an independent thief, so he agrees to join in their plot. As there are anywhere from fifty to a hundred Dark Hunters on [Odina] at any given time, Zaktan's plan hinges on the theory that most of them will not oppose the Shadowed One's overthrow. Zaktan suggests that they approach the Shadowed One's fortress in pairs and at slightly different times, rather than all at once. The five split up after the meeting and spend the rest of the day trying to remain inconspicuous.295
  • Hakann summons the Dark Hunters most loyal to the Shadowed One to a fake, secret meeting to discuss security concerns. Once they are assembled, he slips out and informs some of the more powerful guards that a group of traitors is conspiring against the Shadowed One. He instructs them not to let anyone leave the chamber before the Shadowed One arrives to punish them personally.295
  • Vezok and Zaktan approach the fortress. Only a small number of guards are on duty at the fortress gates, led by Prototype. Vezok distracts Prototype with conversation so Zaktan can ambush him. When Prototype's back is turned, Zaktan hits him with his laser vision, but they bounce off his armor with no effect. Prototype turns and bats Zaktan away. Thinking quickly, Vezok convinces the dim-witted Prototype to inform the Shadowed One personally that Zaktan is a traitor, tricking him into going to a training facility on the far side of the island which does not exist. Prototype is already gone when Zaktan recovers.295
  • A few minutes later, Hakann, then Reidak and Thok, join them, reporting that all is going according to plan. Zaktan says they will proceed to the central chamber in the fortress and take the Shadowed One and any of his lieutenants. Vezok is astonished to learn that only the five of them are involved in the plan. Zaktan believes that splitting power too many ways would make them weak. Zaktan leads them through the hallways of the fortress toward the central chamber, until they reach a dead end that was not there the day before. They retrace their steps but encounter another wall that had not been there moments before. Confounded by the reconfiguration of the fortress, they are forced to follow a path along its inside edge, unable to find an exit. Finally, the Dark Hunter Darkness reveals himself up above, meaning that the Shadowed One is aware of the plot, spelling disaster for their plan. Vezok hears fear in Zaktan's voice for the first time. The five run off in search of an exit, although Zaktan and Vezok know it is no use.295
  • The appearance of more walls herds the five into the central chamber, where the Shadowed One, Darkness, Ancient, and Sentrakh are waiting. The Shadowed One, unsettlingly calm, looks at each of them in turn, then beckons Zaktan to come forward. Suddenly, he blasts Zaktan with his eyebeams. However, Zaktan is still standing after the blast, although he has changed in a terrible way. His entire body is moving as if composed of many tiny, living parts. Zaktan panics and loses control of his body. His mass begins to dissipate, and parts of him begin to drift away. The Shadowed One looks stunned as well, apparently taken surprise by this strange effect. Zaktan suddenly calms down and, exerting unimaginable control, draws his disconnected parts back together. The Shadowed One regains his composure and issues one word to the conspirators: "Remember."295
  • Zaktan grows ambitious and leads an ill-fated rebellion against the Shadowed One's rule, which Reidak, Thok, and Vezok are a part of. The plot fails, and Zaktan is captured.388, 520, 391, 506, 392, 393
  • The Shadowed One sentences Zaktan to death and tries to destroy him with his eyebeams. However, for reasons that afterwards remain mysterious, Zaktan survives the attack. Instead of being destroyed, his body is changed from solid matter to a collection of billions of microscopic protodites, each of which contains a portion of Zaktan's consciousness.520, 392, 521, 393, 394 Zaktan can control each piece at will, making him even more powerful than before.393
  • Zaktan survives the Shadowed One's eye beams because of his nature.522 Zaktan's transformation has nothing to do with his non-vision power.523 Had any other member of Zaktan's group been struck by the Shadowed One's eyebeams, he would not have turned into protodites.524
  • Zaktan eventually learns that his body has been converted to billions of microscopic protodites, each of which contains a portion of his consciousness. He never speaks of the event which made him this way, nor does he allow anyone else to speak of it. He eventually learns to harness the new powers this condition gives him and becomes much more powerful than he was before. He never stops hating the Shadowed One.295
  • Well before Roodaka seeks out the Dark Hunters Zaktan is transformed into protodites.525
  • The Shadowed One continues to send the future Piraka on missions because they are still resources he can use. He sends them on highly dangerous missions because they either need to succeed or die.526

Other Events

  • At some point in the recent past as of the events of "The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet" According to rumor, the Nui Stone ends up on Toa Tuyet's home island.490
  • Tuyet has the Nui Stone before ever going to Metru Nui, and she resents the Brotherhood of Makuta, Dark Hunters, and other evil.527
  • Whenua works in the Archives.528 Whenua works in the Archives for his whole life as a Matoran.487
  • Whenua is at one time Mavrah's friend and colleague.529
  • Toa are much more organized while Mata Nui is awake.530

4,000 Years Ago

The Kanohi Dragon Is Unleashed on Metru Nui

  • There are no Toa in Metru Nui.531
  • 4000 years before story year 2006 The Kanohi Dragon arrives. Kanoka, transport chutes, Vahki, and Krahli have all been invented.532
  • The Shadowed One sends Avak, Reidak, and Vezok on a mission to Metru Nui as part of a plot to conquer the city. He shares the complete plan only with Vezok. The plan is for the Dark Hunters to release the Kanohi Dragon on the city and then offer to Turaga Dume to save the city from it, in exchange for locating a base in Metru Nui.295
  • On the orders of the Shadowed One, the Kanohi Dragon is unleashed on Metru Nui.533
  • Reidak and Vezok are part of the expedition to free the Kanohi Dragon.388, 506
  • 4,000 years ago295 Avak, Reidak, and Vezok sail in a small skiff through the sea gate toward the island city of Metru Nui. This is part of a plot by the Shadowed One to conquer Metru Nui. The three bicker over who has to dive into the waters below to carry out the mission. Avak flips Reidak overboard, and Vezok follows him down into the icy cold water. Reidak searches the water with his infrared vision but finds nothing at first. When the two are close to the sea bottom, Reidak points out a massive boulder ringed with ice, apparently serving to block the entrance of a sea cave. Together, they smash the rock apart to reveal a solid block of ice at least a hundred feet thick, which confirms the legend. Reidak pounds on the ice while Vezok blasts it with his impact vision. Periodically, they must surface to get some air before resuming their work. After more than two hours, the last of the ice falls away to reveal their prize. Two red eyes flicker open, and the temperature of the water shoots up almost to the boiling point. In a panic, Vezok and Reidak rush back to the boat on the surface and yell at Avak to row away as fast as possible. The creature bursts out of the water and capsizes the boat, sending the three of them into the water, then dives beneath the waves again.295
  • The Kanohi Dragon swims free for the first time in thousands of years. Very hungry, it senses a tremendous source of heat on Metru Nui and moves in that direction in search of food.295
  • Avak, Reidak, and Vezok make it back to their boat and wait for the situation on Metru Nui to unfold.295
  • Remembering its last visit to Metru Nui, and the pain the inhabitants caused it, the Kanohi Dragon decides not to fly overhead, but to keep swimming underwater to try to find a way to the heat source without the inhabitants noticing.295
  • Reidak figures out that the plan is for the three of them to save the city from the beast. Vezok realizes that Reidak is much smarter than he seems. Vezok reveals that they will offer the protection of the Dark Hunters to Turaga Dume in exchange for locating a base in Metru Nui.295
  • The Kanohi Dragon smashes through an intricate series of suboceanic chutes, then batters its way through the thick walls of the Archives. Matoran scramble down to investigate but flee in terror when they see the monstrous Rahi. Rather than go aboveground, the Kanohi Dragon makes its way through the lowest levels of the Archives. A daring Onu-Matoran named Mavrah takes a chance and follows its path of destruction. Several living specimens have been released. Mavrah notices that it is clearly heading straight toward Ta-Metru. Mavrah's friend Whenua catches up to him and stops him. He is followed closely by the Chief Archivist, who is saddened by the destruction. Whenua says that Turaga Dume has called out the Vahki, although it is doubtful they will be able to stand up to the beast. Mavrah is in awe at the creature, excited at the thought of what they could learn from it. The Chief Archivist snaps at him and urges him to return to the upper levels.295
  • Avak, Reidak, and Vezok land the boat on a secluded part of the Le-Metru coastline. They see squads of Vahki flying toward Ta-Metru. Vezok suggests they wait until dark to let them sweat a little. Avak notices a dozen Vahki heading in their direction. They fly overhead and away over the ocean, leaving Avak wondering where they are going.295
  • The Vahki prove no more than an annoyance to the Kanohi Dragon. The heat given off by the creature melts most of them, and it destroys the rest with its teeth and claws. It moves to the area just below Ta-Metru until it finds the spot beneath the source of greatest heat. It smashes its way up into the heart of the Great Furnace and plunges into the flames, while Matoran scatter in panic.295
  • The Kanohi Dragon attacks Metru Nui for revenge after its previous defeat. It is also hungry and Metru Nui is the closest food source for it.534

The Toa Mangai Come to Metru Nui

  • Toa Tuyet leaves her home island to help Lhikan and the others fight the Kanohi Dragon in Metru Nui. Unknown to the others, she takes the Nui Stone with her.490
  • As darkness falls on Metru Nui, the city is in fear. Fires have spread out of control in Ta-Metru. The streets are littered with Vahki parts. Matoran are gathering weapons and preparing to make a futile attack on the Kanohi Dragon.295
  • Nidhiki and a handful of other Toa arrive in Metru Nui in answer to a summons to help fight the Kanohi dragon. This is the first time Nidhiki sees Metru Nui. The Toa are strangers to each other.535
  • Turaga Dume sits in his chamber in the Coliseum, brooding over the situation. Vezok, Reidak, and Avak sneak into the room and appear before Dume. Dume, unafraid, knows immediately that the Shadowed One is behind the attack. Vezok insinuates that more attacks will follow unless Dume allows the Dark Hunters to work for him. Dume turns away and thinks in silence, then tells the Dark Hunters to get out. He tells them defiantly that he will see the city destroyed before he allows their kind to take root. Vezok fires his harpoon weapon at Dume when a bolt of flame melts the projectile in mid-air. The Dark Hunters turn to see Toa Nidhiki and Toa Lhikan standing in the window, with nine other Toa hovering on Vahki in the sky behind them. Although Dume would like to see the Dark Hunters imprisoned, he pursues a more diplomatic option and claims they are couriers for a different message. The two Toa understand exactly what is going on and send the Dark Hunters on their way. Outnumbered, the three of them agree to leave. Toa keep a close eye on them until they leave the city in their boat. Although the mission has failed, Vezok knows the Shadowed One will eventually get what he wants.295
  • According to later records, the Kanohi Dragon emerges from the hottest furnaces and foundries in Ta-Metru.536
  • 4,000 Years Ago498, 41 Dume first summons Lhikan and ten other Toa (which include Nidhiki) to battle the Kanohi Dragon when it menaces Metru Nui.473, 498, 537, 472
  • Kodan's career as Chronicler begins when Lhikan and ten other Toa arrive in Metru Nui to fight the Kanohi Dragon. His first experience as Chronicler is recording the defeat of the Kanohi Dragon by the Toa Mangai.538, 539
  • As a Toa, Nidhiki only participates in Metru Nui events tens of thousands of years before the Toa Metru become Toa. He and Lhikan are close, but he doesn't associate himself with Matoran.540
  • The Mangai have four Toa of Ice because ice is a particularly useful element against the Kanohi Dragon.541

The Toa Mangai Defeat the Kanohi Dragon

  • Toa Lhikan and the other ten Toa fight a month-long battle to defeat the Kanohi Dragon.472, 295 Scores of buildings are destroyed, entire sections of Ta-Metru are rendered uninhabitable, and far too many innocent Matoran meet their ends. The Kanohi Dragon's armored scales deflect many of their blows.295
  • Thanks in no small part to the combined efforts of four Toa of Ice, the Kanohi Dragon is finally defeated. The Toa's victory does not fill them with pride, only relief.295
  • Toa Lhikan and ten of his comrades defeat the Kanohi Dragon.533, 498, 41, 260, 536 After a great battle, they drive the creature away. Toa Lhikan's later silence on details of this tale suggests that it was an awful battle.536
  • The Toa Mangai subdue the Kanohi Dragon by keeping it cold.542
  • While the fate of the Kanohi Dragon is being debated, Toa Nidhiki takes it upon himself to try and kill the creature. However, its armored scales prevent him from doing so.295
  • It is finally decided to transport the Kanohi Dragon to another island [Xia] whose rulers have agreed to give it refuge and keep it away from other lands. Lhikan and a half dozen of his team agree to man the barge carrying the dragon, while Nidhiki and the rest stay behind to secure the city. Lhikan plans for the Toa to come back to Metru Nui, knowing that the Dark Hunters will return someday.295
  • The Vahki likely do not assist the Toa in taking down the Kanohi Dragon.543
  • The damage to Ta-Metru and lack of work there doesn't weaken Mata Nui because the work isn't stopped for very long.544

The Kanohi Dragon Is Taken to Xia

  • The journey to the Kanohi Dragon's new home takes many days.295
  • The barge arrives in a dock made of black, twisted metal. The polluted look and feel of the island disturbs the Toa; one team member sees factory doors open and what looks like an array of war machines assembled inside. A tall, ebon figure named Roodaka approaches the Toa, and Lhikan asks her if she really wants such an evil, dangerous beast on the island. She gladly accepts the Kanohi Dragon to their shores, saying it will "do very nicely."295
  • 3,000 years before the Toa Metru533, More than 1,000 years before story year 2005536 The mysterious Kanohi Dragon vanishes from Metru Nui.533, 536
  • After its defeat, Lhikan personally sees the Kanohi Dragon brought to the island of Xia, where it remains.533, 498, 262, 260 The Vortixx keep it in captivity by keeping it cold.542
  • Roodaka potentially seeks to study the Kanohi Dragon in order to duplicate its power to create a weapon.545

The Toa Mangai Remain on Metru Nui

  • Afterwards, Toa Lhikan, Toa Nidhiki, and a handful of the other heroes elect to remain in Metru Nui as its protectors.498, 474
  • The Kanohi Dragon disappears shortly after arriving on Xia. According to recent rumor, it is being studied in hopes of artificially reproducing its power.260
  • After the battle with the Kanohi Dragon, the Toa team remains to guard Metru Nui.472
  • Nidhiki remains in Metru Nui for many years afterward, helping to defend it against Rahi and occasionally venturing to other islands.537
  • After the Kanohi Dragon incident, the Shadowed One makes a few more attempts – some obvious, some not – either to seize control of Metru Nui or to secure a base there. Each time, the Toa frustrate his efforts.295
  • According to Tuyet, shortly after she has left home to help fight the Kanohi Dragon in Metru Nui, a team of Dark Hunters invades Tuyet's homeland, looking for the Nui Stone. When they cannot find it, they assume Tuyet took it with her for safekeeping.490
  • Lhikan and Tuyet are friends for thousands of years. They travel together, fight together, and once almost die together.490
  • Before the Toa-Dark Hunter War At some point, the tops of some Ko-Metru Knowledge Towers are getting shattered. Toa Lhikan is convinced that the Kanohi Dragon is back, but it turns out to be ice bats causing trouble.535

Akilini Is Invented

  • Kodan is the most well-known Chronicler in Metru Nui.538
  • Allegedly, Kodan invents the sport Akilini, which originally uses a ball. According to numerous legends, he is the first to come up with the idea and sets up a crude Akilini field in a Po-Metru canyon.546
  • Before the Toa-Dark Hunter War535 The original balls used for Akilini are known as Kodan balls.535
  • Akilini evolves into a sport involving players launching disks through hoops.546
  • Street Akilini becomes so popular and such a menace to pedestrians that the Vahki crack down on it.546
  • Over the years, other metru insist that the idea for akilini actually came from one of their Matoran. In the resulting confusion, no one is really certain anymore who deserves the honor.539

3,500 Years Ago

Most of Metru Nui's Toa Leave

  • Over time, some of the Toa leave to adventure elsewhere, leaving Toa Lhikan, Toa Nidhiki, and Toa Tuyet behind.472
  • The other Toa of Metru Nui go away on missions, leaving just Lhikan, Nidhiki, and Tuyet to protect the city.490

Tuyet's Betrayal

  • According to Tuyet, the Dark Hunters send Tuyet a message demanding the Nui Stone, threatening the Turaga and Matoran of her home island. Tuyet does not tell Lhikan and the others about this, as she is hiding the Nui Stone for her own purposes.490
  • Tuyet dreams of using the Nui Stone to become the most powerful Toa who ever lived. With it, she believes she can eliminate attacking Rahi monsters, the Dark Hunters, and perhaps even the Brotherhood of Makuta just for fun. She will achieve what the League of Six Kingdoms only tried to do – impose law and order on everything that lives. She is convinced that the Toa could do more good if they stopped worrying about who might get hurt in the process. Knowing that the Dark Hunters will hunt her relentlessly for the Nui Stone, Tuyet hatches a plot to get Lhikan and Nidhiki to take care of the Dark Hunters for her. She decides to start a "countdown" of Matoran murders and blame it on the Dark Hunters. She will place a stone tablet with her name on it on each of the bodies, and she will claim that the Dark Hunters have given her seven days to turn the Nui Stone over to their agents. The murders will appear to be part of a sick promise by the Dark Hunters to "help" her keep count of the days. Tuyet worries that Nidhiki might be wise to her plans, but she assumes that Lhikan will be too trusting to notice.490
  • In Ta-Metru, Tuyet tampers with the connectors of a vat of molten protodermis hanging on a cable, causing the vat to spill its searing contents onto a Ta-Matoran below and kill him. She makes no attempt to make the tampering look like an accident. She places a small stone tablet under the Matoran's corpse on which are written two words: "Toa Tuyet."490
  • As darkness starts to fall, the dead Ta-Matoran is discovered, apparently the victim of an accident. A small crowd of Matoran forms around the body, and Toa Lhikan, Toa Nidhiki, and Turaga Dume arrive at the scene as well. Turaga Dume asks Jaller [sic] to investigate the accident. Lhikan has Nidhiki go above to examine the vat, the cable, and its connectors. Lhikan tells Dume to clear the Matoran out for their own safety. Nidhiki returns and tells Lhikan that the vat was clearly tampered with, meaning that the Matoran's death was a murder. At the mention of murder, the Vahki Nuurakh move in close. Nidhiki shoves one of them with open contempt, disgusted by their lack of respect for the body. Lhikan rolls the body over and finds the tablet underneath which reads "Toa Tuyet."490
  • The Matoran's body is taken to a slab in Ta-Metru.490
  • News of the Ta-Matoran's murder disturbs the population of Metru Nui.490
  • Lhikan and Nidhiki come to Tuyet in Ga-Metru to ask her about the Matoran and the tablet. Tuyet says that she barely even knows any Ta-Matoran, so she does not think he was carrying a message to her. She claims that she has not left Ga-Metru in days, but has been helping Nokama on some improvements to the labs. With the other Toa away on missions and only the three of them left to guard the city, Lhikan tells Tuyet to keep a careful eye out to prevent another Matoran death.490
  • Lhikan and Nidhiki walk toward the chute station. Although Lhikan does not want to talk, Nidhiki strikes up a conversation with a cynical comment about murderous Matoran. Nidhiki tells Lhikan that he is overlooking the obvious: the tablet is only part of the message, and the other part is the dead Matoran himself.490
  • Before dawn, Tuyet slashes the cables in which a Le-Matoran is working. The Le-Matoran lands in the middle of a street and is killed, his mask shattered from the fall. Again, Tuyet places a stone tablet in his hand that reads "Toa Tuyet."490
  • At dawn, Kongu is hurrying toward work. He is already late – he should have been at his station a half hour ago to relive the night chute flow controller. He is in such a hurry that he does not notice the body of the dead Le-Matoran lying in the middle of the street until he trips over it. With shock, Kongu notices that the Le-Matoran's mask has been shattered from a fall, and that the body is clutching a stone table that reads "Toa Tuyet."490
  • Lhikan and Nidhiki do a cursory investigation of the Le-Matoran's death. They find that the cables in which the Le-Matoran had been working were slashed and determine that he was murdered.490
  • News of a second murder sends the Matoran population of Metru Nui into a panic. The Vahki work non-stop to keep residents working rather than staying hidden inside their homes.490
  • Lhikan decides to visit Tuyet again, but he knows that Tuyet does not like Nidhiki, so he deliberately leaves him behind. Leaving Nidhiki to search for any remaining clues, Lhikan travels to Ga-Metru to see Tuyet. He does not find her at the Great Temple or Nokama's school and learns that she has not been seen all day.490
  • Lhikan goes to Tuyet's living quarters and finds the lightstones doused. He pushes the door open and illuminates the place with a flame. This startles Tuyet, whom he finds standing against a back wall, gazing out the window, apparently lost in thought. She relaxes when she sees Lhikan. Lhikan tells her that there has been another death. He explains he left Nidhiki behind for her benefit, and he urges her to tell him anything she knows about what is happening, appealing to their long friendship. Tuyet says this would put him in danger, and that she should just leave Metru Nui, which would end the killing. Taking her hand, Lhikan tells Tuyet about how he was once ordered to abandon his team at a Toa tower attacked by Frostelus, and he assures her that he is not willing to run away again. With resignation, Tuyet tells Lhikan about a legendary item called the Nui Stone, summoning a fog to shroud her home as she tells her story. She tells Lhikan that the Nui Stone is an item that can secretly absorb Toa energy from Toa within a large area and transfer it to a single being. Lhikan sees the danger in such an item, and Tuyet explains that its creators made only one and vowed to destroy it, only to have it stolen. It was passed from hand to hand until it was rumored to have ended up on Tuyet's home island. Tuyet says that just after she left her island to fight the Kanohi Dragon, the Dark Hunters came looking for it but could not find it, so they assumed Tuyet had taken it. Tuyet claims she does not have it, and that she would have destroyed it if given the chance. She tells Lhikan that the Dark Hunters sent her a message, threatening the Turaga and Matoran of her home island and giving her seven days to turn the stone over to their agents. She claims that the Matoran deaths are part of a sick countdown by the Dark Hunters.490
  • Lhikan tells Nidhiki that Dark Hunters have infiltrated Metru Nui. Nidhiki is relieved that a murderous Matoran is not to blame.490
  • In the morning, Lhikan and Nidhiki find three Dark Hunters and fight them. Lhikan offers to take on two of the Dark Hunters while Nidhiki takes on the one called Devastator. Lhikan faces a Dark Hunter named Gladiator and another with some sort of chameleon power. The latter Dark Hunter appears as a one-eyed yellow Rahi [Keetongu], although Lhikan has no idea whom he is trying to resemble. Lhikan defeats them both and interrogates Gladiator, who confirms that the three of them are the only Dark Hunters in the city. Meanwhile, the huge, strong Devastator proves to be a difficult opponent for Nidhiki, often turning to sand and disappearing into cracks in the floor, or telekinetically hurling machinery. Nidhiki fails to dodge one of Devastator's blows and is sent flying 20 feet into a pile of equipment. Nidhiki gets up and continues to fight, trying to start up banter with the untalkative Devastator. However, when Nidhiki mentions the countdown of dead Matoran, he notices that Devastator seems to react with genuine confusion to the remark. Devastator hurls pieces of scrap metal at Nidhiki, who dodges them but pretends to get clipped. When Devastator moves in, Nidhiki tosses a cyclone at him. Devastator evades it by turning to sand and dropping toward a crack in the pavement, but Nidhiki anticipates him by sending a cyclone into a nearby protodermis pool and creating a waterspout, which he uses to douse Devastator and turn his sand to mud. This gives Nidhiki the advantage, allowing him to end the fight with a few well-placed blows. Lhikan shows up and tells Nidhiki that all of the Dark Hunters have been beaten. Nidhiki presumes that Lhikan will go to Tuyet to tell her she is safe, although Nidhiki has started to grow suspicious of Tuyet and sounds preoccupied. Lhikan says he needs to put the Dark Hunters somewhere until they decide what to do with them and take care of a few priority jobs for Dume before heading to Ga-Metru.490
  • It takes Lhikan longer than expected to get his tasks done. Night has already fallen by the time he makes it to Ga-Metru.490
  • Since Tuyet has not yet learned that Lhikan and Nidhiki defeated the Dark Hunters, she murders another Matoran, this time drowning a Ga-Matoran in a canal in Ga-Metru.490
  • Nidhiki finds Tuyet at the scene of the murder. It appears that the Matoran was fished out of a canal after being drowned. As usual, the Matoran is holding a tablet bearing Tuyet's name in her hand. Tuyet claims that she found the Matoran dead only a few minutes ago. Nidhiki realizes that since he and Lhikan captured the Dark Hunters in the morning, this is a contradiction, which confirms his suspicions about Tuyet. Nidhiki keeps quiet and waits until Lhikan arrives.490
  • Lhikan finds Nidhiki and Tuyet standing amidst a crowd of Matoran, gathered around the body of the Ga-Matoran. Tuyet tells Lhikan that she heard a scream and rushed out, but she was too late to save the Matoran and found her dead. Nidhiki prompts Tuyet to tell Lhikan when this happened, and she says again that it happened only a few minutes ago. Lhikan realizes this should not be possible, but Nidhiki cuts him off before he can say anything, simply reassuring Tuyet that they will find the ones responsible.490
  • Lhikan and Nidhiki realize that Tuyet has been lying. Since they defeated the Dark Hunters in the morning, the Dark Hunters could not have been the ones to kill the Ga-Matoran the same evening. Nidhiki also mentions that Devastator looked confused when he mentioned the countdown. They start to take seriously the notion that Tuyet does in fact have the Nui Stone and is the one who has been murdering Matoran.490
  • An hour later, full darkness has fallen, and the residents of Metru Nui are in dark spirits. Lhikan, dreading the confrontation with Tuyet, finds Tuyet in her dwelling. He tells her that he and Nidhiki captured all three Dark Hunters, and Tuyet appears to be relieved. However, now that he knows what to look for, Lhikan detects a heat source hidden in the back wall, which he presumes must be from the energy given off by the Nui Stone. Before Tuyet can react, Lhikan walks past her and smashes a hole in the wall, pulling out the glowing red stone. Tuyet continues to play dumb, but Lhikan explains how he and Nidhiki and figured out she was lying. Tuyet suddenly knocks Lhikan back with a water blast, snatching the stone from him with a water bubble. She says she thought Nidhiki might be a problem, but not Lhikan, since he is so trusting. Tuyet warns Lhikan that Nidhiki will come to no good. Tuyet explains that with the energies of the Nui Stone, she will become the most powerful Toa who ever lived, ending the threat of Rahi monster attacks, Dark Hunters, and possibly even taking out the Brotherhood of Makuta for fun. As the League of Six Kingdoms tried to do, she will impose law and order on everything that lives. Lhikan points out that this will have been built on murder and lies, but Tuyet argues that the Toa would do more good if they stopped worrying about who might get hurt in the process. Lhikan says this would make them part of the problem. Convinced she can eliminate all of their problems, she activates the Nui Stone in her hand. It begins to crackle, a nimbus of crimson energy surrounding her. Lhikan hurls a fire bolt at Tuyet, but her power is already growing too fast for it to have effect. Lhikan pleads with her to remember what the Toa stand for, but Tuyet says she does not care. At this moment, Nidhiki knocks in the door, sending it flying into Tuyet, a tornado whirling around him. Lhikan springs at Tuyet and tries to pry the stone loose from her grasp, but she hurls him aside and hits Nidhiki with a flood tide that forces him out of the chamber. The next instant, her power explodes, bringing down the entire dwelling. Before the startled Toa, Tuyet rises high into the air on a column of water, laughing a chilling laugh. At Nidhiki's suggestion, Lhikan draws all the heat out of the column of water beneath Tuyet, immediately freezing it. Before Tuyet can respond, Nidhiki picks up a metallic protodermis pole and smashes the pillar with it. Tuyet is stunned and thrown off-balance, and she drops the stone. Once she loses contact with it, her new powers abruptly vanish, and the loss of power stuns her. Both Tuyet and the Nui Stone fall, and Lhikan chooses to catch Tuyet. At the same time, Nidhiki is eager to snatch the Nui Stone. Lhikan catches Tuyet first, then hits the Nui Stone with a blast of fire just before it reaches Nidhiki. Nidhiki cries out in dismay and tries to grab it, but its surface is molten hot. The stone hits the ground and splinters into a billion pieces, whose red glow flares and then fades for good. Lhikan encircles Tuyet with fiery chains, and with the destruction of the stone, the red glow around Tuyet fades as well. Nidhiki rails against Lhikan for destroying the stone, but Lhikan simply apologizes for making a "mistake."490
  • About 3,500 years before story year 2008438, 547, 548 Tuyet attempts to seize power by stealing the energies of other Toa.472 Tuyet tampers with the powerful Nui Stone, which proves too much for her to control. She goes wild and is defeated by Toa Lhikan and Toa Nidhiki.549, 472 The Nui Stone is apparently destroyed.549

The Order of Mata Nui Imprisons Tuyet

  • Tuyet is confined to the Coliseum while Dume and Lhikan try to decide on a fitting punishment.490
  • Despite being under guard, Tuyet disappears during the night, never to be seen again. There are reports that a large creature [Botar] suddenly appeared in her cell and teleported out with her, but these are dismissed as delusional.490
  • Tuyet is condemned to the Pit.549, 472 That night, Tuyet is imprisoned in the Pit for the unpardonable crime of slaying those she was intended to protect.490
  • Lhikan never finds out what happened to Tuyet, although the mystery haunts him all his life.490
  • Botar uses the second Kanohi Olmak (the one used by Jovan's team and in the future the Brotherhood of Makuta) to transport Tuyet to an alternate dimension and retrieve a second Tuyet to replace her.550, 551
  • Over time, Nidhiki grows dissatisfied with his role, believing it unbecoming for him to serve lesser beings such as Turaga Dume and the Matoran. He decides that those with power should serve themselves and rule over the weak.537

3,000 Years Ago

Miscellaneous Events

  • The Artakha bull is one of the oldest Rahi known to the Matoran of Metru Nui, with Archives records dating back well over 2,000 years before story year 2005.552
  • Before joining the Dark Hunters, Tyrant is the brutal ruler of an island to the south.553

The Toa-Dark Hunter War

  • Likely 2000-3000 years before the arrival of the Toa Mata the Toa-Dark Hunter War takes place.554
  • The war starts when Dume refuses to allow the Dark Hunters to have a base on Metru Nui.535
  • The Shadowed One becomes obsessed with capturing Metru Nui. When an attempt by Thok to capture Turaga Dume fails, he reaches the end of his patience and decides to invade the city.295
  • The Shadowed One assembles a legion of his best operatives and orders them to invade and capture Metru Nui. This strikes many as an unusual and risky idea, as Dark Hunters usually work in the shadows.295
  • A couple hundred Dark Hunters storm Metru Nui in the dead of night, taking the Vahki and Toa Lhikan's team of Toa completely by surprise. While the Matoran take cover, they seize control of most of the city. The Toa and Turaga Dume are forced to take refuge inside of the Coliseum. It seems that the Dark Hunters are only a few days away from victory.295
  • The Toa of Water manages to slip through the Dark Hunter lines and swims the ocean.295
  • At the first island she comes to, she drags herself to the Turaga and begs for help for Metru Nui.295
  • The result is that close to a hundred Toa descend on Metru Nui and turn what could have been a quick fight into a protracted siege.295
  • In perhaps his bravest act, Dume opposes the Dark Hunters when they wish to establish a base in Metru Nui. Despite threats from the Shadowed One, he refuses to allow Dark Hunters anywhere within the city limits. His defiance results in a huge struggle in the city between a small band of Toa led by Lhikan and the Dark Hunters. The Toa mobilize to defend Metru Nui.477, 473, 498, 537, 555 After the Dark Hunters' request to build a base in Metru Nui is denied, they invade the city and attempt to conquer it.286
  • 3,000 Years Ago41 The Toa-Dark Hunter War.41 The Dark Hunters launch an invasion of Metru Nui.472
  • Toa and Dark Hunters clash in metru-to-metru, street-to-street fighting that lasts for months.295
  • The Toa-Dark Hunter War lasts for six months in Metru Nui, raging throughout the various metru.555
  • Dark Hunters and Toa come to Metru Nui from other islands.556
  • All Toa fighting in the war come from different lands.557
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta is not involved in the war in any way.558
  • The Rahi Nui is likely not used in the war.559
  • The entire war is fought in Metru Nui, as the city is the source of the conflict.560
  • During the Toa-Dark Hunter War on Metru Nui, the Shadowed One coins the epithet "City of Legends" for Metru Nui as part of dark joke, claiming that Metru Nui will truly become a city of legends, as most legends are about the dead.561
  • Many, many years ago Subterranean is originally an Onu-Matoran on Metru Nui. During the Toa-Dark Hunter war, Subterranean is helping to build a new wing of the Archives beneath Ga-Metru when the tunnel ceiling collapses. It is unclear what happens next – perhaps he is exposed to some experiment in the building above – but over time, Gatherer mutates into a bizarre and frightening figure. The accident has a major side-effect: Subterranean's sense of hearing becomes so acute that the slightest noise is painful to him.562
  • When Subterranean finally emerges from underground, his appearance terrifies his former friends.562
  • During the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Tyrant agrees to ally with the Dark Hunters, although the Shadowed One supposes that he never considers himself a member. Tyrant spends most of the conflict trying to undermine the Shadowed One's authority and take control for himself. He is the only real challenge to the Shadowed One's rule prior to the Piraka's rebellion [sic].553 Tyrant makes a failed attempt to overthrow the Shadowed One.563
  • The Shadowed One later gives Tyrant the opportunity to prove his bravery, sending him with a small patrol of Dark Hunters to confront Toa Lhikan and a band of Toa. The other Dark Hunters have orders to abandon him as soon as the fight is joined.553 Set up for defeat, Tyrant is beaten by the Toa and disappears beneath the waves of the silver sea.563, 553 Before vanishing, Tyrant apparently vows vengeance on the Shadowed One and the Toa.553 Afterwards, rumors persist that he is still alive.563 No one sees Tyrant after his disappearance, or misses him.553
  • Reidak is part of the Toa-Dark Hunter war.388
  • The future Piraka probably fight in the war.564
  • Dume is the leader of Metru Nui during the war.565
  • Because the Dark Hunters want to capture the city rather than destroy it, not much property is damaged during the war.566
  • Each side of the war controls parts of the city, but borders are very fluid as the war progresses.567
  • Lhikan and Nidhiki are Toa during the war.568
  • Lhikan leads the Toa in battle.569
  • The Toa are based in the Coliseum.570
  • The Shadowed One is a commander in the war.571
  • Ancient is probably in charge of the Dark Hunters in Metru Nui.572
  • The nature of the war being fought from street to street makes infiltration missions difficult.573
  • Mata Nui isn't directly involved in the war.574
  • Neither side uses vehicles as their uses would be limited given the nature of the war.575
  • Teridax's Toa Hagah are not involved in the war.576
  • The Dark Hunters and the Toa are the only factions involved in the conflict, and neither has allies.577
  • The Matoran do not join the fight, but hide instead.578
  • The war doesn't see any large battles; the majority of the fighting is done in raids.579
  • The war lasts several months.580
  • Toa of secondary elements are present.581
  • The Toa-Dark Hunter War consists of street fighting.582
  • Over 300 Toa fight in the war.583
  • It's likely there are Toa or Matoran casualties during the war.584
  • Exo-Toa are not used in the war.585
  • The Dark Hunter called Vengeance fights in the last battle of the Toa-Dark Hunter war, alone against Toa Lhikan. He is defeated and trapped.586
  • In the months since the start of the war, countless Toa fall. According to Lariska's claims, Metru Nui starts out with one or two hundred Toa; by the end of the war, it has maybe a few dozen. In reality, more than a hundred Toa are left. Most are struck down from the shadows, never knowing their enemy was there. The Toa enjoy some victories – Nidhiki routs more than his share of the enemy, and Lhikan is worth six Toa in battle. Nidhiki feels that the numbers are against them.535
  • Occasionally, Lhikan sees what is left of Toa who got careless around Dark Hunters.535
  • 3,000 years ago295 Both sides in the war are hurting badly. Work in the city has largely ground to a halt. Damage to the various metru is extensive. Meanwhile, with so many Dark Hunters in Metru Nui, the Dark Hunters have almost no income of treasure. Both Dume and the Shadowed One know that some bold stroke is needed to end the war.295
  • According to Lariska's claims, by the end of the war, the Dark Hunters are in control of half of Metru Nui.535
  • The Vahki likely do not assist the Toa in the war.587
  • Nidhiki is the only Toa to defect during the war.588
  • The war is fought primarily by Toa from other lands. Since they are more than able to handle the situation, destiny sees no reason to transform any Matoran from Metru Nui into Toa.589

Nidhiki Strikes a Deal with Lariska

  • Toa Lhikan sneaks through the streets of Ta-Metru at night. The city is dead silent and gripped with fear. Lhikan is careful to hide his position, knowing that the formidable Dark Hunters need only the slightest opening of attack. Lhikan hears a noise coming from a foundry roof; it turns out to be Toa Nidhiki, who leaps down beside Lhikan. Nidhiki says he got bored in the Coliseum, leaving behind six Toa to guard Turaga Dume. Lhikan is worried that one Dark Hunter in particular will attempt to reach Dume, in which case not even an entire legion could protect him. Lhikan asks Nidhiki to go north while he goes west and circles around. Lhikan reminds Nidhiki to use his Mask of Stealth.535
  • Nidhiki walks through Ga-Metru, a location which he dislikes for its cleanliness and orderliness. He has risked deactivating his Mask of Stealth, since he finds it disconcerting not to be able to hear his own footsteps. Nidhiki jumps a little at the sight of a chute spider [silver chute spider] scuttling in the darkness.535
  • 3,000 years ago295 Hakann and Lariska crouch on a Ga-Metru rooftop on another dark, cold night in Metru Nui. Hakann spots Toa Nidhiki alone on the streets below. Hakann is about to attack him when Lariska holds him back. Instead, she insists on facing him alone. She leaps from rooftop to rooftop toward the Coliseum to attract his attention.295
  • Wary because of the chute spider, Nidhiki is able to spot a figure flitting from shadow to shadow. Intrigued by its skill, he follows. He soon notices that his target is a female Dark Hunter and that she is heading toward the Coliseum. Nidhiki fires a focused blast of wind from his scythe at the target, but she dodges it easily and lands near him. Nidhiki tries to fence her in by firing air blasts from both sides of his weapon, but Lariska does a somersault from a standing start and dodges them. In mid-air, she hurls two daggers at him; one narrowly misses his mask, and the other grazes his shoulder armor. It is clear that Lariska could have killed Nidhiki if she wanted. Nidhiki mentions he is protecting the city even though he does not consider it his home, essentially because he has no better offers. Nidhiki looks away for a moment to ready his scythe, but Lariska vanishes from sight. Nidhiki stands perfectly still, calculating his next move, then activates his Mask of Stealth and disappears into the shadow. Lariska's voice comes from above; she has found a perfect striking position among the chutes above. Lariska tells Nidhiki she will not bother killing him and simply go ahead and finish off Turaga Dume. Nidhiki stays silent until Lariska buries another dagger in the wall behind him, apparently able to sense his location. Nidhiki tries to stay calm and talk his way out of the situation. He tells Lariska that the Coliseum is too well-guarded for her to slip through. Lariska floats the idea that Nidhiki does not have to be her enemy. She reminds Nidhiki about the toll the war has taken in Toa lives and how close the Dark Hunters are to claiming the city. Nidhiki finds her words compelling and considers the offer. Lariska tells Nidhiki he can either die, or perhaps live by making a deal. Nidhiki lowers his scythe, and Lariska appears in front of him. Lariska tells Nidhiki that if he helps the Dark Hunters capture the Coliseum, he can name his price from the Shadowed One. Nidhiki realizes that if he betrays the city, none of the Toa will live to tell about it, and the Matoran will not know any better. He tells Lariska that he will hand Dume, Lhikan, and the rest over to the Dark Hunters in exchange for rule of the city. Lariska agrees to consider the offer, and she tells Nidhiki to meet at the same spot the following night to get his answer.535
  • Nidhiki secretly makes contact with the enemy and offers to betray the city into their hands.537 Lariska brokers a deal with Nidhiki that leads to his betrayal of the Toa.495 Lariska convinces Nidhiki to lead the Toa into a trap. Unknown to either of them, Lhikan overhears their plot.555
  • There is a brief, inconclusive fight between Nidhiki and Lariska. Hakann notices from above that Lariska has a number of openings to kill the Toa but lets them slip by. Nidhiki disappears from sight, and Lariska starts talking. Then Nidhiki reappears, and the two have a discussion. Nidhiki offers to arrange for the capture of Turaga Dume and the Toa in exchange for rule of the city. They agree to meet again the following night. When Lariska returns to Hakann afterward, she reports that Nidhiki is willing to make a deal with the Dark Hunters. She is convinced that he is not lying and says they must send a message to the Shadowed One.295
  • A message is sent via trained Nui-Rama to the Shadowed One. It says that Toa Nidhiki will arrange for the capture of Turaga Dume, Toa Lhikan, and the rest of Metru Nui's defenders in exchange for rule over the city.295
  • The Shadowed One's reply says to agree to Nidhiki's demands, then eliminate him once the war is won.295
  • The next day feels like an eternity to Nidhiki. He spends his time wandering the halls of the Coliseum, imagining himself in control of it all. He convinces himself that it is Dume and the other Toa's fault for his betrayal, for ever thinking they stood a chance against the Dark Hunters.535
  • As the twin suns set, Lhikan approaches Nidhiki and asks him to meet a boat coming from the south, carrying supplies. Grateful for an excuse to slip away, Nidhiki leaves immediately, forgetting to wait for Lhikan to tell him where to meet the boat.535
  • Lariska and Nidhiki meet again the following night. As before, Hakann watches secretly. Nidhiki arrives late and looks worried. Nidhiki says Lhikan told him to head down to the docks to meet a supply boat. He is openly bitter about Lhikan not having time for such tasks as leader of the Toa.295
  • Lariska tells Nidhiki that they have a deal. Tomorrow, Nidhiki is to lead Lhikan and the Coliseum guard into the Canyon of Unending Whispers in Po-Metru. The Dark Hunters will be scattered in the caves and foothills. Once the ambush is over, Lariska is to take care of Dume personally, and Nidhiki will be ruler of the city.535, 295
  • Suddenly, Hakann notices Toa Lhikan watching from a nearby rooftop, meaning he overheard Nidhiki's plot. Hakann considers warning Lariska, then decides to use this discovery to his personal advantage. If the Dark Hunters lose the war, then Lariska will be disgraced. However, Hakann wants to avoid becoming a prisoner of the Toa.295
  • Once Nidhiki leaves and before Lariska returns, Hakann starts following Lhikan. Before long, Lhikan notices Hakann and attacks. Their brief fight ends with Hakann aiming his lava launcher at an unarmed Lhikan. Hakann piques Lhikan's interest when he claims that he stole the Makoki stone and used it to pay his way into the Dark Hunters. Hakann proposes that when the Toa spring their own ambush on the Dark Hunters, they allow the Dark Hunters to leave Metru Nui under their own power in exchange for the Makoki stone. Knowing that his fellow Toa had once been willing to die protecting the Makoki stone, Lhikan considers the idea and agrees. He tells Hakann to follow him so they can send a message to the Shadowed One confirming the deal. Lhikan says that if the Dark Hunters hand over the Makoki stone, the Toa will allow them to leave, under two conditions: that the Dark Hunters never return to Metru Nui, and that they take the traitor Nidhiki with them.295
  • Lhikan discovers Nidhiki's treachery before he can carry out his plans. Nidhiki eventually defects to the enemy.477, 473, 498, 537
  • Hakann betrays the Dark Hunters during the Toa-Dark Hunter War to save himself.499
  • Hakann buys the freedom of the captured Dark Hunters from Toa Lhikan by arranging the return of the Makoki Stone.497
  • In return for the Makoki Stone, Lhikan agrees to let the Dark Hunters leave the island in peace, provided they take Nidhiki with them.555
  • Hakann lets Lhikan live and makes a deal with him because he doesn't want Lariska to get credit for the victory and he wants to end the war and escape without injury.590
  • Self-preservation drives Nidhiki to betray Metru Nui; he believes the Dark Hunters will win the war.591
  • Nidhiki betrays Lhikan probably about 1000 years before Lhikan steals Toa stones from the Great Temple.592
  • The future Piraka are possibly Dark Hunters before Nidhiki defects, but probably not before Krekka joined.593

The Toa Defeat the Dark Hunters

  • The next day, at the Coliseum, Nidhiki reports that the Dark Hunters have established a base camp in a Po-Metru canyon. All of their operations are being coordinated from there, so the Toa can end the war with one swift stroke. He tells Lhikan that they will need every Toa they can muster to take advantage of this opportunity, even if it means leaving the Coliseum undefended. Dume agrees, and Lhikan sets out to assemble the guard and move out at once.535
  • Less than fifteen minutes later, the Toa are on the move. There are over one hundred Toa on the march, with Nidhiki and Lhikan in the lead. Each of them has a lost a brother or sister Toa in the war and want to see it end, but not before they make the Dark Hunters pay in full for their crimes. They travel well-worn paths through Po-Metru.535
  • Side by side, the Toa march into the Canyon of Unending Whispers. There is no sign of a Dark Hunter base. As Nidhiki apologizes to Lhikan, all around, Dark Hunters rise from their hiding places, surrounding the Toa. However, Lhikan raises his arm, and suddenly Toa rise from the tops of the canyon walls; more than two hundred Toa now surround the Dark Hunters. The Dark Hunters look to Lariska for guidance; seeing that the odds are clearly against them, she surrenders. At first, Lariska thinks Nidhiki fooled her, but Lhikan reveals that he overheard their conversation the night before, and that the "supplies" brought in by boat had been Toa reinforcements all along.535
  • Everything goes according to Toa Lhikan's plan. When he, Nidhiki, and the rest of the Coliseum guard match into the Canyon of Unending Whispers, they are immediately ambushed by Dark Hunters. A moment later, the Dark Hunters find themselves surrounded by three hundred Toa who arrived on the "supply boats" the night before. Lariska, with Hakann nearby, asks Toa Lhikan what will become of them, expecting death the same as the Dark Hunters would give.295 Lhikan tells Lariska that they already sent a messenger to the Shadowed One before the Dark Hunters reached the canyon – the Dark Hunters will be allowed to leave the way they came. In return, the Dark Hunters will leave Metru Nui and never return, and they will take the traitor Nidhiki with them. Nidhiki is shocked to learn that he will be banished.535, 295 Lhikan spurns Nidhiki and threatens to kill him if he does not leave.535 Hakann is gladdened by the sight of Lariska dreading the punishment the Shadowed One will give her for failure.295
  • Lhikan leads the Toa into the trap, but then springs one of his own, capturing the Dark Hunter army.555 He leads a victorious army of Toa against them.472
  • With the help of the traitorous Toa Nidhiki, the Dark Hunters almost succeed. However, their forces are tricked and ambushed by a small army of Toa.286 The Toa defeat the Dark Hunters.41 Lhikan leads the Toa to victory.498 The Toa eventually win the fight, leaving the Shadowed One embittered and determined to bring Metru Nui to ruin.477, 473, 537, 283
  • Nidhiki is disgraced after his failed attempt to betray Metru Nui into the hands of the Shadowed One, and he is banished from the city. Nidhiki joins the Dark Hunters.492, 472
  • 3,000 years ago The six-month long Toa-Dark Hunter War in Metru Nui ends in defeat for the Dark Hunters.1
  • The Dark Hunters' defeat is the one time when Odina's security is truly threatened. Although the Toa could pry the location of Odina from their Dark Hunter prisoners, they make a deal with the Shadowed One to allow them to return to their base in exchange for the Makoki stone (whose true importance they do not even know).283 The Dark Hunters use the Makoki stone to ransom their agents after the end of the Toa-Dark Hunter war.472
  • By the next morning, the Dark Hunters and Nidhiki have been loaded onto ships headed for the Shadowed One's island. None of the Dark Hunters come anywhere near Nidhiki.295
  • Nidhiki leaves with the defeated Dark Hunters and does not return for hundreds of years.498, 537
  • Shocked and grief-stricken, Subterranean leaves Metru Nui with the Dark Hunters and joins them following the conclusion of the Toa-Dark Hunter war.594, 562
  • The captured Dark Hunters are shipped back to Odina and warned not to return.286
  • The Toa-Dark Hunter War ends before it can negatively impact Mata Nui's health.595
  • Since the war only lasts six months, the fact that Matoran were unable to work in some of the Metru didn't have much of an impact on Mata Nui's health.596

Aftermath of the Toa-Dark Hunter War

  • The Shadowed One keeps his word – for the next 2,000 years, no Dark Hunter sets foot on Metru Nui.295
  • Despite Lariska's insistence that neither she nor Nidhiki were responsible for the Dark Hunters' defeat, she is punished severely, and Nidhiki is shunned.295
  • Subterranean is fitted with special armor that dampens sound.562
  • Since joining the Dark Hunters, Subterranean serves the Shadowed One and proves to be a most effective hunter of Toa.562
  • Vengeance remains trapped for years following his capture in the Toa-Dark Hunter war.586
  • Lariska has her arm replaced with a mechanical one at some point after the war.597
  • Lariska loses her arm. A Dark Hunter inventor replaces it with a mechanical one.598
  • Lariska's arm is not removed as punishment for losing the Toa-Dark Hunter War.599
  • This inventor likely isn't Avak.600
  • The Shadowed One stops Lariska from killing Hakann because the latter was still a potential resource.601
  • Nidhiki's betrayal is kept secret from the Matoran so as not to undermine confidence in all Toa.602
  • Nidhiki becomes well known as a legendary traitor, at least to Zaktan.603

Nidhiki Trains As a Dark Hunter

  • In the six months since Nidhiki arrives on [Odina], he does nothing but help prepare other Dark Hunters for missions, and otherwise spends his time bored. Since Nidhiki is a traitor, the Shadowed One does not trust him. However, Nidhiki is valuable for his knowledge as a Toa.535
  • On Odina, Nidhiki tries to grow accustomed to life as a Dark Hunter but finds that he misses the glory of being a Toa.537
  • Since the disaster on Metru Nui, Nidhiki and Lariska are close companions.535

The Dark Hunters Steal the Makoki Stone

  • Nidhiki is assigned to train a team of Dark Hunters. Their mission is to penetrate a heavily defended island and steal a stone known as the Makoki. He does not know all of the details, but apparently the Shadowed One intends to split the rock into six pieces and make six times the profit ransoming it back.535
  • Six months after the end of the Toa-Dark Hunter war535 Nidhiki watches as the squad trains on an obstacle course. For the most part, they are professional and efficient, all except for a dim-witted brute named Krekka. When Krekka demolishes a barrier he was supposed to slip under quietly, Nidhiki quizzes him with a hypothetical scenario, but Krekka is too dim-witted to grasp the concept. Frustrated, Nidhiki stalks off to report to the Shadowed One.535
  • In the Shadowed One's chamber, Nidhiki reports that his squad is ready, except for Krekka. He advises the Shadowed One to send him in place of Krekka, but the Shadowed One refuses. Nidhiki is furious, as he has done nothing but train other Dark Hunters since arriving on the island. The Shadowed One reminds Nidhiki that he is a traitor and is therefore untrustworthy. However, the Shadowed One agrees to start sending Nidhiki on missions of his own, provided he work with a partner. He tells Nidhiki that his new partner is waiting outside of his chamber. Nidhiki fully expects Lariska to walk through the door, but, to his dismay, Krekka appears instead.535
  • Nidhiki is put into the situation of training Vezok likely as one of the Shadowed One's sadistic games. Working with difficult students also made for better trainers.604
  • By order of the Shadowed One, Krekka is partnered with Nidhiki. His reasoning is that Nidhiki cannot be fully trusted, since he was a traitor to his own kind. On other hand, he knows that Krekka, although dim-witted, is also scrupulously honest and will stick to orders. His hope is that Krekka will ensure that Nidhiki does not stray too far from their objectives or turn missions into occasion for personal profit. For insurance, it is made extremely clear to Nidhiki that if anything happens to Krekka, the Dark Hunters will hold him responsible. It is an uneasy partnership at best, with Nidhiki being much smarter and more cunning than his brutish companion. Nidhiki endures this arrangement because he believes that he can outflank Krekka at need and because he hopes someday to use his position to take over the entire organization.491, 537 Krekka is meant to keep the ex-Toa honest more than anything else.493
  • Sometime after the Toa-Dark Hunter war, the Dark Hunters steal back the Makoki Stone and split it into six pieces.497
  • Six months after the end of the Toa-Dark Hunter war295 (2,999 years ago) Not content to allow the Makoki stone to remain in Toa hands, the Shadowed One dispatches a Dark Hunter team to the Toa base where the stone is held. They successfully steal the tablet.295
  • The Shadowed One orders the Makoki stone split into six pieces so he can earn six times the ransom for it.295
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta are the high bidders for the stones, despite the fact that they, too, have no idea of their true significance.295
  • Vezok knows why the Makoki stone is important, but the Shadowed One does not.605

Nidhiki and Krekka Steal a Launcher

  • Some Matoran on an island near [Odina] develop a new kind of launcher. No one knows what it is meant to fire, but the Shadowed One wants it anyway. Supposedly, there are only a few models in existence. The Shadowed One intends to steal them and destroy the original equipment used to build them.535
  • The Shadowed One assigns the mission to Nidhiki and Krekka. The Shadowed One tells Nidhiki that he will be responsible for Krekka's well-being. He also tells Nidhiki to make sure that the Dark Hunters' involvement in the theft is kept secret. On the other hand, the Shadowed One tells Krekka that he must stay with Nidhiki at all times when on a job (this is to keep Nidhiki from disobeying orders). There is a Toa on the island, but Lariska agrees to set up a diversion. The Matoran post guards around their village, but they do not cover a side which requires a climb up a sheer cliff. Nidhiki plans for Krekka to scale the cliff.535
  • Nidhiki and Krekka arrive at the base of the cliff. Nidhiki reminds Krekka of their plan: Krekka will keep quiet, then when they find the right spot, Krekka will smash open the gate, and Nidhiki will go in while Krekka stays outside. Nidhiki will wreck the place, and then the two of them will return to this spot. Nidhiki forces Krekka to recite the plan over and over to ensure he follows instructions.535
  • Krekka starts climbing up the cliff, punching handholds into the rock. Nidhiki follows. Halfway up the cliff, Nidhiki suddenly realizes that Lariska mentioned that Krekka could fly. Amazingly, Krekka admits that he had forgotten. Nidhiki wishes he could push Krekka off the cliff and get rid of him, but he remembers that the Shadowed One said he was responsible for Krekka's well-being.535
  • Krekka smashes down the door of the armory and obediently waits outside while Nidhiki goes in alone. Nidhiki finds the launchers easily. There are three of them, but Nidhiki takes only one to bring back to the Shadowed One; the other two he starts burying in the rocky floor of the building, believing no one would think to look in the same place they were stolen from. He intends to come back later and secretly take the launchers for himself. Meanwhile, Krekka remembers that the Shadowed One ordered him to stay with Nidhiki at all times on a mission. He walks in on Nidhiki burying the other launchers. Nidhiki tries to convince Krekka that they should keep the launchers for themselves, but Krekka gets angry because this goes against the Shadowed One's instructions to bring back everything. Krekka starts shouting and attracting the attention of Matoran guards outside, putting the secrecy of the Dark Hunters' involvement at risk, so Nidhiki relents and takes all three.535
  • Krekka stands up to Nidhiki when the latter was tries to keep loot for himself against the Shadowed One's orders.606
  • The launchers stolen by Nidhiki and Krekka are similar to Zamor sphere launchers.607
  • The launchers stolen by Nidhiki and Krekka are prototypes for what eventually become Zamor sphere launchers.608
  • Much later than 80,000 years ago, the Dark Hunters steal prototypes based on the rediscovered designs of the Zamor sphere launcher.331 They steal the prototypes for zamor launchers from another client of Xia. Attempts to hunt down the thieves are unsuccessful. For a time, the Dark Hunters are not welcome on Xia.260
  • Nidhiki and Krekka undertake many adventures together.537 The Shadowed One dispatches Nidhiki on minor assignments, always with Krekka as a partner to keep him in check.492
  • The only time Nidhiki gets to leave the island is when he is sent on errands with Krekka, whom he sees as an idiot. He longs for life outside the Dark Hunters.535
  • After the Dark Hunters sell the Makoki stones With the Makoki stones sold, for the Shadowed One, the only problem left over from the war is Nidhiki. The Shadowed One values Nidhiki's knowledge and experience but cannot fully trust him. He also knows that Nidhiki is scheming to escape the island in the hopes of resuming his career as a Toa someday.295

Roodaka Mutates Nidhiki

  • Roodaka bribes, threatens, and intimidates information out of beings who know where the Dark Hunters' base is located.609
  • Roodaka has no interest in becoming a Dark Hunter, nor is she employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta. She only wants training.610
  • Roodaka comes to [Odina] and meets with the Shadowed One. She wants to pay to receive Dark Hunter training, but not to join the organization, saying she has plans of her own. The Shadowed One gives her a few hours to change her mind before she is sent back where she came from.535
  • Over a year after Nidhiki joins the Dark Hunters535 (at most 2,999 years ago) Nidhiki spots a stranger [Roodaka] walking through the courtyard of the Shadowed One's fortress. Lariska tells Nidhiki that she is trouble – she wants to pay for Dark Hunter training without joining. Always intrigued by newcomers to the island, Nidhiki approaches her anyway.535
  • Nidhiki learns that the newcomer's name is Roodaka, but little else. He blocks her way to introduce himself and welcome her, but she is dismissive at first. Nidhiki explains that he is looking for a way off the island. Nidhiki assumes that Roodaka is working for someone else who could use his talents; if Roodaka introduces him and he gets in, Nidhiki offers to reward her. He explains he was meant for bigger things, even if it means leaving behind the Dark Hunters and the Shadowed One. Roodaka seems to agree to the arrangement and tells Nidhiki to meet her at the dock in full darkness.535
  • Roodaka reports her conversation with Nidhiki to the Shadowed One, attempting to use it to buy her training. However, the Shadowed One insists on more. He wants a way to take away all hope of Nidhiki's returning to being a hero, so he arranges for Roodaka to mutate him into a monstrous figure.535
  • Nidhiki goes to his meeting with Roodaka without telling Lariska about his plan to leave. He stands by the water's edge at midnight. He reminds himself that he still has the appearance and powers of a Toa; if he finds a far off land that has never heard of his deeds, he might even be a hero again. To his surprise, he finds that he misses the bonds that Toa shared with each other, which are nothing like what Dark Hunters have. He believes that his fellow Toa were too quick to turn on him, without trying to understand why he did what he did. He supposes they were jealous and resented the fact that he was smart enough to look out for himself. Nidhiki decides he will find some place that will accept him as a Toa, and he will not let Lhikan or anyone else from Metru Nui take that life away from him. So absorbed in his own thoughts, Nidhiki does not notice when Roodaka fires a noiseless Rhotuka spinner at him. When it strikes, he keels over in pain as his body mutates. The mutation lasts for an agonizing six seconds. When it is over, he "walks" to the water's edge to see his reflection. The Shadowed One, along with an assembly of Dark Hunters, reveal themselves s they illuminate the beach with torch light. Nidhiki screams as he sees the reflection of his new, grotesque body. His heads and arms have changed, but most disturbing of all is that his lower body now resembles that of a large, four-legged insect.535
  • Roodaka watches in amusement as Nidhiki tries to master walking on the beach in his new form. The Shadowed One agrees that she has purchased her training, amazed at her powers. The sight of Nidhiki is too much to bear even for some of the assembled Dark Hunters. Lariska has already fled back to the fortress. The Shadowed One reveals to Nidhiki that Roodaka tried to pay for her training by reporting their conversation, but he insisted on more – he wanted to strip away all hope of Nidhiki's returning to life as a Toa. Now that Nidhiki has been mutated into a horror, Matoran will never accept him as a hero, ensuring that Nidhiki's place will always be with the Dark Hunters. Nidhiki feels hatred for the Shadowed One, but the Shadowed One ignores him, instead suggesting that Nidhiki repay Lhikan someday for not ending his misery on Metru Nui. One by one, Roodaka and the others depart.535
  • Eventually, Nidhiki attempts to buy passage off Odina from a visiting stranger, Roodaka, to escape the island. Under orders from the Shadowed One, Roodaka betrays him and uses her Rhotuka spinner to mutate him into a monstrous insectoid, spider-like form on a beach of Odina. In this shape, Nidhiki knows that he will never be accepted on any Matoran-held island. The beach becomes known as Nidhiki Beach.537, 611, 283, 492
  • The Shadowed One allows Nidhiki to get close to freedom, but at the last moment has a new recruit, Roodaka, mutate him into an insectoid monster. Now that he is so hideous that no Matoran society would ever accept him, he is doomed to remain a Dark Hunter forever.295
  • Lhikan hears rumors of what happened to Nidhiki.612

Silence Joins the Dark Hunters

  • It is believed that the Dark Hunter Silence is mutated by Roodaka.613
  • Prior to the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta war The Dark Hunter "Silence" is a gift from Roodaka to the Dark Hunters. It is not known what he was before or where Roodaka found him, but it is certain that her mutation Rhotuka spinner is responsible for his appearance.614

Poison Joins the Dark Hunters

  • The Dark Hunter Poison's species is hunted to near extinction by Matoran.615, 616
  • Poison is making futile attacks against a Matoran settlement and being thoroughly thrashed by the local Toa when the Dark Hunters first encounter him. Poison is brought back to Odina.616
  • Back at Odina, the Dark Hunters discover that Poison was not using his primary offensive weapon: the poison which courses through his body. Nidhiki teaches him how to put his venom to use. He also makes the bizarre discovery that Poison's only real vulnerability is his own venom. Biologically, the Shadowed One's researchers are unsure how this is possible.616

Some of Metru Nui's Toa Leave

  • Over time, some of the Toa in Metru Nui leave for other islands and more adventure.498

Teridax Employs Toa Hagah

  • It's unlikely the Toa Hagah come from the same land.617
  • The Toa who will become Teridax's Toa Hagah have many adventures.618
  • The future members of Teridax's Toa Hagah prove their worth.619
  • The members of the Toa Hagah are chosen based on their bravery and their deeds.620
  • Makuta Teridax is so highly regarded that he has an elite team of Toa, the Toa Hagah, dedicated to serving and guarding him.149 Bomonga, Iruini, Gaaki, and Kualus are members of the Toa Hagah, an elite Toa team assigned to serve as Makuta Teridax's personal guard.621, 622, 623, 624, 625, 626

2,900 Years Ago

Sidorak and Roodaka Become Teridax's Lieutenants

  • 2,900 years ago Roodaka is employed by the Brotherhood of Makuta.627
  • Sidorak's talent for treachery attracts the attention of Makuta. Makuta makes Sidorak one of his lieutenants, along with Roodaka. Sidorak immediately sees the advantage that might be gained if he and Roodaka form an alliance, but she refuses to agree. Instead, the two of them compete for Makuta's favor, with Roodaka doing her best to hamper Sidorak.486
  • In later years, Roodaka finds herself partnered with Sidorak as lieutenants to Makuta, a job she enjoys. Both of them attempt to gain favor in the eyes of their employer, but neither succeeds at truly outdoing the other.484
  • Roodaka and Sidorak are frequent employers of Dark Hunters, using them to spy on each other.477

2,500 Years Ago

The Brotherhood of Makuta Steals the Mask of Light

  • The Dark Hunters forge a relationship with the Brotherhood of Makuta, often doing jobs for Makuta Teridax or others.286
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta receives rumors of the existence of the Kanohi Avohkii on Artakha. Kojol is not the one to learn this directly.628 The Brotherhood decides that it must take possession of the Avohkii in order to prevent a Toa of Light from ever arising, and Teridax mounts an unprecedented operation to raid the island and steal the mask.161, 148, 149 Teridax orders Kojol to mount a secret raid against Artakha to retrieve the Avohkii, in such a way that the Brotherhood of Makuta can plausibly deny their involvement. He suggests using only a few Rahkshi. Kojol, eager to lead a large force against Artakha, unwisely ignores this constraint and assembles a force of Visorak, Rahkshi, and a few Exo-Toa to overwhelm the island's defenses.628
  • Roughly 2,500 years ago148 Kojol's strike force invades Artakha. The Visorak first encounter two of the Crystal Serpents on the beach. The Visorak attack confidently, but the Crystal Serpents use sunlight focused through their bodies to incinerate the entire first wave. Kojol pulls his ships back and attempts another approach at an area with more treacherous terrain. The Rahkshi are able to climb this area and reach the island. The Matoran inhabitants pose little threat, but Artakha's devices take a heavy toll on the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi buy enough time for the Exo-Toa to deploy, and the combined forces are able to overcome the island's defenses.628, 18
  • Kojol personally arrives on the island in search of the Avohkii. Because the interior of Artakha's fortress is booby-trapped, Kojol takes a long time to locate the Avohkii. Kojol's presence on the island essentially ruins the Brotherhood's chances of denying involvement.628
  • Kojol struggles through an intense blizzard as he departs from the island.628
  • Kojol returns to Destral triumphantly with the Avohkii. Although he disobeyed orders, Teridax praises him for retrieving the Avohkii.628
  • The Makuta steal the Avohkii from Artakha.160
  • Teridax holds the Avohkii in his hands. This is the first time Mutran sees the mask.628
  • The Makuta hide the Avohkii in their fortress on Destral.161, 148 Their stated reason for taking the mask is that Artakha was not secure enough to protect it.148
  • The Makuta's Toa Hagah seem not to know anything about the nature of the raid on Artakha, and the Makuta's treachery appears to remain safe from view.628

Artakha Is Hidden

  • Artakha requests the Order of Mata Nui to wipe out anything or anyone in the outside world with knowledge of Artakha's location.18 The Order of Mata Nui realizes that the raid on Artakha was a prelude to further acts of aggression by the Brotherhood.148 In response, the Order of Mata Nui hunts down and eliminates anyone who knows the location of Artakha so that such an act cannot take place again.148, 105 The Order destroys every known chart or map in existence with Artakha's location, including its own. It also eliminates all individuals who know Artakha's location, including Order members and various servants of the Brotherhood. The inhabitants of Artakha destroy the larger, uninhabited island connected to Artakha and the isthmus leading to it.18
  • Toa Helryx makes the difficult decision of ordering the deaths of everyone who knows the location of Artakha.142
  • Tobduk is assigned the ugly task of planning the deaths of or personally slaying everyone who knows the location of the island of Artakha, including other Order members and a Makuta [Kojol]. Tobduk becomes notorious within the Order for carrying out this assignment.366
  • The Rahkshi which participated in the Artakha raid are dispatched in two squads to a remote part of the southern continent, only to disappear completely. Mutran later discovers the remains of their armor and kraata.628
  • The Exo-Toa which participated in the Artakha raid vanish from their posts overnight. The Brotherhood has no idea what has become of them. Mutran begins to suspect that Artakha or an ally of Artakha is taking revenge for the raid. He realizes that Kojol's life is probably in danger if this is the case. Mutran intentionally informs no one because of his dislike for Kojol.628
  • Kojol visits Xia to present them with a new armor-eating virus he wants them to incorporate into a weapon. In what appears to be an accident, the virus escapes and eats away Kojol's protosteel armor in mere seconds. Afterwards, Kojol's energy form somehow ends up in a high-temperature Vortixx furnace, where it is completely destroyed. Kojol dies. On the other hand, the virus dies almost immediately after finishing its work, never to be seen again.628
  • Makuta Kojol is visiting Xia to discuss having a virus added into a weapon the Vortixx are building for the Makuta. During his visit, Kojol is "accidentally" killed by a different virus. In reality, this is no accident, but an Order of Mata Nui operation to remove him. Kojol brings a number of viruses with him when he comes to Xia. Some are never found. The story is that they are incinerated along with Kojol's armor. However, at least three vials of virus survive and are kept by Vortixx in a chest. [These will later be discovered by the Shadowed One.] This includes a prototype of the virus that Teridax will use to strike down Mata Nui.142
  • The Vortixx maintain innocence in Kojol's death, but Teridax orders part of Xia razed as a reminder to be more careful in the future.628
  • Mutran and the rest of the Brotherhood realize that Kojol was the only Makuta who knew Artakha's location. The Brotherhood seeks out individuals who might know Artakha's location only to discover that all of them have mysteriously died.628
  • Even if some individuals still exist who know Artakha's location, they wisely refrain from stepping forward.18
  • Artakha and its creations become isolated. They continue to deliver creations to the outside world anonymously and in mysterious ways. Not even the Order of Mata Nui knows how Artakha is able to know what is needed and where.18
  • The entire raiding party the Brotherhood of Makuta brought to Artakha knew how to reach the island. They are elimintated.629
  • The Makuta of Artakha is killed by an Order of Mata Nui member because he knows the location of Artakha.630
  • Even Order of Mata Nui Members are killed if they know the location of Artakha. This policy is still in effect during story year 2007.631
  • There are now no Order of Mata Nui members on Artakha.632
  • Piecing together information from half-remembered legends, rumors, and bits of information gained from the raid on Artakha, Makuta discovers that the Mask of Life is more than an instrument to heal Mata Nui – it is a failsafe designed to wipe the universe clean of all life if it strays too far from the Great Beings' designs.73

The Brotherhood of Makuta Builds Its Forces

  • As Teridax works on crafting the virus that will send Mata Nui into an unending sleep, he acts to remove potential threats, including the Mask of Light created on Artakha. Teridax slowly and quietly musters an army of Rahkshi, Visorak, and Exo-Toa and puts the Dark Hunters to work eliminating Toa and Turaga around the universe.278
  • Over the centuries, the Brotherhood of Makuta continues to grow in power while remaining relatively small in number. They form an alliance with the Dark Hunters and turn benevolent technology like the Exo-Toa into tools of conflict. Led by Makuta Teridax, the Brotherhood experiments with mutating Rahi as well as creating specialized beings such as Voporak. They employ Toa Hagah as bodyguards, with the Toa being unaware of the organization's true nature.148
  • The Dark Hunters are at one time allied with the Brotherhood of Makuta.477
  • For years, the Brotherhood of Makuta uses the Dark Hunters to strike at their foes.283
  • For reasons of greed, ambition, or a darker emotion, Makuta Teridax begins oppressing and enslaving Matoran. The Brotherhood of Makuta does nothing to stop him, even aiding him as he turns his knowledge and power against those he has sworn to protect.148 The Brotherhood begins oppressing and enslaving Matoran and creating dangerous Rahi mutations to serve the organization.146
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta amasses armies and builds fortresses to prepare for when they oppose the will of Mata Nui.633
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta's army consists of Exo-Toa, Visorak, and a small number of supporting Dark Hunters. The fake Bohrok are an experiment, not part of their army. The Toa Hagah are never part of their army and no Rahkshi are part of the army.634
  • For unknown reasons, Makuta works with the Energized Protodermis Entity to create dangerous Rahi mutations using energized protodermis.635, 149 The Energized Protodermis Entity allows others to use its power if it finds their intentions intriguing enough.142
  • The Energized Protodermis Entity creates the Two-headed Tarakava.636
  • Makuta mutates a Kraata into the armored Dark Hunter Kraata-Kal.637 Makuta does this by exposing a kraata to a mixture of the same energies used to mutate Bohrok into Bohrok-Kal, resulting in a vastly more powerful and intelligent creature. Makuta constructs a suit of armor for more powerful than that of a Rahkshi to house the new creation. Somehow, Kraata-Kal ends up employed as a Dark Hunter.638
  • Minion is created during one of the Brotherhood of Makuta's many imaginative experiments with Rahi. Minion spends a great deal of time around Teridax and other members of the Brotherhood. What the Brotherhood does not realize is that their experiments increased Minion's intelligence to the point where he understands everything they are saying. Minion listens and learns, planning to put his knowledge to use someday.639
  • At some point, Zaktan, etc. see the Avohkii with their own eyes.295

The False Bohrok Incident

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta are aware of the Bohrok and realize that they are a useful design, although waking them up early would not serve their purposes. The Brotherhood commissions the Nynrah Ghosts640 to design similar machines that will serve the Brotherhood's will. However, the Matoran learn of the Brotherhood's treachery and sabotage these false Bohrok. The machines go wild, serving nobody and attacking the Makuta. Eventually, Teridax's Toa Hagah destroy the machines.641 The Brotherhood kills some of the Nynrah Ghosts in retaliation.642

2,000 Years Ago

  • 2,000 years ago548 Imprisoned in another dimension by the Order of Mata Nui, Toa Tuyet finally persuades one of her guards to sympathize with her cause. The guard helps Tuyet fake her own death in an explosion. Believing her body to be vaporized, the Order does not bother to search for her. Meanwhile, Tuyet uses technology in the dimension where she is held to escape.548
  • With no map, it takes Tuyet 2,000 years to make it back to her own universe, all the while visiting worlds teeming with Toa from whom she can draw strength with the fragments of the Nui Stone embedded in her.548

1,300 Years Ago

Makuta Strikes at Mata Nui

  • Sometime before his attack on Mata Nui Makuta creates the Rahi Nui.643
  • 1,300 years ago1 The Makuta of Metru Nui launches his attack on the Great Spirit Mata Nui.1
  • It is only Teridax, not the whole Brotherhood of Makuta, who enacts the attack on Mata Nui. The act that results in Mata Nui's fall actually takes place hundreds of years before sleep claims him.295
  • Teridax strikes at Mata Nui on his own. The other Makuta fall into line behind the plan after Teridax's actions.644
  • Other Makuta fall into line behind Teridax's actions, making him the de facto leader of the Brotherhood because it's his plan.645
  • Everything necessary to put Mata Nui to sleep is done centuries in advance.646
  • Teridax isn't working alone when he puts Mata Nui to sleep and plans to conquer Metru Nui.647
  • Teridax probably doesn't realize his virus will lead to Mata Nui's death. If he does know about it, he expects to find a way to use it to his advantage.648
  • Teridax doesn't know for sure that Mata Nui will die as a result of the virus, but he is aware of the possibility.649
  • Teridax's attack is sparked by his jealousy and hatred.650
  • Mata Nui becomes aware of Teridax's treachery after his attack.651
  • On Daxia, the Order of Mata Nui first makes its plans to deceive the evil Makuta and bring about the creation of the Toa Metru in Metru Nui.33
  • By the time anyone suspects the Brotherhood's treachery, they have already assembled a massive army of Visorak and Exo-Toa. Still, they manage to keep their plans a secret for centuries.146
  • 1,300 years before the Toa Inika reach the Chamber of Life The Brotherhood of Makuta launch their attack on the Great Spirit. The Brotherhood was arguably pretty far over the line before, but now they have officially thrown in with Teridax.652
  • Probably a little more than 200 years before the Great Cataclysm Mata Nui discovers he will fall asleep.653
  • Once Teridax strikes, it is too late to stop it. Mata Nui cannot ask the Great Beings for help because they are no longer in the universe. He does contact the Order of Mata Nui, who make their preparations for what is to come.654
  • Had Mata Nui known for certain that Teridax would betray him, he would've taken steps to prevent it.655
  • Mata Nui knows he cannot stop Teridax's plan and an all-out conflict would devastate the universe. He instead chooses to be subtle in his approach.656
  • Mata Nui does nothing to stop the Brotherhood of Makuta's plans because he does not act directly and unleashing the Order of Mata Nui would result in a devastating war.657
  • Makuta only wins against Mata Nui because he catches him by surprise.658
  • No Brotherhood of Makuta members protest against Teridax's plans.659
  • It's possible that the Makuta rebellion is what makes Matoran universe inhabitants begin to consider shadow to be evil.660

The Toa Hagah Rebel against Makuta Teridax

  • The Toa Hagah discover the Makuta stole the Avohkii. Since there was no reason for them to do this unless they were going to do something to oppose the light, they realize the Brotherhood is corrupt.661
  • The Toa Hagah discover that the Brotherhood raided the island of Artakha, stole the Mask of Light from that place, and are raising an army of Visorak for war. They decide to fight back. Norik leads the team on a raid on the Makuta fortress at Destral. They steal the Mask of Light back, but during their escape, Roodaka mutates them into Rahaga.662
  • 1,300 years ago1 The Toa Hagah rescue the Mask of Light from the Brotherhood of Makuta but are turned into Rahaga.1
  • 1,300 years ago148, 41 Makuta Teridax's Toa Hagah discover the Brotherhood of Makuta's treachery and that Makuta Teridax is oppressing and enslaving Matoran. They betray him and the Brotherhood, successfully defeating Makuta temporarily, and invade the Brotherhood of Makuta fortress on Destral where the Kanohi Avohkii is held. During this attack they destroy a number of Exo-Toa.621, 148, 151, 222, 622, 623, 624, 149, 625, 626, 663 The Toa Hagah fight and beat Makuta Teridax.664
  • Iruini and Norik are separated from the other Toa Hagah but manage to defeat the Exo-Toa and the Dark Hunters and drive Makuta off.623, 625
  • No Rahkshi guard the fortress because the process of creating Rahkshi would have weakened Teridax.665
  • Roodaka ambushes Pouks, Bomonga, Kualus, and Gaaki and hits them with her Rhotuka spinners, which mutate them into shrunken creatures with the heads of Rahkshi called Rahaga.621, 622, 624, 149, 626, 484, 663
  • Norik and Iruini rescue their comrades only to discover that Roodaka has mutated them. They too are ambushed by her and mutated into "Rahaga," a term coined by Roodaka as a play on the words "Hagah" and "Rahkshi." However, the six of them are able to escape with the Avohkii successfully.161, 622, 623, 624, 625, 626, 666, 484, 663, 628, 41 The Toa Hagah retrieve the Avohkii.160
  • The Rahaga come into possession of the Makoki Stones.497
  • Three centuries before Makuta hires Nidhiki, Krekka, and Eliminator Dark Hunters are on guard when six Toa, the Toa Hagah, succeed in stealing both the Makoki stones and the Kanohi Mask of Light from the Brotherhood of Makuta.295
  • Minion takes advantage of the confusion caused by the Toa Hagah's rebellion to escape and makes his way to Odina.639
  • Sidorak claims credit for Roodaka's idea to mutate the Toa Hagah. Makuta rewards his cleverness with command of the Visorak horde, with Roodaka as his viceroy.484, 486
  • The one later known as the Dark Hunter Seeker is cast out from his position as servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta for failing to safeguard the Avohkii.667
  • Although the Dark Hunters on duty fought hard, they are still blamed for allowing the thefts to happen. The Brotherhood insists on the execution of the guards involved, but the Shadowed One refuses. This seems to settle the matter, but relations between the Brotherhood and the Dark Hunters starts to sour.295
  • Now that the Toa Hagah have demonstrated that some Toa have discovered the Brotherhood's treachery, the Brotherhood must move the Plan forward quickly.628
  • Realizing that his corruption will be exposed, Makuta Teridax strikes at Mata Nui and poisons him.148
  • Using a special virus he has created, the Makuta of Metru Nui poisons Mata Nui, which will put him into an unending sleep.147
  • Makuta Teridax uses a virus to strike down Mata Nui.142
  • Teridax's attack is a surprise to Mata Nui.668
  • Teridax spends most of his time away from Destral, particularly after the Toa Hagah's rebellion. This leaves the other Makuta largely to their own devices.669
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta know where the Matoran of Light are and know the Rahaga are nowhere near them. They figure as long as they keep the Avohkii from the Matoran of Light, there will be no Toa of Light. They therefore decide not to slaughter the Matoran of Light because someone has to do their jobs.670

The Visorak Conquests

  • With Mata Nui out of the way, the Brotherhood begins taking over large portions of the universe, enslaving Matoran, and eliminating anyone who opposes them, including Toa.147
  • As a Dark Hunter, Minion remains completely silent. The Shadowed One is determined somehow to access the wealth of information he has on the Brotherhood of Makuta.639
  • Seeker joins the Dark Hunters. As a Dark Hunter, Seeker is dedicated to finding the Rahaga and getting the Avohkii back.667
  • Sidorak does not become King of the Visorak before Roodaka becomes Viceroy.671
  • Armies of Visorak go on the march, seizing the southernmost islands and working their way north.148
  • The Visorak are active in a number of different places before coming to Metru Nui, driving masses of fleeing Rahi before them. Almost all of the Rahi and wild creatures which come to dwell in Metru Nui arrive there as a result of fleeing the relentless march of the hordes.672, 673
  • Sidorak grows into his role as king of the Visorak, becoming a respected leader and carrying the horde to many victories.486 Together, Sidorak and Roodaka lead the Visorak horde to many victories in many lands.484
  • Sidorak continues to hope to cement an alliance with Roodaka and so gain influence in her native land. Roodaka, on the other hand, schemes to eliminate Sidorak and rule by the side of Makuta. Sidorak's wishes may be blinding him to Roodaka's true intentions.484, 486
  • Xia provides the catapults and other war machines which the Visorak use in their invasions of various islands and eventually Metru Nui.260
  • It is said that a powerful species of Rahi called Keetongu, capable of curing mutations by Visorak venom, is hunted to extinction by Sidorak and the Visorak horde, until only one specimen remains. This last Keetongu chooses to go into hibernation until the day he is needed. His resting place becomes a mystery.674
  • Keetongu's species is attacked by the Visorak not because of their abilities, but instead as part of their normal conquest.675
  • The antivenom powers wielded by Keetongu's species do not help them because the Visorak are trying to kill them, not mutate them.676
  • Keetongu heads north during the Visorak invasion because they're coming from the south. He reaches Metru Nui, as it is the northernmost island.677
  • The Rahaga continue to oppose Roodaka and the Visorak, making every effort to rescue Rahi before the Visorak can capture them.666 They dedicate their lives to protecting wild creatures from the Visorak. It is a difficult and dangerous task, but one that is important to the future of the world.47
  • Norik suggests that the Rahaga begin a search for Keetongu, a legendary Rahi said to be able to reverse any affliction. Although Norik firmly believes that the creature exists, many of the Rahaga have doubts. Iruini, for example, insists Keetongu is nothing but myth. Nevertheless, they agree to join him.625, 674
  • Norik spends years studying Keetongu's species and learns how to understand their spoken language.678
  • Iruini once suggests that the Rahaga target Kahgarak after the Zivon has been summoned, making it impossible for the Visorak to get rid of the monster. The Rahaga reject the idea because the Zivon would devastate everything in sight if let loose.679
  • The Rahaga have adventures on their way to Metru Nui.680
  • The Toa who will later be known as Savage encounters a scouting patrol of Visorak. At the time, little is known in the universe at large about Visorak and the effects of their venom. Savage's team escapes, but Savage is captured and transformed into a Toa Hordika.681
  • Savage finally frees himself and makes his way back to his comrades. However, none of his friends recognize him. They attack him, believing him to be a monster. Savage's rage and despair grow, accelerating his transformation until he loses the ability to speak and can only growl and bellow. He loses control and badly hurts his former friends. Then he flees, full of grief, guilt, and anger.681
  • The Shadowed One gets a hold of Savage and learns from his spies what had happened to him. Intending to fuel his rage, the Shadowed One convinces Savage that the others on his team had been jealous and had allowed him to be trapped and turned into a beast. In his maddened state, Savage readily believes that his friends are his enemies, and he becomes a Dark Hunter.681
  • During his Hiatus, Lesovikk successfully defends an entire island from the Visorak.292
  • Firedracax is a Matoran leading a peaceful life on an idyllic island well to the south of Metru Nui when suddenly the Visorak invade. Panicked, he and some of his friends flee, only to fall into a pool of energized protodermis.682 All of them perish except for Firedracax, who emerges transformed into an armored titan with a bitter hatred for Visorak.682, 683
  • Krahka's shape-shifting Rahi species, which populates another land apart from Metru Nui, is overrun by the Visorak and is presumed lost. Rahaga Pouks in some way witnesses or at least knows of this event.684
  • At some point, rebellious Visorak try to kill Makuta Teridax.295
  • Nui-Rama are among the first recorded Rahi menaces in Metru Nui.685
  • The Vahki spend centuries trying to root all of the Nui-Rama out of their nests in Le-Metru.686

Voporak is Mutated

  • Voporak's island [Stelt] is populated by a highly competitive and prideful species. Any time one of them succeeds in building something, his neighbors grow jealous and destroy it. This results in a land made barren and a culture that borders on anarchy.687
  • Believing it inevitable that one day the Kanohi Vahi, that Mask of Time, will be created, the Brotherhood of Makuta sets out to create a servant capable of tracking it and capturing it.687
  • An emissary of the Brotherhood of Makuta arrives on Voporak's island, seeking a being of power. Seeing that Voporak dominates his region, the Brotherhood selects him for an experiment in mutation.687
  • Sidorak betrays his clan leader on his native island to the Brotherhood of Makuta. This individual later becomes the dreaded Voporak.688
  • After Teridax attacks Mata Nui210 Combining energized protodermis, Roodaka's Rhotuka spinner, and possibly other more dangerous ingredients, the Brotherhood of Makuta succeeds in transforming Voporak into a being sensitive to shifts in time and capable of tracking and capturing the Mask of Time.687
  • Voporak likely doesn't change much in appearance.689
  • Voporak's name is unchanged after his mutation.690
  • In the interim, Voporak is loaned out to the Dark Hunters to learn discipline. Voporak discovers that he now exudes a temporal force field that ages any power used against him, and that he can age anyone or anything at will with just a touch.687
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta loans Voporak to the Dark Hunters.691

Events in Metru Nui

  • Under Dume's leadership, the Archives are expanded to their modern (story year 2004) size.478 After years of expansion, the Archives come to stretch beneath almost all of Metru Nui by story year 2004.692
  • Nuparu helps create the Le-Metru airships.516
  • Nuparu, being an inventive, brilliant Matoran, makes many other contributions to daily life on Metru Nui.516
  • Toa Lhikan serves as the lone protector of Metru Nui for many, many years. With few threats to Metru Nui, Lhikan is largely kept busy helping the Vahki capture particularly dangerous Rahi.693
  • For years, Ko-Metru actively feuds with Onu-Metru, arguing over which is more important: studying the past or trying to predict the future. The disagreements at times become so bad that Ko-Matoran go to Turaga Dume to argue against expansion of the Archives, and Onu-Matoran on occasion "accidentally" undermine Knowledge Towers, resulting in the need for lengthy repairs.694
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta conduct an experiment to produce a Rahi with a more efficient digestive system and create the Kinloka.695
  • A trading boat from another land arrives at the docks in Ga-Metru. Ga-Matoran are surprised to find no one aboard the ship, although the cargo is still intact. What they do not realize is that while they are inspecting the vessel, stowaway doom vipers are slithering from their hiding places into the heart of the metru. Shortly afterward, doom vipers first appear in Ga-Metru, and residents rapidly discover how dangerous they can be. They prove extremely hard to capture, and only the Vahki have any success subduing these Rahi.696, 697
  • Archives moles originally live in Po-Metru, but when the number of assemblers' villages increases, they are forced to migrate. The majority move to the Archives, living in its shadowy corners and feeding on insects and protodites.698, 699
  • Husi roam free on the rocky crags of Po-Metru until Muaka and other predators hunt them almost to extinction. They are placed in the Archives for their own protection.700, 701
  • Over the past few centuries leading up to the Great Cataclysm, Vahki squads prove successful in driving away Protocairns invasions.482
  • A Kraawa, the only specimen ever seen in Metru Nui, is kept in the most secure section of the Archives. Matoran researchers are fascinated by its unusual abilities but never pierce the mystery surrounding the creature. The Kraawa is a difficult captive of the Archives, frequently escaping and wreaking havoc on the facility.702
  • The Kraawa kept in stasis in the Archives grows to half the size of a Knowledge Tower and wrecks three levels of the Archives before it is subdued.703
  • Long before mid-story year 2004692 Archivists are studying protodites in the Archives when a Kraawa attempting to escape rocks their container and shatters it. The protodites spread rapidly in the Archives, kept in check by their only predator, the Archives mole.521, 704 The microscopic protodites escape their containment cell and are on the loose in the Archives ever since.692
  • Brakas roam freely throughout Le-Metru and Ga-Metru until they become such a nuisance that the Matoran petition Turaga Dume to have them banned.705, 706
  • The Vahki later round up all Brakas specimens and put them in the Archives.705, 706
  • Although there are Rahkshi on Metru Nui, Kraata are not a major factor there.707
  • Kavinika are originally intended as guards for low-priority facilities in Metru Nui.512
  • Ages before story year 2005708 Kavinika are branded as pests in Po-Metru and driven out.708, 709
  • Ga-Matoran adopt the Kavinika, using them as guards at low-priority Matoran facilities such as lesser temples and protodermis labs.710, 708, 709
  • The Kavinika's nature proves to be such that they fight each other, Ussal crabs, and other Rahi. They even threaten their Matoran masters. As a result, efforts are made to drive them out of Metru Nui, although with limited success.512
  • The Kavinika's nature proves to be so aggressive that they attack innocents and even each other.708 The Kavinika's violent natures make them too dangerous. Turaga Dume bans them from the city.710 The Kavinika prove so short-tempered and ferocious that the experiment is deemed a failure.709
  • Efforts to drive the Kavinika away from the schools and protodermis labs and out of the city largely meet with failure.710, 708 The Ga-Matoran try to drive the Kavinika out, but some still roam around the outskirts of the metru.709
  • The Ga-Matoran briefly employ Hapaka to drive away Kavinika, with mixed success.711, 712 The Hapaka are fierce enough but easily distracted by the chance to chase other Rahi.712
  • A stone rat plague strikes Ta-Metru when Nui-Rama drive them from their nests.713
  • Years before story year 2004714 Miners in Onu-Metru first discover Lohrak.715, 714
  • Lohrak become a hazard all throughout Metru Nui.715 Lohrak spread all over the city.714 For a time, Turaga Dume pronounces the Lohrak a protected species in the hopes of stopping digging projects which might unearth more of the monsters.716, 715, 714
  • Blade burrowers living in the sub-levels of the Onu-Metru Archives prove to be a menace for years. Vahki squads at times have difficulty containing blade burrowers which venture up to the public levels.717
  • The tangle of chutes, cables, and other structures in the upper reaches of Le-Metru are a popular home to Rahi of many types, including cable crawlers.718
  • Cable crawlers are a particularly bothersome pest, since they have a tendency to cut through power cables and other important structures while looking for prey.718
  • A shipment of Rahi bound by air for the Archives is found devoured when the hold is opened, and it is discovered that cable crawlers often nest inside the cargo holds of Matoran airships.718
  • Catapult scorpions nest in the caverns beneath the Po-Metru Sculpture Fields and occasionally make very disruptive visits to the surface. They prefer to scavenge edible solid protodermis by following behind Kikanalo herds and consuming whatever their horns dig up.719
  • Long before story year 2004720 Macku decides that she does not want to be simply another student.720 With special permission from her teachers, Macku decides to devote herself to exploring the coastline of Metru Nui in her canoe and starts her own business, Macku's Canoes.721, 720 She also becomes a champion canoe racer and a fine carver of boats. Onu-Matoran often use Macku as a guide when they are searching for aquatic Rahi beasts to add to the Archives.720
  • Many years before story year 2005722 Macku first discovers dermis turtles during one of her canoe expeditions.722
  • Since this time, the dermis turtle population seems to explode, almost to the point that they become pests.722
  • Turaga Dume at one point considers banning dermis turtles from the city. It is only impassioned arguments from Macku and Nokama that change his mind.722
  • Macku manages to tame and ride a razor whale whose spines have fallen off, as do a number of other Matoran.723
  • Herds of fader bulls take up residence in Po-Metru. No one knows where they originally came from. They prove to be one of the most difficult Rahi to capture in all of Metru Nui because of their ability to teleport. Po-Matoran eventually learn to accept their presence.724
  • Frost beetles make a habit of living near knowledge towers and trying to force their way inside. Nuju becomes familiar with them.725
  • Matoro once proposes a theory that some frost beetles may have eaten memory crystals at some point and somehow absorbed the knowledge within, passing it on to others through a sort of hive mind and thus increasing the intelligence of the entire species. Although far-fetched, it would seem to explain their behavior.725
  • A Matoran survives an attack by a swarm of angry furnace salamanders. He later describes their bite as feeling like "a thousand red-hot needles."726
  • Gukko birds become a common sight in the skies over Le-Metru. Many Le-Matoran attempt to tame them, but despite the Gukko's seemingly docile nature, they prove to be almost impossible to tame.727
  • As a Matoran, Matau once attempts to ride a Gukko, which ends in dismal failure. This convinces him that Gukko cannot be tamed, and he firmly states that no one will ever be able to tame a Gukko bird.727, 728
  • In an unusual display of hostility, a proto drake attacks Ga-Metru. It is later discovered that this creature was wounded and in terrible pain.729
  • A swarm of Kinloka is once spotted consuming an entire Po-Metru assemblers' village – houses, tools, and all – in less than fifteen minutes.730
  • Many years before story year 2005731 A small number of Vahki hunters escape from the Archives. Only one or two are ever successfully recaptured. In the process, entire squads of Vahki are demolished.731
  • For years, Krahka makes her home in the tunnels beneath the Archives.732
  • In Metru Nui, one enterprising Matoran smuggler once smashes an ancient carving, then conceals the pieces inside Kanoka disks being manufactured in Ko-Metru. His partner then manages to obtain all the disks and heat them enough to retrieve the piece without doing it damage. Somehow this incident becomes a well-known story.479

Bohrok Are Discovered in Metru Nui

  • Some time before story year 2004692 The first recorded encounter between Matoran and Bohrok takes place in Metru Nui when Onu-Matoran miners stumble upon a nest filled with sleeping Bohrok.692, 733 They also find krana in the nest.692 The name "Bohrok" comes from a word carved in the wall of the nest. Unable to determine what they are and why they cannot be awakened, the Onu-Matoran turn the Bohrok over to the Archives.733
  • The Bohrok are put on display in the Archives and at the same time studied by Matoran researchers. The researchers discover that the Bohrok are completely inorganic and not alive in any conventional sense. They also discover that the Krana inside are completely organic, living creatures, although they do not realize their connection with the Bohrok. An examination of the Bohrok reveals no signs of assembly.733 The Bohrok are put on in display in the public levels, while the krana found in the nest are held in the lower levels.692
  • Mavrah theorizes that perhaps the Bohrok were not built, but were formerly biomechanical creatures which evolved to the point where all organic matter was lost. Archivists are split on this theory, and since there is no way to prove it one way or the other, it is forgotten over time.733
  • The theory regarding the evolution of the Bohrok is not about biological evolution involving genes.734
  • Onepu wins some fame for leading an expedition that discovers an intact Bohrok nest beneath Le-Metru.735
  • The Matoran who will become the Toa Metru learn the names of the different varieties of Bohrok from legends.736

Ancient Sea Rahi Appear in Metru Nui

  • Years before story year 2005 Some specimens of ancient sea Rahi of tremendous size make their way to the ocean surrounding Metru Nui. They are captured and placed in the Archives for research purposes.47, 692
  • Many years before the Toa Metru's journey to Mata Nui, Whenua and Mavrah are part of a secret project to study ancient aquatic Rahi which have appeared in the ocean around Metru Nui.513
  • Turaga Dume authorizes Mavrah's researches into ancient sea Rahi.473
  • The Rahi studied don't include Pit War Tortoises. That species is smaller and not as ancient as the ones being studied.737
  • When it becomes obvious that keeping the beasts confined is a threat to the Archives and the rest of Metru Nui, Turaga Dume takes the unusual step of ordering that they be driven from Metru Nui and prevented from returning. He instructs the Chief Archivist to put an end to Mavrah's researches, ordering the project shut down and the Rahi driven back out to sea by the Vahki. Before this can happen, Mavrah, unwilling to give up his work, allows them to escape captivity and leads the creatures out of the Archives himself and through a tunnel in the Great Barrier. There he takes up residence in nearby tunnels in a cavern while his Rahi live in an underground river. The Rahi are not seen anywhere around Metru Nui since. Mavrah also allies with a small number of Kralhi, mechanical order enforcers which were driven from the city long ago.513, 738, 473, 692, 739
  • When the ancient sea Rahi project is about to be canceled, an Onu-Matoran named Mavrah smuggles the creatures out of the city. It is later learned that he takes them to a tunnel network between Metru Nui and the surface, where they live in relative peace.47

Events in Metru Nui

  • Nuhrii is a mask maker for some time before Vakama is promoted to the position.740
  • Long ago as of BA1 Tehutti's friend Ahkmou once tells him all about Nui-Jaga.487 Tehutti's friend Ahkmou tells him all about Nui-Jaga.741
  • It takes three squads of Vahki Zadakh to stop one Rahkshi that appears in Po-Metru, and even then all they can do is drive it away.742
  • Long ago as of BA3 After a long journey, a gold Rahkshi (which has the power of weather control) ends up on Metru Nui. Many try to capture it, so the Rahkshi flees into the cold, dark depths of the Archives. When it first comes to the tunnels, it has an encounter with Krahka, which teaches it to fear her.742
  • A Rahkshi once runs amok in Ga-Metru before the Vahki bring it down.742
  • A long time before BA3 Once, Nokama and some of her friends are playing near the canals on the border of Ga-Metru and Ko-Metru. Nokama slips and falls in. The current sweeps her into the other metru. The liquid protodermis turns frigid when it travels through Ko-Metru, and by the time Nokama is rescued, she is half frozen.742

1,050 Years Ago

The Rahaga Come to Metru Nui

  • The shrine to the Mask of Light is probably constructed by the Order of Mata Nui.743
  • The Rahaga manage to escape to Metru Nui with the Mask of Light. They Rahaga stay hidden in the Archives for many years.662
  • 1,050 Years Ago41 The Rahaga come to Metru Nui, largely in order to find Keetongu.674 The Rahaga eventually make their way to Metru Nui and take refuge in the Archives.625, 663, 41
  • The Rahaga set foot on Metru Nui for the first time in their lives.744
  • Safeguarding the Avohkii is not one of the main reasons the Rahaga travel to Metru Nui; they simply bring it with them.745
  • Turaga Dume is unaware of the Rahaga and the Avohkii they bring with them.746
  • The Rahaga enter Metru Nui through underwater chutes and hide in the Archives.747
  • The Rahaga find the shrine to the Mask of Light, they do not construct it.748
  • The Rahaga hide the Avohkii in the Archives in Metru Nui. The compartment in which it is hidden can only be keyed opened with the six Makoki stones, which the Rahaga hide around the city in anticipation of a Visorak invasion. They continue to use the Archives as a base for years before the coming of the Visorak.161, 528, 497
  • While the Rahaga live in the Archives, Bomonga tries to map the blade burrower tunnels. He notes that they do not seem to be random at all, although he does not figure out what they are building.717

Events in Metru Nui

  • The Matoran who learn the locations of the Great Disks do so by stumbling upon them, for the most part.749
  • Nuju is employed in a Knowledge Tower.750
  • Ihu mentors Nuju at the start of his career in the Knowledge Towers, teaching him that the most important thing in life is what one learns while living and how one uses that knowledge.751
  • Ihu is killed when Nui-Rama attack the chute in which he is riding.751, 685
  • On Metru Nui, Huki is famous throughout the city for the quality of his Kanoka disks.752 He is the best disk maker in all of Po-Metru, and his Kanoka are considered the best for use in sport. Matoran from other metru are known to come to Po-Metru to trade for his disks.753
  • Huki's workmanship is so excellent that Turaga Dume is forced to make a rule that players from other Metru may not use Po-Metru disks in city-wide Akilini tournament play.752, 753
  • Kapura works as a vat controller on Metru Nui.754
  • On Metru Nui, Kongu is simply another worker, assigned to oversee the chute controls in the Moto-Hub.755
  • On Metru Nui, Kopeke works at a variety of jobs, including messenger and chute station attendant.756
  • Nokama has a career as a teacher in Metru Nui.757 Nokama is a well-respected teacher in a Ga-Metru school758, and Vhisola is one of her students.759 Vhisola considers Nokama to be her best friend. From the beginning, she is possessive of Nokama and grows angry if she spends time with her other friends.760, 761
  • As a teacher, Nokama receives numerous achievements and awards.487
  • Nokama and Vhisola first meet when Vhisola is a student in one of Nokama's classes. Vhisola is eager to learn, almost too eager. In her enthusiasm, she always seems to make some mistake or other. Then she gets flustered and makes another and another, until her project is a mess.487
  • In one of her first conversations with Vhisola, Nokama tells her that everyone has a special talent, and that she simply needs to find hers.487
  • Eventually, Nokama realizes that if she spends extra time with Vhisola, Vhisola does better work. They become friends, although it is sometimes a stormy friendship. The more time they spend together, the more time Vhisola wants to spend. If Nokama says she is too busy to practice kolhii [sic] or explore the canals, Vhisola sulks. Although they are friends for a long time, Nokama never has occasion to be inside Vhisola's home. This stems from the embarrassing fact that Vhisola has covered the walls of her home with carvings of Nokama and records of her achievements. Vhisola spends extra time practicing kolhii [sic] and trying to do better schoolwork to impress Nokama.487
  • Jaller is employed as a tool maker in Metru Nui and is close friends with Takua, another worker.762 Takua works in Ta-Metru as a toolmaker and also operates a small business offering souvenirs from other metru he picks up in his wanderings. Since he often makes these trips during his working hours, Takua attracts a lot of attention from Vahki patrols. A running joke in Ta-Metru is that an entire squad is assigned just to keep watch on Takua.397 Jaller is often kept busy covering for Takua's wanderings with the Vahki to keep his friend out of trouble.762
  • Takua is not very skilled as a toolmaker, but he loves to travel. He is always visiting other metru and collecting souvenirs. Through a business in his home called "Takua's Trade Goods," he trades these souvenirs for other items he wants. Unfortunately, he often likes to make his trips during working hours, and the Vahki have to haul him back.763
  • Of all the Ko-Matoran, only Matoro enjoys a good relationship with the Onu-Matoran. He spends much of his time in the Archives, studying different Rahi, trying to master their languages and behavior patterns. Now and then he comes upon small creatures that the Archives are not interested in, and these he trades to other Matoran who were seeking pets. This business is called Matoro's Rahi.764
  • During his time on Metru Nui, Matoro spends many days and nights in the Archives studying the language and behavior of Rahi.765
  • Matoro later opens a small trading post/business called Matoro's Rahi offering small Rahi to other Matoran for use as pets.765, 766
  • Tamaru dreams of being an airship pilot but unfortunately washes out of training due to a fear of heights.767, 768
  • After washing out as an airship pilot, Tamaru decides it makes more sense to have a career firmly on the ground.768 Tamaru later opens his own shop, Tamaru's Transports, renting and selling used vehicles such as Ussal carts, failed test-track prototypes, and other modes of transport.767, 768
  • Ga-Matoran in Metru Nui put a great deal of time into researching the silver chute spider's incredibly light and strong webbing in the hopes of duplicating it, without success.769, 770
  • Ehrye has but one great ambition: to work as a scholar in a Knowledge Tower. However, Nuju believes he is too reckless for the job, so he has to stick to running errands around the metru.771
  • Ehrye works as a messenger in Ko-Metru but dreams of gaining employment in a knowledge tower. He blames Nuju for preventing him from getting a better job.772
  • In Ko-Metru, Ehrye runs errands for different scholars and is constantly underfoot, pleading for a chance to become one of them. Nuju, naturally, says no, feeling that all Ehrye has to offer are enthusiasm and too much energy for his own good. Ehrye has a habit of impatiently asking lots of questions, and Nuju tells him repeatedly that the future will bring the answers to his questions, but only if he stops speaking long enough to notice them.487
  • Vakama once visits Po-Metru, where he learns what protodermis dust looks like.487
  • Ahkmou makes a carving for the Archives depicting a Nui-Jaga found in Po-Metru near the Sculpture Fields. The carving of the four-legged [sic?] creature is put on display in one of the Rahi wings in place of the actual display.487
  • The last time a Gukko gets loose in the Archives, it brings down half the exhibits in sublevel three.487
  • As Vakama later claims, Vakama asks a Vahki something once, but as a result he is made to spend the next month scrubbing molten protodermis feeder tubes "with his mask."512
  • Vakama is promoted from foundry worker to mask-maker.488
  • Nuhrii is the one who first hires Vakama as a mask-making apprentice and teaches him the basic skills. Vakama learns a lot from Nuhrii.487
  • It does not take long for Vakama's skills to surpass Nuhrii's. Soon Vakama receives all the special requests for masks from Turaga Dume. Nuhrii resents this and decides that he could outshine Vakama if he got the Ta-Metru Great Disk and made it into a Kanohi Mask of Power.740
  • Vakama is a skilled mask maker in Ta-Metru. He even does special jobs for Turaga Dume.773
  • As of story year 2004, Le-Matoran have been experimenting with the notion of replacing Kanoka disk power in Vahki transports with energy given off by living creatures, although they have not succeeded in making it work.774
  • As a Matoran, Matau is just an Ussal cart driver. He dreams of being a famous hero.775 Matau spends long days riding Ussal crabs through Le-Metru, dreaming of having adventures like a Toa.714
  • As a Matoran, Matau is a frequent visitor to the Test Track and loves to take new vehicles out and see what they can do. He does not mind all of the spinouts, crashes, and explosions that come with the job.776 Matau's job is to test prototypes of new vehicles. As someone who is reckless and a lover of speed, Matau frequently crashes.777
  • Orkahm is a chief Ussal cart driver in Le-Metru. The slow and methodical Orkahm envies Matau's speed and wit.778
  • Orkahm spends many years with his Ussal crab, Pewku [sic].779
  • In Metru Nui, during a disk duel, a Matoran is shrunk so small that he still has not been found as of mid-story year 2004.479
  • In Metru Nui, during a disk duel, a Matoran is reconstituted into something so grotesque that he almost winds up on display as a Rahi in the Archives.479
  • A small group of criminals in Po-Metru attempts to pass off disks carved from solid protodermis as Kanoka disks. Purchasers discover they have disks with no powers at all, often too late to save themselves from the Rahi they are trying to use the disks on. This ring is smashed by the Vahki, although there is concern that others may spring up to take its place.479
  • The last archivist who visits the [Archives beast] does not a speak a word since, only screams.780

Makuta Teridax Creates the Morbuzakh

  • Makuta creates an intelligent plant creature called Karzahni with the help of the Energized Protodermis Entity, naming it Karzahni after the legendary, dreaded ruler in ancient Matoran history.781
  • Teridax names his creation after Karzahni because he knows Matoran fear that name.782
  • From the start, Karzahni proves to be too willful and ambitious to suit Makuta's needs.781, 783
  • Eventually, Makuta exiles Karzahni to the tunnels linking Metru Nui to Mata Nui.781, 783
  • Exiled, Karzahni broods and plans revenge on Makuta.781
  • Makuta creates the Morbuzakh in his second attempt to create a plant creature to use in his plan to capture the Matoran of Metru Nui, the first being the Karzahni.783